1. u know wat?? this gal is a big big papi-show enuh, i would ask this nail tech for a refund. the nails chaka-chaka bad & dont look good, krystal herself dont look good ina nothing that she wears. I dont know wat she a run dung or hope fi achieve but she a gwan like beenieman is her last chance. She pass nuff now, she a ova-dweet, u cyah tell her say beenieman anuh virgin to ratid kmt me tired a dem now.

  2. Why beenie of all ppl she sound look desperate for a young girl I just don’t see the connection between these 2 they look related

  3. The longer Krystal stay wid Beenie Man the older she look. She’s 26 looking like 46. Girl wake up, Beenie did seh after di “fallen angel” him nah married again. It look like yuh never get di memo. Yuh a set up yuhself fi failure. There’s somebody waiting behind the scenes, yuh soon drop off the list. Stop craving for attention from the media. Yuh too nuffffffffffff

  4. Maybe a she pay for beenie man to get a manicure and a pedicure, cause him wife met say him mean baddddd, you nuh hear the man clown say her technican? A waste her money pan beenie man hands dem weh look like when yam dry up.. ooun really expect better from beenie the great gal clown of all history?

  5. One time. .just one deggey deggey time can someone direct me to where beenie man claim or return this overbearing groupie lover!!This is proving worse than the worst case of Frighten Friday. ..she gone with bout 6days..I wonder if Krystal give it a rest pon the sabbath oo??

    :hoax :hoax2 :cd :takut

  6. She is not ugly she just veryyyyy nuff and extra not only with Beenie just in general. Witnessed her extraness at the Beres show a negril last week !

  7. Aren’t they in a relationship??!! So what is so out of sorts for them to do their nails together?!! Beenie Man look very happy and contented. Beenie Man has been around the block, so I’m sure, if he wanted to leave, he would have. God’s blessings to both of them.

  8. Let us give them a chance, because no rules say once u in a relationship n u happy u not to go head over heels at to moment knowing that it can go sour.let her enjoy because its no telling what tomorrow brings n a nuff ladies living sad n unhappy like myself because we didn’t follow our heart.dont come for me plz jus let kystal live.

  9. Krystal is only 26 but god knows she look 36. I don’t know how her pockets stay, or if she come from money But she young and she hasn’t been working for such a long time to have acquired real wealth,so I don’t understand why is she spending so much money on Beenie Man and not getting half the attention from him? Beenie man always has a pained expression on his face when he is with her. She pay fi dem take trip to Bahamas, regular mani/ pedi, Valentines she a buy him wine, the messy printed ill fitting jackets/ capes it look like a she a buy them as well.

    She know what she getting out of all this still. Publicity and a little fame. That’s all they are in it for.

    But seriously Krystal, take the money and fix up yourself! Cause u clothes dem look like dem come outta barrel bottom, after u buy them from the flea market, you need some red meat because all the gym u going you still no look right, and the lack of hips always bothers me. May I suggest some protein powder? Link up Leanclean and Nicole dem for some of that baby love.

    1. no unuh stop it, a must lie unuh a tell pon krystal, a so much money she a work fi a “tek care a man”?? no she really a do man nails & designer suit?? gal cyah so fool fool ina modern time 2017??? wait deh a suh she want man & cocky?? me nuh beleive this a ra$$ young 26yr old gal look older than Portia to ratid, she a mine man ina dem yah time, all a pay fi man vacation wit u, then she no see say a buy she a buy beenieman, young gal like she a throw cocky partner. Wonder when she a get her “cocky partner draw” cause by di looks of things me wuda tek a loan afa her lol gal still fool suh????

  10. Just know seh ano love an dat each individual is in it for dem own benefit. Gal look old fi true doe if mi Neva read it ova yah from di last time when mi see dem mi tink a big big ooman.

  11. Unnuh a talk bout Beenie I love, unnuh forget how him did stay wid Angel and a pose all over Jamaica!? U forge him and Carlene an how him did follow he like puppy! And as for Krystal a same way suh she did love di guy weh she did deh wid when s did a do nwammings, cause a wah him coulda do fi har!

    But mek mi gwaan look!

  12. Unnu is a set a badmind ppl, imagine how the girl a try ar best fi show the charade is real and unnu ova ya a talk this one bag a truth pon the girl, unnu badmind. Mek the likkle gal enjoy her stardom inna the poppyshow. May the winds of f**kery full unnu main sail inna unnu relation ship. At them Krystal bcuz a u Bob did a talk bout chaaayyy :hammer

  13. If she know wha good fi har shi tek dung har age offa Instagram an stop post beenie all over har page, shi look ole an tuff an dress the same. Tek yuh money hire a stylist and stop post up man who nah pose yuh often, yuh too desperate.

  14. and the nominees’ for IG Man Guinep are:

    1. Nicole (sasco “wife”/money mike mistress)
    2. Rachel (leancleanteif/greg “wife”)
    3. Krystal (beenieman cum bucket)
    4. Kasi (bolt cum bucket)
    5. Yolanda (Cess “wife”)
    yall will neva see their men post 1 thing about them on social media worthwhile, but they keep suffocating said men with so called love & attention. They are all mentally unstable & need help. feel free to add to the list.

    1. No man Dizzy post up Yoli… all the other day he did an epic throwback… She alone out of the lot I would say get any genuine affection.

      Rachel basically lives by herself doing her own thing so she is a non factor in all of this, it’s like she don’t even have a man.

      Even though Nicole nuff & annoying ( I think it’s a Libra thing) I think Sasco respects her. Nicole is really smart and one of the best persons Sasco could ever choose to reproduce with ( smart kids).

      Bolt a dog but Kasi a work with it I would just advise her to make sure when she’s older and she looks back at the situation she doesn’t regret wasting her pretty on Usain.

      Krystal now is the one basically paying Beenie man to be with her. She too desperate for a young girl. Is putting yourself in debt for Beenie Man really worth it? Look at yourself my girl.

      1. nosah u sound like one a di persons named above kmt keep it moving cause at no point in time sasco ever respects nicole, bout smart kids, musi she mek dem ina lab kmt unuh so damn fool & desperate fi man & society life that its sad. Sasco & nicole children aint better nor brighter than anybody elses kids, cool down with your bullshit. Nicole only help rich ppl kids & 90% of them get into college on their own, she only scam di parents money & pretend to live big life, is money mike give her a bus & OLINT dirty blood money built their house upa stoney hill, when she a shop a pricesmart, she have join line like everybody else, she a bitch just like the other, dont come pon pinkwall & hype, LC hair wah comb & she need grooming. Stop hype up unuh dutty self ova yah cause none a unuh not clean. nuff batty nuff a unuh uptown gal a nyam out fi stay ina di mansions at nights. yall aint funny!!!

        1. slut bucket Nicole is that u? Living ina dream world talking about respect, or is it Yolii a chat bout epic? or a lonely gal rachel, not our fault greg dont come home at nights, go & hugs & fkk his bank book rat face gal, all you and your friends do is ive for instagram likes. Di secret bus out uptown say Kamilla move ina Sasco house & she a nyam Nicole all a give she & Sasco 3sum, yes a Sovereign me hear it, they acting like best-friends but its a sham. Rachel love off Yolanda & a nuff time she have young gal upa her yard a nyam front so me dont know why u ova yah defend them? Krystal dun out from uwi days & we all know kasi business so why you a talk bout smart kids like say sasco & nicole a nobody? Sasco a big dog shit cause only a fuckboy would leave his decent baby mother for a dunout groupie like nicole, bout, Nicole is a big sketel groupie, who fucked nuff man before sasco so wah u a hype up bout she fah? shut your mouth you sound stupid

          1. You must be new around here. I gave my opinion and everyone knows I can’t stand Rachel or Nicole that doesn’t mean I have to be bitter and hateful towards them all the time.

          2. Comprehension is a hell of a thing enuh. Can know the ones who didn’t pay attention in class.

        2. Who is money mike? Mi always c dem n admire them family eno… Mi swear tink a from high school dem deh. Mi lie mi always admire but neva know a suh much duppy inna dem closet goods

  15. Dizzy really loves his wife, she fulls his IG and she’s all he talks about and no I’m not any of these ppl.LC is a smart little girl, when u watch vids with her she sounds more intelligent than some high school kids. Plus Whatever happened to not speaking bad about people’s children on this site? Nicole is very nuff and lots of ppl lose ratings fi sasco cause of how she up Inna him career and a run him head. Rachel gwaan like har sh*t can make patty she deserve every single slice a bun weh she get

  16. Exactly what I said. Dizzy love him wife and is always posting her on social media.

    Notice say a two educated women Sasco breed? He wanted smart kids and he got them. No harm in that. If more people selected who they have children with this world would be a much different place. That’s all I was saying.

    Nicole too nuff and frighten, she acts like a teenager weh just get let out a road. She living in a dream, like she and Sasco a Jay Z and Beyonce but she nah pree how over exposed they were until the elevator video release. They started being way more private after that. I honestly believe Nicole holding back Sasco career. Sasco on his last legs now he should be going out and grabbing as much as he can from the music. Touring Europe and the likes. But u know Nicole not going to let him out of her sight for that long.

    Rachel just sad.

      1. Jay Z and Beyonce elevator video, dizzy is married to Yolande, the long hair dark woman that hangs out with Rachel and Nicole. Rachel just sexually stressed she living a single life and she cannot hide and tek man pon Greg so if she a lesbian I wouldn’t surprised. She is an emotionally abused woman all that money and education and her husband treats her like that. SAD I tell you. Greg would make Mother Theresa cuss bere claat.

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