8 thoughts on “LINCOLN 3DOT DEM SEH YUH GET 1=3 SHOT

  1. Yep dey way how him a fling buddy around like wata not surprise. He’s a good looking guy but dat f**ky f**ky lifestyle is a very careless living. Not cuz u name man n look good mean very gal must get a piece of hood. There is a ting call AIDS n it woulda shame to see talent wasted cuz u too f**ky f**ky

  2. Lincoln live like dog a Florida di bwoy nuh AV nuttin fi himself a man a tek care a him di bwoy worthless and suck pussy like dog .

  3. Yeah, but we know who is real and loyal….we fight for our love……..we may hurt each other in life but it’s how to show our trust and loyalty…….lincoln or babe knows my stories hence I am number one……we have a heart ❤️ and love 💕….we have been broken so why not find two broken pieces and combine……listen people speak what they want….we know the truth…….I seek help for school and love /marriage cause SABBATH church is no GOOD🎓

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