13 thoughts on “SUH POPCAAN NUH EAT MEAT?

    1. Bossman When u talk the truth u must stand up n doan run.Go on youtube n hear fi urself Cecile talk out of her own mouth that any person(cuz she got both ways so mi nah sey man),she deal with MUST give her head.She even sey she give Brain too n mek all song a boast bout it.

      Honestly is from them time Deh mi kinda look pon Chris Martin Differently.I saw him n Cecile at Helshire Beach couple years ago n they were approaching me on the sand.Mi just make a detour n go Inna the sea although mi still can’t swim. Them too Disgusting with them loudup nyammings.

  1. He needs a haircut, him a big man not a toddler. I detest men who plat up dem hair like this, had this been a tapered afro it wouldn’t irk me so much.

  2. Yardi nuh thats why mi say so bcuz Cecile a top freak eno n nuh shame bout it. So all him a gwaan mi know she girt him inna the hair dem n feed him.

  3. Popcaan need to let his hair go and stop the plat business. it’s not for him his not a child anymore and it’s not cute, grow up already… If you going to keep the hair then braid it and call it a day… What is wrong with a woman telling her man or anyone who try to date her, they must eat the pums, people fail to realize that there is a lot of Jamaican men that eat the pums so people need to except it and move on, you don’t do it so be it but do not knock the next man who does, to each it’s own…

  4. In truth n in fact mi nah knock anyone who have them legitimate reasons fi nyammings,just that mi nuh have any. Maybe with the passage of times when i’m sinking to rise no more a reason will arise but until then….nooo.

    My 2 issues are Divided since (1) I have issues with laDies saying It’s a MUST for u to be with them.Why u gonna have relations with smaDdie n give up ur free will/choice Not to suck tun tun..thats entrapment n enslavement n it’s not for ME.

    Issue 2 is we need to educate ourselves n the young generation so we can move away from the current Dark ages of ignorance. My best Brethren boasts abt how is wife loves his oral skills.Society sey mi not suppose to eat nor drink nor bun spliff with him becuz mi Bow/grounds too…what utter rubbish!
    Look how Chupid Popcaan sound bout him nuh eat fish hello!!

  5. If u have ur woman eat di pussy cuz if a next man dweet him gonna spen ur money…I love to eat my woman pum pum n then give it her hard she cum like 5 to 6 good one b4 me n till she bawl fi gu piss

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