This old lady right here is Georgia Hennessy
40 add year old and a war with crawny English doll which is about 18 year old
Why you’ll don’t talk about that?
Mi hate English doll like poison but to be real at some point Inna this foolishness weh a gwaan over big head David 5star is not the little girl fault.
Everybody cuss out English doll about the same things everyday ok yes she have deeds everybody get the point.
Georgia full of deeds too

She’s not perfect
The old so hype and still paying rent and talking about where people live (thou shall not judge)
She’s is broke
A the 2 piece a nice clothes them a hold har up
Dah lady deh a f***t too
She f**k worst than gully bop
SHE f***k he, she and the old lady I know her longtime and she is no better

She follow up the little girl just the same , that’s why I don’t wrong the little girl from pop her rass , Caz she a gwaan like she a saint ,she no far better .

Mi hate careless big woman


  1. You ever watched the Jim Carey movie “The Mask?” Tell me that square jawbone don’t favor… only thing missing is the green face paint. YIKES!

  2. Yes Georgia u need to do better , ur a big woman and all of this is careless to ur kids. Is David worth it? Yuh can see the stress in ur face lady

  3. English doll needs to be taken cared of she scrawny baaaaaddddd ! Diva Starrr hope yuh bring down some “good tings” fi English doll

  4. This is so sad,because English doll and Georgia fighting over David that is madly in love with his son’s mother,and they both know he ain’t leaving her for none of them.

  5. I couldn’t finish reading because up to now I don’t believe that’s a woman.

    Please nuh type dat mek people si, any man or dog f*ck on you with not 1 but 2 people and you know about it, trust in the most high that dat smaddie nuh respect you or your feelings..
    Sad life!

  6. Dutty Georgia weh f**k out and suck the most would me hear sey she suck hood better than how she can f**k……. Georgia for a big woman you fi look fi a married and have yuh own place you a have man worries…..David a fi everybody so don’t feel special old face lol

  7. @yeyelid…clearly you can’t read with understanding,I didn’t say the baby mother know about Georgia and English doll,I said English doll and Georgia know he’s with his baby mother yet they fighting for him…Georgia and doll hate each not only because of David, there’s more to it

  8. @ Facts clarify which one a di baby mother me love cause a 2 him have and dont you “dare” call the wrong one name. None a dem two up top can’t wake up inna Joan (David’s mother) house so unno calm dung unno bhaddi.

  9. @2sugars&milk…you know exactly what your saying I’m talking the mother of his last child,his only son

  10. Georgia and her friends have a nasty as reputation of preying on younger boys. Then have a problem when the young fellows get with young girls. At their age they should not be having these types of issues. It looks careless. Georgia you and your friends need to let these little boys loose so they can be with their peers. It’s obvious that you guys don’t match up. They don’t want you for you, they want you for monetary gains. Tell your friend this message is for her as well. Stop follow up de young man, him nuh want her. The same friend that have you all over the place pee pee cluck cluck behind the youngy.

  11. @2suagars& know exactly what you saying,I’m talking the mother of his last child,the mother of his son

  12. All of uno ppl a chat a bag if things web uno nuh know Georgia not fighting over rass David
    Why she would? Is cranny English doll a trouble the gal uno leave t hy e bloodcloth gal alone
    Uno know nothing bout Georgia hennessy nooo
    She a good rass gal
    She nuh ten little boy David his hair first little boy
    The gal a good gal
    She nuh walk and trouble pplshe go had party buy had liquor and party
    Ppl love Georgia Hennessy cause she nuh inna mix up and she nuh trouble ppl
    If uno nuh know but the gal uni stop comment
    Stop talk things weh uno b uh know
    Is English doll uno fi chat bout how she cranny and stay very bad
    No matter how she try fix had self s uh e still look like shit

    Leave blood cloth Georgia Hennessy Bcz Mi know a good gal
    If she never mix up with old shit David uno could a talk about had so

  13. Woooooiiieee all now English doll don’t lick Georgia Hennessy bvz the ppl grab bar back and grab English doll
    All English doll do is drag off Georgia wig
    English doll is no bad gal bvz she wait till the gal nah look she try attack har
    All now Georgia nuh get no lickenglish doll fi post pon har ig page say David beat out har bloodcloth she same night when she try fi fight Georgia is that she fi a post pon page
    She never get no chance fi lick the blood cloth gal
    Men English doll move har rass
    Bcz all when David nuh want she

  14. Uno ppl just live and feed off mix up and anything uno hear

    Well met this is it @tellme why you think English doll do up Bcz Georgia don’t answer har oon instagram,why should she answer har tho doll a nuh nothing Georgia nuh need fi answer shit house

    @facts Georgia and stinking pussy doll nah fight over David Bcz all now doll nuh throw a blow Bcz the ppl them St the party run in pon har do I s lie she a tell say she beat Georgia,what U know about David and his baby mother? Well let me tell you the baby mother knows about Georgia from day one get that straight listen David is a tucking idiot so Mi nuh know weh all of this about him for

    @I care zero you hear what you say you hear say Georgia suvk Hood better than whatever and that makes you come on here a hate pon the gal move you bloodcloth and gweh obviously you don’t like the gal and you and the whole a the gal them and doll a friend
    Uno just a hate pon Georgia so the gal a nice clean gal nuh give trouble a road
    Stop bloodcloth hate
    Gal a work and a do har little business move man

  15. @anonymous obviously you don’t know which Georgia Bcz you wouldn’t say what you just said firstly David is not a little boy and secondly Georgia never deh with little boy yet Mi know har like that
    Uno just come men comments and know shit is either uno and that shit house gal a friend or uno just want to talk bcz uno mouth stink
    Get uno facts before uno chat bout ppl man

  16. @goodas @bosschick @bitchgotthis @pussycute…Georgia your working hard to clear your name and to look good for people on social media,if you know what is good for you,you go take a minute and look into yourself.. Lieing won’t change the fact that you where used for money,and it won’t change the fact that doll get her f**k just like you but choose to hype about it…yes we all know your posting all those comments… Just stop…

  17. @facts I am making my comments just like everyone so just shut the f**k up about being Georgia, obviously uno hate Georgia and the want the gal name look like fi uno Bcz uno nuh have nothing bout Uno
    Is uno the ppl them hate not georgia
    Mi know the bloodcloth gal and she nuh have time for this so you and your friends them weh you make post a bag of shit about her nah help
    She a still good gal a road is uno look like fool uno do every thing fi b real up she and the bowy she left him now so come of a the gal name me like Georgia she nuh do nobody nothing
    Uno just did madddd how David love har
    Move uno rass and go get a life Bcz uno still can’t stop Mi friend
    Go clean up finuno deeds weh a rotten

    BYE and go learn how to be a boss chick

  18. Listen this @facts georgia a nuh my best friend but when mi did in jamaica we were friends and the money part u wrong that girl nuh give man money so boy haffi a gi gal money and she give him too.the two of them did a hold down each other like couples do
    Uno fi stop talk them ad things here bout the girl bcz nuh of these things are true
    Yes she a big woman 41 and look f**g good too y uno choose that pic fi post
    You lisa cas weh a post and mek u friend them post nuh have nothing fi do just mi not even ago address uno now mi did warn grorgia bout you lisa but not she never listen
    Uno just hurt cause david did and still love georgia uni go find a man fi love uno man rass

    And leave the gal alone bcz no matter what uno say or do she still a live better than know georgia nuh trouble ppl she humble bad nothing nuh bother her

    @facts somethig a bother you real badddd who ever you are uno bitter bad tho

    @met georgia is a very nice peron she nuh trouble ppl and very humble as i have said them ppl here that comment is friends that dont like her but it nuh matter still a my friend and i know her

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