12 thoughts on “BANDO FI GWEY

  1. diva too f**ky f**ky and wah front page position is not him alone if all the man dem come forward met is a wholeeeeeee heap

  2. HIM don’t have a lot of choices HIM stay bad like with him nasty self look pon HIM too belly big like them tie him too f**king licky licky!!

  3. Diva a whore f**k every man in dance hall att trees she f**k bald head ravers fr mt Vernon money train the list goes on

  4. bloodcloth this one nice but that gal diva a Bronx bike every man in a dancehalll get a ride shame on you bald head if your dick stand up for something like that and money train you can do better a lot of you guy making yourself look bad f**king these ugly ass girl look at her when she looking at you her eye look like she is looking north and u are south lol and brando is what u are telling these female that’s why they can write things up on social media…

  5. Diva u need to clean her mouth f**k like dog Bronx f**k house dive the man no want u him say a suck u suck in wood in him car and cum in your mouth my god u have two kids u need if go work try get them back from your mother government give to your Mother to take care of them f**k box diva get a life stop walk and dog out yourself from school u just f**k soo all in school bathroom u f**k done the place u learn f**k house

  6. Bronx garbage pan.. Unno see har yeye dem cross bad bad and she a wear lashes lmaoooo a weak no sah… Gal come in like a gym every man gi har a work out.. And dis pussy stay burning every second she over Jacobi hospital fi std.. Any man f**k dat is very desperate… Gal dirty bad… Bout yuh happy gal u sad inna real life… A same thing one a di balla youth dem did come up from jamaica n a play a game a evadner school n same day she meet di boy she f**k him den wah gi di man di belly gal u find out who di pitney father is yet.. raffle pussy gal..

  7. Har fren dora dem tun big fren now big pussy hide n fuck dora undercover dora yuh love likes.yuh love ran in pan ppl true yuh can get free ride nasty fucky fucky yuh n yuh fren mek one dutty diva yuh nuh done fuck yet gal a fuck from back inna di dayz yuh fi rest yuh pussy yuh n yuh fren big hole dora suck cocky dora she nuh stop chat diva shame n a act like she like di gal no sah ppl wicked bad

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