Dutty Demarco aid him flour belly and Masicka go deh bout a war and bus shot mek people haffi run outa di place..Dirty Demarco go sidung. Mi love how Tommy and Rhino hold it and call back di order..Demarco dat is why yuh career nah go nowhere dan ina di likkle flour whey yuh and Richie feelings cook a day time ..Yuh bait yuh


  1. alkaline nuh inna di mix up. is a disgrace dis. if mi a artiste mi nuh badda perform a jamaica afta dis..small island and low dis bag a no pay rubbish

  2. Met: how Demarco dutty when a bwoy call him mother,when she juss drop out??????di man a mek hit songs still on him relavant!!!!!!!!!R.I.P Mrs Edwards

    1. Him duty yes because gun shot nah go bring her back and if he was intelligent enough he would know that is only a fool disrespect someone’s mom..clash a clash u don’t know what will happen…guns had no place there..what was he trying to prove?

  3. Met: gun shot should a reach di bwoy,datz why mi caan tek people,if a man violate,yuh violate dat back, yuh see di man inna full white with di glasses,,is a wicked murdering police,

  4. a nuh police alone fire shot a sting …but any whoo nuh matta weh masicka seh to demarco se masika seh Demarco inna different league…man a go tell mi bout my mada di fact seh a desso u a go mi and u nuh deppon di same page

  5. Masicka yu nuh wah nuh body focus pon how di keyboard and guitar kick and box yu dung ….u go draw fi war ….masicka ….a so di ting go u tink studio and bands a di same ……….dem done u a lucky tink fat albert neva jump and clash yu …u need fi serve him some welchs grape him do everything fi save u career

  6. Sting nay gwaan with nutten dis year. I wasn’t impressed. Gullybop brought nothing new to the stage and the crowd wasn’t riled up about him. Mi nuh hear no noise mek fi him. It is the usual to cut the “main artist” performance halfway and den call him back out as soon as ppl start shout. So is not like him done perform completely an dem ask him fi come back….is jus fi hype the crowd. Did Beenie and Bounty perform at Sting? Didn’t see any videos with them.

  7. Wan a di worst sting dis if not Di worst…….Laing gi yuh tiefing self a round of applause yuh Neva stop till yuh literally mashup up di ting smfh.

  8. Gully Bop was OK, lot of recycled lyrics and a bag of hype. Capleton was the best performance for the night.
    Laing tricked us and staged the end of Sting because he could not pay for any clash.
    This Sting ducked big time.

      1. Metty, this was a TOTAL DISGRACE!!!..Rhino likkle bit but him full fight eena im; him shoulda jus clash lyrically ah lowe di almshouse…wonder what Laing gotta say about this whole shebangiddybangbang :hammer :hammer

  9. Wat a shame een? Total fail..from u si Ninja nuh tun up unu shouldah know it was going to be a crappy piece di person who need a refund a di people dem who guh and pay fi watch dis shoitte.

  10. What a shame!! Total fail. The people dem who should get a refund is the attendees and di people dem who pay fi and lose them precious time fi watch this mess of a show. Sting gone to di dawgs. If Laing innah in next year, ah bet none nuh keep..greasy faced three finga man.

  11. Sting nuh good again. But anybody else notice jadion pon di stage during uncle demon set? …. Dead. Jadion really a try mek name fi himself

      1. Mi a rewatch
        Likkle big cratchiz bwaay Rhino u never hear Nuffy a ask yuh fi talk to di people dem and like yuh waa support di shooting..Big up Tommylee whey come help set back di order

          1. U nuh hear say him a use some if Apple father links and turn producer. Me say

          2. mi baddayyyy noh soh so a tommylee him waaa go produce pan di stage a look like him a enka dog? :travel

          3. If I’m not mistaken a di fellow in the black and white on the other side of tommy lee might be Jadion link. Me nuh sure still. But I don’t think uncle demon need to mix with that crosses icon entertainment none at all as he is already established inna the business and already under police suspicion

  12. An unorganized hot mess. Rhino couldn’t handle the lyrics so he tried to get physical. Jay-Icon is now a hype man?

  13. Yuh know say if dem never a get physical and dem did a play by the rules and use lyrics instead a dem hands……it would be a wicked bloodclaat clash. Trust mi…..dem a go lyric fi lyric….song fi song. One artiste stop an di next one pick it up right pon riddim. Mi like it. Jah know…..if dem did minus di fucqqry….it would be a wicked clash cause all a dem have clash lyrics an di band di a play pon time. Dem just start a bag a sheggries. Kmt. Waste of time and money. Kmt.

  14. Big up to demarco for still keeping a strong set despite personal issues!
    Nah lie a demarco performance kill me because that dress maker thread strong strong! Me did worry the sleeve or the back seam would have burst out. Me feel bad because his hand and fingers are so slim for his frame. Me want him and Richie to low the talk your mind and join a gym. Health is important!

  15. Go on demarco IG and unno see for unno self demarco and him entourage left right after his performance so unno fix up that… Go look for your self met.. Jay icon went to sting with ryno him and ryno a par from him up here

  16. Remember laing nephew jevaughn dey a new york and move with icon thats how icon get the link fi dey pan dat dey stage dey.

  17. I thought ishawna performance was recycled. She does the exact same thing every show i see her on. I doubt footah attacked her. As for the rest of the show…. Capleton was amazing as ws tarrus riley

    1. Yes she dont even switch roun the song mi see har a dash wud bout tek up fi woman pan har page…an a put up bout Libra and a one a di worst astrological sign dat man eva assign..she fit the criteria to a T

  18. Met a 10 year now mi leff Jamaica an bwai mi a tell mi waan thank yuh from di bottom a mi heart…yuh gimmie a piece a home every time mi log on. Mi miss mi yard man. Mi a read yuh site from long time, from di days when one876entertainment use to teef all yuh story dem post pon dem page and seet deh now dem cyan talk to di pink wall. Keep yuh head up, keep doing weh yuh doing. And finally mi just waan seh Thanks, and have a bless new year!

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