Wow Krystal, posting Beenie Man’s child school letter up? Are you his stepmother? Does the child live with you? Are you taking care of him? Inserting yourself in Beenie’s family won’t make him love you. It seems to me Beenie has taken a page out of I Octane’s book re relationships. 🙂 Krystal you seem thirstier than Kasi and that’s saying a lot.


    1. I see she hasn’t posted any pics of Marco Dean. I think she knows better. Beenie Man and Angel went to parent teacher meetings for Marco Dean a little while back, I’m guessing that is what has Krystal in her feelings and have her posting one of his other kid’s school report. I wonder if Mosiah’s mother knows she is doing this.

  1. I dont think so. Let her show interest some man pick up woman who don’t show interest in the man pickney life. I rather have an uplifting step mother than an evil one that try to distance the man from their kids.

    I would feel more comfortable knowing my babyfather woman is caring enough towards my kids. That means more time to myself.

    1. Let me tell u this shez doing all of this charade bcuz Beenie had said in the past Angel was all abt Marco and wasnt pleasant towards his other children so she is playing a role he yearned for frm Angel! Me a wanda if she memba he also said he’ll never wed again! Yes gyal soften di hart yaaa u affi get ring! Ehem

  2. Relationship with a media personality = More airplay, more features on TV and so on. Beenie man took a page out of I-Octane’s book for real. LMAO.

    He is just keeping himself in the public eye. He might like her a lot but fall deeply in love? Never. She is benefiting from the exposure as well. We all know how much these girls love the hype.

      1. Yes G, she need to go easy because Beenie man always inna drama with women and he likes running to the press to talk bad about them.

  3. Woi! Dis going be one hell of a ride!

    Krystal inna har 20’s nice job and big degree you mean fi tell me no other man nuh deh a Jamaica. You gone tek up with ole ole Beenie, weh name ever a call pon other woman, and den u a come talk bout woman empowerment, and put pretty quote with picture, you a post up him like crazy, him pickney dem etc, stop try so hard!

    All dis remind of a Yendi, same behaviour, same up inna u face vibe, same show off thing, all me can see is you a tek a Yendi route! Me hope it end good fi u!

    1. All a dem a the same, you see her IG captions pretending to write uplifting quotes when all she is doing is throwing wud after whoever she believes is a threat to her relationship. Gal sad bad.

      I was looking through her IG and the pics of her before she started dating him were so full of life. She looks stressed out now.

    2. Why unno can’t happy feh unno one another? My God the day women will stop bashing each other just to make themselves feel good. If she was just a mere groupie with all the artist under her sleeves you eould have said the same. Is ur life happy because you sound miserable smh

      1. She is clearly doing all of this for attention. Only been with the man for a year and posting pics of his kid’s school information?


  4. Instagram making all these step moms put on their best show. They love the “oh I love how u treat him/her as ur own” comments. Pathetic.

    A Yendi alone name alone me hear call on bussing step child ass. No insta was out then for the charades

  5. I like Beenieman he seems like a cool dude. This young lady is beautiful and intelligent but she is young. This 2 shall pass. I continue to hear him name call up pan a certain sickness, I really hope it’s not true. 2 many people would cry

    1. Beenie is not a nice person. Him try look me an chu me ignore him him go pon mic an a drop wud like de leaky hole gal he is.

  6. She and Sasco wife Nicole a big fren so they are super extra where the step kids are concerned. They behave as though they are better moms than the actual moms.

    1. I was wondering if all those kids were Nicole’s you know. Yes they have an air of superiority about them but if we only knew what was going on behind the scenes. How old is Krystal?

      She needs to go live her life and stop take up this step mom role.
      Why she go pick up Beenie Man weh old house drop dung pon? No ambition.

    2. The kids who are with Nicole are not her kids? I didn’t know that? What’s their story and why is Nicole so popular?

  7. What sweet me is how sasco wife know him did deh wid smaddy..yes she get di ring but him did deh wid him baby mother..I look pan dem and di farrin school attendance and di farrin hogscent and laugh out !@$%^^ set a circus @#%^&& clown dem bout farrin school. The school is not even on the level of a catholic school here and dem mussy a pay 5k per semester..The price of an ivy league private school. CLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNS ..That school cannot get uno into Princeton :hammer

    1. And uno can tek SAT anywhere and apply to U.S college same way but cause di whole upt going to farrin school. All I do is laugh because real rich people ina farrin nuff a dem pickney guh public school but yet di whole upt a hype up fi go one deggeh deggeh school :ngakak

      1. Mi hate si dem on ig feed mi naa lie! She too much! Sasco bettr glad she a keep him relevant! Cuz hez a ghost! Nuh she did ina money problems at one point?? Bout first family kmt

        1. If dem a try live above dem means dem nuh mus ina money problem? The little girl hair cant comb regular it haffi let out mi cyah tek it :ngakak

          1. And you know the child’s hair would be so much longer than it is if they would actually COMB her hair?

          2. A doah like di let out hair sumting Needa like di hair well pretty Plus sasco like him a cheat he

    2. Aunty mi nuh liiiike dem! Dem a gwaan tooo much now like wtf Jamaican parents growing their kids like they are Americans! I admire the kids witts but no sah di wife tooooo much! IG changed so many people i swear

        1. I will not comment on the herrrr mi feel she sneekingly a bleach dem hair like how Halley ex husband bleached di lil girl hair! The ones that are not originated uptown are the ones doing the most just to be accepted! Keep yuh man relavant yaaa by taking pics cuz hez a walkn dead in the dancehall industry now living in wifey white lifestyle shadow #fakes

          1. Mi feel sasco a di best out there still but no ratings him get..maybe because a di fake lifestyle whey dont fit dem

  8. I said it I cannot stand assassin wife fi a business woman Weh she get time pon her hands fi a manage all of 4 IG accounts. I do get it that she is pushing the image of family, but I can see that something not right in her marriage she a try way too hard and she comes off as insecure to me and nuff. Pushy!!!!
    The whole set a dem a get bunnnn lol not to mention the sister Weh deh wid the fat bastard. She pushing so hard to get slim Rachel please enroll Yuh fat dumpling into the gym as well. All a dem have step kids and trying to come across as genuine. Assasin babymada is way prettier than Nicole. Nicole and her sister look like rats!!!

      1. Yesssss dem ugly wid broad and dem tough. I knew something was wrong in the marriage when Nicole she start post up pic after pic and after it rinse over here that him have a woman outta road. She too much and she post up the step daughter as if the child mother absent. Don’t get me wrong, I like how she loves the little girl, but posting her picture is overdoing it and as Met said, I would tell her ease offa the posting of me Pickney. I really cannot stand the two fake sisters dem. Assasin him faking the whole thing for stability. Dem don’t comb the little girl hair bcuz according to them, after watching Annie (with Jamie Foxx) she said she wants to wear her hair like that.

        1. Is jus whey day sadiki baby mother who is family wid sasco baby mother blast har pan ig and talk up di whole heap a tings so mi did think after that she wudda stop post di girl pickney and a now she posting


  9. True Met and Nicole act as though she and Sasco marriage is so perfect and peaches and cream. We all know that is not the truth.

    1. She free fi gwaan suh oo…due to how me petty if a me like di baby madda mi wudda tell har DONNNNNNNNNT put my chile pan har page

      1. Me too Met,I would tell her do not include my child in her dam charade and publicity stunt. Versan a better school than AIM.I hate Instagram because of how place can use it to create superficial images. She alone frighten fi her come quick man

  10. Anytime you see people haffi go the extra mile to prove how super perfect they are trust and believe that they are an unhappy bunch.

  11. There is enough love to go around. If the woman is dating the father , it is good that she is taking interest in his children. If a child’s school report is good, any one who has interest in the child or in education in general should feel free to be able to congratulate the child, this in turn will give him/ her motivation to excell at the highest level. It takes a village to raise a child.
    Nuff of unno too bitta, unno nuh know nothing about togetherness and unity. If unno not trying to tear down someone unno don’t feel good.
    Live and let live.

  12. Lol@ Met! I’m so dead right now but on a real; y dem cya comb her hair??? A suh dem busy?? Bout her Fren dem wear dem hair let out so she wants hers like that as a black child; jus tru her frns white smh.. And she looks so sweet the couple times its combed

        1. U want to see dem tuh and dis diplomat sending dem pickney dere and dat and dem nuh know seh di sed diplomat whey a send dem pickney deh cant afford to pay a di government whey dem a work fah a pay di money and in those cases di diplomat dem always look fi di dearest school dem in the country that dem serving in fi send dem childen cause dem not coming out of pocket. Kaw nuff a dem a kill up demself cause white children go dere and some a dem cant pay dat school fee..nuh tell dem bout french lycee program oo cause some whey a read a go find a way :ngakak ..A doe even waa start pan di uniform cause nothing about dat school is ivy league

          1. They don’t even know that most of the foreigners they see down here in big houses/apartments with nice cars don’t pay a dollar for them. Their employers do. They get full time nannies and gated communities but they pay nothing. In fact, many of them cannot affort to live like that. Let these “uptown” people keep flossing, time is a beautiful thing.

          2. Yes ooooo it is cause if dem did smart dat money whey dem a pay now dem save it fi send dem pickney go university abroad

  13. Nicole and Krystal just average chicks with degrees who managed to snag has been artistes. They aren’t ugly, at least Nicole isn’t, but it’s obvious that their men are with them for ulterior motives.

    1. Ehhh emmm them sey him and money mike did in a the same business back then and now dem legit…wmmm mi just drink the juice Weh full up a jugs!!!! Him is a IG junkie too a swear wah a man show off

        1. Yup. Just finish build some townhouse with pool on sandhurst cres. Not far from one of busy signal house in fact

  14. Met, we need some tea on sasco and nicole. Who is sasco other baby mother ? You know I have been noticing that when she does the 2 million post on Instagram, no matter how much times she tag him, he rarely answers. Sometimes he will just repost the same pic on his page

  15. Yasss a long time mi did a wonda bout Sasco wife mi nuh follow none a dem yet she always end up in my feed. She always struck me as FAKE. Please keep spilling because if you follow her IG is Sasco alone she eva deh wid and life is perfect..

  16. Nicole gwaan like she born inna money, she was big in the Olint Ponzi scheme. A dem help rob poor ppl money. Then want come pon social media inna big house, like dem work hard for it. Let’s not forget she was money mike f-*k box, he sent her to university, then she stray and find sasco. All these hoes are nobodies prancing round like dem a good gyal.

    And don’t get me started on the baby mama drama. Theresa deh wid Jeffery from she in 3rd form a queens, way before him become Assassin. Got pregnant as she leave high school, of course that never sat well with the high colour mother of hers. I think the pressure for him to marry her got to him, he was just getting in his prime, he just up and left with no explanation.

    1. Candyyyy what yuh not saying to me!! talk upppppp!! Nicole gwan like sey is Assasin tek her virginity and she tek his. Her voice is so effing annoying. If I didn’t know better I would certainly think she born with gold spoon in her mouth inna nuff money. She is #FAKE and for some reason her sister come off to me like is puxxy she favor over buddy. Something about her dyke-ish. Nicole you have the ring but trust me you have nuff ants in your milk…..tell you about those tours…..posting pics of your husband and tagging him don’t change anything mi lub…buddy don’t have principles sometimes..

      1. Think a me alone see it, she a di next ugly one Weh swear she win Cah she marry man wid money. Him fava mutt. They are just doing too much for the gram. Knowing how uptown ppl nasty nothing would surprise me.

  17. Mi see di sister @leancleanjamaica a keep some type of fitness class wid Nicole and di one weh name @yolicesss and a charge US $50. Dem nuh easy.

    A blogger mentioned money problem. Is it Sasco or di wife a di cause? Someone please run di back story on Miss Ivy League. I dislike how she exploit her likkle daughter for IG likes.

    1. Stink like she is a certified trainer ? No a so she nuff and tough. She needs to start with her husband first !!!! His father owns Carimed so him have all kinds of healthy foods at his disposal and him fada owns Kirk distributor so mi nuh know what would possess yellow rat to want 50 USD fi fund them already rich lifestyle. Set a idlers. Them affi mek dem selves relevant to keep up wid the gyal dem pon IG Cah dem spouses ain’t saints.

      1. :cendolbig @yellow rat!! On a serious note, $50US per class???? What a teefing wicked people….when in US you can pay $20 per month at some gyms and I got a flyer today for $10 per month????? Wicked money hungry teef!! All now the yellow rat comment have me weak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    2. I had to check out that US $50 but jezam piece is a 2 hr talk this chick a charge $50 for enuh smdh n she meck sure state that she not a trainer or nutritionist so what exactly would u be paying FOR?????? $50 to hear u and Nicole annoying voice no ma’am u got me alllllllllllllllll da way FAWKED UP now and she streaming live too so the overseas ppl dem no left out lmaooooooooooooooo unnu no easy a RASSSSSS

  18. Is mean alone find it strange that Assasin family nuh too in her social gatherings or publicizing. It is as if Assassin sister nuh too light skinned or uptown enough for her, or I could be wrong Cah if she was my in law mi would find her extra and just too upty fi my liking.
    The other day I saw Assassin brother posted a child on his Instagram saying happy birthday my niece. Stick whole heap a pins him sister by him other side has no child. Leaving only assasin and his sister the sister only has one child. So mi a wonder a who can pickney!!

  19. Nicole too much fi true she repost sasco every second omg she act so insecure mi wonder if she get any work done meck me tell uno something noh tjnk ppl life is all that by what they post on social media

  20. know Nicole from 2005 when she was fat and slutty, claiming rum blood was her brother and f**king all his friend.

  21. Anonymous 2:13am I did not know Carcell was related to sasco! And just because @ 2:53am tell wi more. From mi see she a post up how she and Rumblood a fren mi know she couldn’t decent. I notice she credits him for introducing her to Sasco.

  22. Nuh Nicole sister married to Greg Christian? How she live with so much BUN? He spends more time with his mistress than he does with her. What type of marriage is that? I swear they are only in it for the hype. I wonder when he is at home with her because he has apartments all over Kingston that he carries girls to. That man loves orgies so much. I tell ya. What a life.

  23. Boy Nicole really behave like Saco was her first man.
    I really don’t think they have that much money she is only trying to keep up with yolice. Nicole a scammer charging $1000 us for bullsit ass SAT u get 400 points on SAT jus for spelling your name correctly. And that fake ass up town accent , please drop it u sound so dump and strupid. Kids are beautiful. But I act like u frighten over sasco, every minute you post pictures with him. It’s not cute you’re very insecure lady and u look way older than 32 girl . Trying to keep up with the jones. U know damn well Saco ain’t doing a lot of shows and these club tours and that not enough to finance the life you really want (yolice). Give social media a break you’re trying too hard and we all know your life ain’t perfect. So please stop!!

  24. Im late to the party been a rough week but when I saw the wife sasco nuff one saying to her daughter Lauren this is Jamaican Christmas cake I was like wait so is where unno live and then all have accent to nuh. Her friend husband love come into ppl inbox for a senior citizen bout let him fly mi out no just kindly respond say d last time no check mi nuh johncrow mi nuh need do fly go nowhere thank u. I just can’t bother with all these power couples in Jamaica

    1. Wait wat fly out pls come back here lilly bit don’t leave dah tea here is like u mix ginger with peppermint man strong inna mouth

  25. Yes tawkchuet yolices husband in my inbox saying if I want him to fly mi out and him tell u what him own and can do for u if u let him take u on a trip. I was very shock bcuz this is supposed to be one of the members of the happy couple gang.btw the trip i was offered was to the Bahamas.

    1. That man dat say #lovewe#loveofmylife then man bad so no bredda dem no normal
      See leannthief put up meme say she nah look pon we but the fact that u find a meme meck we know u bothered mi meck fi ask har if a 3 different pot cook inna har house 2 fi di man n 1 fi she n the tribe #ijs

  26. @3:39 me beleive u cause nuff a dese wife goh too hard to prove pon social media how happy dem life is , wen dem noh tap fret dem will hear or see nuff but dem nah too sah nothing cause dem fraid ppl expose dem pon social media a nuff time dat man inna nuff gal DM him always a show wah him have an d brands him wear if him wife every know shi goh sidung him a pay gal rent an school fee soh meck shi tan dah .


  28. Met mi wah fi know if Assasin has a next outside child because he is the only brother that Carvel shares with the father so who does that belongs to Aunty Met please can you ask the netters Cah it would surely mean the husband has strayed from the golden palace.
    Yellow rat, well over here reading and a put up subliminal messages. Please please fi 2017 get u husband on the leanclean train.

  29. Leanclean, y d hell u goh pon TI page goh teck aff dat an post it , who d hell a lie if ppl a lie dat mean u have an idea of what they are talking about u bothered soh stop bout unbothered , unbothered ppl ignore all wen it a kill them dem deal wid it behind close door dem nah meck d public kn soh gwan goh meck a programme fi meck u husban loose sum weight

  30. Rachel showing her back but the thing is I’ve been in that drive way, all up in her cars. Her husband was taking me out and he stopped by the house for something. She is the disgrace of Kingston and then they act as if their shit dont stink. She goes for days without seeing her husband. She was trying to get rid of one of her husband’s main mistresses but she couldn’t do anything about it. Always acting high class and dem life mucky bad.

    1. @Kanyetta come back babz….come spill more tea about yellow rat aka leanclean… leanclean over here peeping and it a bun her….she an Nicole both ugly and tuff. Ease offa the working out causen sey Assasin outside woman is not tuff, suh miss Nicole the 6 hours per day in the gym not stopping the buddy from strayyyyyyy

  31. Wow! I’m late!! but I read every comments, this funny bad. I always thought Sasco was Nicole’s first…well that’s how she make it seems. I would like to see a pic of Assassin’s babymother, It looks like she is doing a really good job with Ally. I don’t think nothing is wrong with Nicole posting her though, if she wasn’t people would be talking same way. Met this post need to be at number 1, i’m fully entertained. And can somebody find a pic of this Money Mike??

  32. How old are these women> Because if they aren’t in their 40s something wrong. Nicole could never be 32. She looks way older than that.

    1. Nicole tun 32 last month.. I thought that biih was in her late 40s . I was shock!! Yolice nice but di other two especially Nicole too hype like Saco a di best thing ever happen to she . Frighten over him , him better try nuh left har cause she ago mad

      1. They look old for real. Too much working out can age you. Combine with the man stress and the keeping up appearances stress.

  33. Dem a read over yah fi true. See Sasco gone put up picture of him in ATM. Nuh worry Sasco you look the best out of the “C” spouses and your wife really loves you because you have the least amount of money and she acts like she is extremely happy.

    Now Gregg and the next one stay BAD. When me see Yolices a say happy 45 to fi har owm mi phone nearly drop outta me hand. He looks at least ten years older.

  34. Met if mi
    Love you be more time. Sasco wife is one insecure big ears gal. Look like she frighten. She, Kamila and Krystal trying wayyy too hard. Poppy show them. Between the twanging n exercise and clean eating. They need self control cause dem man control dem Bitches please unno man a f**k a road hard.

  35. listen to me; Sasco ago mad dutty Nicole, she obsessed & fool. She & her ugly sister private tem page because di tea spill ova yah & them shakeen up, ppl a find out bout them fake life. Wnanabe uptown freaks, leancleanteif sister in law Martina married to Kirk, she not into the showoff life like them, them a friend up Yoli cause she have her dad hardware funds & dem a try live big life too. kmt me glad them page private now. Dem need fi comb lc hair & stop pretend like them life perfect. Sasco look like him realise say him mek di biggest mistake when him married nicole, him look sad & depressed.

  36. and a next ting MET, from Sasco married Nicole his career went downhill, he had some big tunes, for them its all about the UPTOWN life, she want to act better than others true she studied abroad lol gal sad like funeral, leancleanteif is a butch who swing both ways, her husband dont use her fi di 3sums cause she scary looking, not attractive, him prefer them young, Yoli not too into them nuf time she hide dem out cause she know how dem love attention, Yoli knows her hubby stray but she no care much cause she have her own money & family name fi live afa, these uptown types are mentally unstable, no amount of degree, money, trips, vacations, wedding can hide how sad & souless they really are. Sasco money a run-out, Nicole little AIM change a keep the thing afloat. Sasco look unhappy in pics. But me nuh sorry fi him, he had a good woman who cared but lef her brapp brapp fi ms. attention whore!!

    1. UPT suss have di whole place locked di amount a dem that a read todeh a better dem dus come talk up and done and nuh badda pap dung mi server fi nothing

      1. MET dem wake up miserable this morning, true the hot tea dashout, bout them a first family lol Nicole had to pay for that PROMO them married only for business & fame. They not inlove nor happy the same goes for leancleanteif & Yoli, them dollyhouse shakeup fidi new yr them cyah hype pon nobody cause we got their file. Those old hoes a dash front longtime, a now it a payoff dem sag a old money man in nocole case she tie Sasco, with her ugly self, dem no have no taste, nothing dem wear no look good, she dress like Sasco granny, filter all her pics so til she look white so pathetic. The uptown pl chatting them saying is tie nicole tie sasco fi cause problem with him & d baby mother. She run gone a lime key go nuff up her tuff fake self ova deh a boast bout who going college & IVY leauge scholls lol dem full a $hit cause she claim brightness & her life ina shambles nothing no real bout them

  37. Assassin look reserve, but Nicole she love the attention. I don’t think LeanClean genuinely love that man (him look hard fi love), i think it’s all for stability. That is why you can’t grudge people cause the things them stomach can take, nuff ppl cannot take it. Nicole matey, Shanty look nice, mi like her full eyes.

  38. Dem is a set of hypocrites. Lean CLean how you fi a run fitness program and your husband look like that? I guess its just an obsession to take your mind off your husband when ever he is not around. Which is like always. Maybe if you did a participate inna the threesome dem You would see the man more often. Doubt Greg want you inna that still.

  39. Trust mi, the cussing Sasco get from Nicole nuh stop yah so. She is constantly cussing him because of his dutty lifestyle, (some of which she apparently didn’t seem to know before now, and just start busssing out now). She cuss him that all of a sudden people a call up her name and tarnishing her “brand”, along with the fact that she is coming from “good table”, because he’s out there doing his shit and people start talking about it more. But believe me, they certainly do not appear to be a happy couple. They were at Matalon party and although Sassco touted the mic for a little, his eyes and body language told a different story. He did not look happy. As for Nicky well, she was all over the place. Whining up on Sassco, but there was something odd about them that just did not seem right. There was a total disconnect there. Wishing them well and hope they work things out.

  40. They were at Matalon party, while chubby bear Greg and his Concubine was at Shaggy’s New Year’s Eve Party. What a man hard to look at, with all the money he has, couldn’t he find a suit that fits

      1. Him mistress, well one of them name starts with T, she a lead yah now. Might nuh tell unnu might see him a wet Sundays wid him gyal, him Inna do piece a blue and white polo shirt and shorts. He is a freak no dumb yellow rat smart, she don’t care Cah money a dash and keeps her up to par wid yolice her dad owns Phil’s hardware but the husband a old school hustler if unnu know Weh mi mean him just gone in the hardware business.
        Nicole dem don’t have shit a them rich from apartment them affi stay whenever them go Miami and a play like dem rich kmt. Dumbo is so annoying

  41. Mi nah lie mi see Sasco at a party recently over the holiday and him jus stan up a look, nah drink, nah enjoy himself, mi did a think why him neva carry him wife or sumn cuz him neva did a enjoy him self or feel the vibe. Hope him ok.

  42. Nicole = Tuffiesha
    Leanntief = Tuffest
    Yes Nicole ears big like dog ears. 99% of her shoes are wedge and when you short and tuff like she, wedge is not for you. And she wears them with EVERY outfit. Wedge doesn’t goes with everything. Assasin is clearly in it for the sake of his children. She’s so annoying and the twanging hurt me head. Nicole know her man have community cocky, so she has to post up 24 hrs a day to show face. If Assasin ever leave she, mad house tek that. Leannteif is the male in the relationship, that’s why her husband stray to the young girls. Did she remove most of her husband’s pic since 12/30??? I looked and it’s about 3 I saw on there. UPT fake people…

  43. If Sasco could turn back the hands of time Nicole, wouldn’t get pick. She’s too hype with nothing to show. Sasco and his first child mother, still in love. Nicole went above and beyond from sidechick to wife, but what goes around comes around. If unu check the levels, Nicole love to post on social media about him (Sasco). He’s more low key. Nicole is running an education program that targets only uptown students, what about the schools downtown and the middle class one dem? If you ask anybody the children from the downtown school dem a duh more than what miss AIM keep posting about.She and her sisters are proper scammers. What she charge fi “help” kids get into college is ridiculous. One day soon and very soon she will make the media burst about scamming watch it!!
    Nicole stop gwan like yuh a somebody decent,your file is far from clean. As to Miss Leantief, if I were you I would hide cause weh your husband a duh a road is nothing to brag and boast about. Ultimatley unu money nah duh nutten fi unu. Dem need fi come offa social media. 2017 is the year fi unu disappear!!!!!

    1. Exactly dem over here yesterday a talk bout how she do so much for the youth and for education what about the young bright ghetto kids what has she done for any of them? Oh nothing because they can’t afford to pay her the US$1000.

      1. She nah help dem because she only see uptown. A better she cool harself cause she and her sisters have been a total disgrace. When yuh a run school or education program, yuh fi reach out to everybody. Give people access to what you offer. Go into the schools and shed light on things people might not know about or may have questions about. Everyday she deh put social media a big up Sasco weh hardly post bout she. Nicole fix up yuh dutty life. There are so many gifted children across the island,give them the opportunity as well. She disgust me!!!

  44. They both live with her and beenie man both kids in the pic she takes care of i know this for a fact so she do have a right to post

    1. mi ratid! So Krystal a good good step mada!? Weh the ring deh? She nah get beenie fi married her? Why dem young gal yah so fool dear god? Cause me know Beenie Man money no dat tall again. Krystal, my love, have you ever heard the expression “DON’T WASTE YOUR PRETTY”?

      Stay deh wid ole concubine Betweenie. You gonna be stressed for the entire length of the relationship. Hype life come wid bere STRESS. plus Angel and Beenie still a par, and me sure if Angel want back Beenie she can get him. you lucky. Gwaan gal wid u “QUEENSKIN”.

  45. wow. THIS was the craziest thing I read today cause they are all a bunch of fakes. Everyday I always wonder when this Nicole chick works and her business is a fake. Sasco only deal with her for the kids, u would think his him take her virginity.
    everyday this one bag of post bout sasco is the love of her life and God made him for her, You never see she post a decent meal, or a pic going to church.
    ohhhhh how about him taking her on a decent vacation. The only place they go is to ochi
    never a decent trip to even the Bahamas. The other day the tough crew went to Miami and they walk from hotel to hotel posting pictures like dem a smaddy. they are a bunch of fakes that’s why each time sasco take a little trip to NYC or somewhere, she come with her 1 million post because she know he is cheating on her and she have to remind herself
    new years day she was fishing for a kiss and so shame he didn’t even look at her. the video was later deleted because people were laughing. I’m not saying don’t big up your kids but she have them all over social media trying to stay relevant . She need to sit her tough self down bout she getting thick. Even for her birthday, not even a proper restaurant sasco take her. a bunch of fake just like her AIM. PEOPLE SOON FIND YU OUT GAL

  46. We have now become a society that are observed by our post that are made. The result of this is that we are judged based on pictures, comments made under our pictures , hashtags, etc. It is then dissected down to the pixel. People tend to forget that we grow with one another and will naturally have ill feelings when we see people pretending on social media. In fact it has bring out the worst in some and have inspired some to change. We all have good and bad attributes and should work towards being more good than bad. Infidelity is one of the hardest pill to swallow especially when your relationship is under the spotlight. I am not Jamaican nor do I know Nicole personally and have Assasin music for years. As a ghost follower, yes I admit it. I must say that she and her sister do push positive vibes. I know they didn’t expect to be the hottest story on pinkwall for the new year. I am certain they would take the advice given here because it have worked with some before. What is in the dark always come to light. Thanks , Met. You are making people aware of what is happening in the Jamaican culture, especially when it comes to the music which is so influential. They can’t say that it is not informative whether it is gossip or truth.

  47. I believe Nicole has good intentions to be a role model and live the image she portrays. She can’t control what her husband does but, she can control her how she responds to it and she chooses to put on the best face. Is it for the sake of the kids or for her own needs? Only Nicole can answer that question but, it’s not like she needs him for financial needs or even notoriety because she appears to be self made.

    One thing I noticed about Jamaican media is they like to portray their uptown citizens as perfection. It’s no secret Sasco cheats or other well known men in Jamaica are womanizers but, the Jam media will show them as the perfect family or the perfect couple even though they know it’s all a lie. It’s no surprise many of these couples continue to carry on the charades, they’re doing what they feel is expected of them.

  48. Why are people bothered about the people dem dutty life?? supposed leanclean, nicole et al content with their life as is? cause there are benefits to be derived from a high profile lifestyle. If sasco or greg are cheating they aren’t the first nor will they be the last to do so, neither will leanclean dem be the first to get cheated on. everybody is their own life architect so if them feel like fi put up dem life, fake or otherwise pan social media den free fi do dat. fi see how much a unoo weh a chat in yah a get the HTB factory too and unoo still den wid unoo man weh nah give unoo nutten and unoo probable don’t even married. nuff a unoo watch all unoo puppa a drop lick pan unoo momma like she a picky and she still neva lef. i get that it is quite entertaining and mi hate the extra nuffness more time…but if we really put things into perspective nothing nuh new a John shop. which man don’t give bun? which woman don’t receive it? Sasco very attractive, greg and di cess one have dem money, so do di maths. not saying what they’re doing is right but we live in a society weh say man fi have nuff gyal and cheating is condoned.

    nicole just tone down this whole heap of social media postings bout yuh private life duh mi a beg! keep it to your business pls. leanclean just check your man deh cause it don’t sound good at all. cess mi den pan di fence wit unoo the wife seems very classy and she doesn’t over post which is a good thing. unoo nah learn???? social media is the devil!!!! I really could not imagine posting my private life and intimate family moments on social media for the whole world to see….30k followers and of that you probably know 1 percent! why? unoo a nuh internet model? what the hype fah? fame unoo want? see it yah. people please let this be a lesson.


  49. People with real wealth dont show thier assets on social media only hurry come up never see come see do those things….Becareful what you guys doing Jamaica full of thieves and you guys only setting up yourselves…Use wisdom cess you should know better for a street youth stop set up you family like that,people very badmind….Leanclean just pray and let God work out the rest dont loose focus on your goals keep pushing # you will win and win big 2017….Nicole keep doing your thing and take care of your husbamd he’s a good man and a great father#girl you are winning in 2017

  50. Some a unno just don’t get it.

    The point about the ghetto kids is valid, yes. Mi nah lie Ghetto pickney bright dem just need the resources. However, Nicole has a niche.

    Her “AIM” is to send the kids abroad. Please tell me how ghetto parents will afford the tuition and BOARDING!! Yes there are scholarships but North American schools will give the scholarships to their kids over foreigners- if we are only talking about scholastic achievements here. If the child CYAAH hop, run or skip (fantastic athlete) dem nah get nuh funding. So it makes sense she is going after deep pocket parents. Business a business.

    Some can shop a market and some can shop a big name supermarket.

    1. You sound miserable. your brain miserable and yuh hole miserable. A wah u man a give u bun or something? U stressed? U remind me of a certain ninarazzipr on twitter. Same angry mentality.

  51. WHy does Krystal always look so un-done. She come een like Spice. Never look fully ready yet. Krystal, you can do better. You need a stylist yourself, muchless a try clown out beenieman.

    1. She never yet look good! Something about her body is just off. The lack of hips is what gets to me. SQUATS, KRYSTAL, SQUATS!

  52. Dem gym body woman dere, woman fi have curves, hips and butt, still curvy but firm and sexy. Whey no hips man shape a go?

  53. It nuh look like Beenie Man big daughter Desha Gaye talk to Krystal at all. Beenie always a put him woman dem before her still.

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