1. Loool she met up with bolt after to do the hand shake in the club looool what a stress girl u life sad bad all this and is bolt range u driving not ur own he buy u with ur name on title…..anytime the parents are present U are never there and if bolt did rate u no matter how his parents feel he would’ve bring u to atlease one function and they would have to suck it up….but u busy showing off red bottoms but I hope that ur bank account is nice young miss.

  2. I honestly believe that Bolt feel bad for embarrassing Kasi that is why he even took her on vacation. I think if the media didn’t make a big deal about him cheating on long term girlfriend at home and paint her as a victim, Bolt would be distancing himself from this public relationship. I don’t think he would stop being with her but because I don’t think he’s ready to settle he would rather be known for dating her than in a serious relationship. Kasi is now playing on Bolt guilt she probably made him feel guilty telling him how shame and embarrass she was. Look on his snap and IG page, he post that picture of them at carnival a year ago and didn’t post another pic of her again until the vacation. He just a nice guy who feel he has to protect her feelings since he was the one to put her out there first. I’m not waiting on this wedding bell. Eventually Bolt will pull the plug.

    1. This, she knew he was leaving her before the Olympics, that’s why she send in her pictures to the tabloids and it worked, she got the public’s sympathy, at least for a while, she forced his hand and he didn’t want to look like the bad guy. Nothing about their relationship screams love, there is no chemistry between them, they seems to be friends more than anything. If it wasn’t for the Olympics debacle, she would be an ex right now and as you said he will pull the plug, sooner or later.

  3. Frightened country gyal, the hand shake thing made her look so stupid and high schoolish, they both match no class.shes trying 2 hard.he knows no one else gonna submit to him for long only her,that’s why she drink so hard cause he freaks her out hard. Deep inside she sad, where is the land tittle??? He will eventually marry her cause no one, with independence and class will take his shit.

  4. I dont understand how yall sit a d speculate everything.firstly those events usually comes with plus 1…2 the most.the fact that shes just a girl friend and he still has parentd who he adores its ok to leave her at home now and again.secondly if she get the vechile with her name on the title ntn wrong with that.and all the persons commenting bout title is jus guessing or speculating. Thirdly the hand shake thing was dope.its stuff young couples do.soon yall gon c a lot of couples doing it.the person who thinks its corny i think is jus jealous.yall askin for land title like yall expect kasi to post a pic of all that. Not everything has to b publicized. So yall can sit and wait for a pic of house,car or land title on social media.i dont get how people hate so much.yall stay talkin bout she sent in pics n stories to tabloids.come on nowwwww usain was the talk of the town then. Everybody is gona want to kno about the girl in his life.shes good looking so she will be admired. Yall giving her all the attention you complain about her seeking.yall need to giv this 2 a break.especially kasi.let her friggin live.crab in a barrel people!

  5. Plus 1 would apply to Bolt? Jamaica’s biggest celebrity?! It could have been 5 people he wanted to bring, it’s Bolt and they wouldn’t have turned him or anyone in his entourage back. Stop making excuses for him.

    Secondly, Bolt doesn’t leave Kasi home every now and again. He never takes her anywhere! The trip to Bora Bora was the first time she was with him outside of Kingston. She is never present at any important events or at any of the fun trips and that is a fact. It was said before that even Chris Martin gets better treatment than Kasi.

    Thirdly, no one is asking Kasi to post documents of owning any property. And there is no need to request such documents when she clearly lives in the same apartment and drives the same car from before she met Bolt. No one is asking her to put out her personal business, people just simply acknowledging what is obvious. You can continue imagining that she has some secret house and car that she’s hiding if you want. The fact remains Bolt doesn’t treat Kasi right, and even though “to each his own”, nothing is going to stop me or others from having an opinion and talking about it. Talking about crab in a barrel. Go encourage your friend to have some self-esteem and stop bringing herself down. KMT

  6. Y’all too press. If Kasi had land or car tittle she would find a way to make it public, like using reflective glasses. Kasi don’t have a humble bone in her body. She trick di while a unnu wid her fake humble speech. Humbleness don’t need to be announced, it should just show. I drive a Range Rover and I have not one picture sitting in my car. I drive where I need to park and go about my business.

  7. The girl in the picture with the date looks like a younger Whitney Houston but, her hair is a bit on the frizzy side.

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