Met please run this duty gal file . All she do every night a party (Edited) to man woman and dog and don’t own a thing. Shorty the time you a run back a man go teach you daughter her lesson. Show the baby some attention and love. Now Javanna is here the p…y a run red. Do you know who really bread you???if it’s Venal or the brother?? duty germs.



    1. Top of the morning sweetest Needleye101, i would offer u some Breed with ur coffee but I guess u prefer bread.smileee

  1. Vanel need to leave these bitches alone as him go back in that nasty Jav is like she salt him up. cassie need to figure out who are baby daddy is while nasty Jav need fi let go the woman son, tell you mada fi pull him. Vanel fi get it to him too dam fool and nasty no real decent man woulda never look pan dat bitch jav. a dat him fi get him pick till him pick shit.

  2. Jev no train are good cause jav mek sure she das wa all a fi are belly dem cause she wouldn’t no the real fada. at least cassie keep it in the family.

  3. Birds of a feather flock together there is a next big nose one she live a Canada all a them f**k down Jamaica . All them do a sell pussy to any man who a make money .

  4. everyone need fi give him a break memba Jevanna have him lack under her spell she going to feel it obeah no last forever.

  5. I see this shorty girl when I go in di trends and what a little girl hype, but the way venal brother full of him little maga self I couldn’t believe that is shorty is his baby mother…dem a real drama. As for shamiele I want to know what kind of work that girl go or which school she attend.

    1. Yes him hype and I remember one particular day him wild up Shorty inna di store in front the customer cah one a har fren mussi did a ponka ponka inna di store and him never mek fun di diss up the fren and ask shorty if she know its a business place him a run…a cool yute still !!!! look like him will claaaat down shorty

  6. You know I am afraid of ppl more while though. Shorty’s child is dead stamp of her father Oh God man that child is carved out to the TTTTTTTT!!!! All I know is that Shorty fi go easy pon the rubbings now gyal well bleached out and the knuckles nuh reach yet.
    Met Venal always reading over here enuh, went to his store once and saw him pon the pink wall. Some men like girls with a reputation so lowe him

    1. A hope the baby missed that head har mumma have fi bare like Jesus and him cross! Bitch head look like a long calabash vessel!

  7. This Cassie girl f**k down Kingston from artist to commoners … She don’t have Ntn her pussy no have no rules and regulations …she just want see a little car wid a lil name and her pussy start go tweet tweet

  8. Jav dont tie venal uno knw wat is tie kmft gwan like venal nuh deh a rd a suck whole heep a pussy him all tell me a next gal weh him a f**k and she deep throat good soon tell u a who uno aguh shock

  9. Shorty please I’m begging you sort out yuh house before yuh come a road and a hype. Hype girl like yuh must have a decent sheet pon bed curtain inna house and everything.

  10. either one person making most of these comments or majority of the ppl dem dunce af. what kind of Godawful errors are these?? heep for heap, lack for lock, stack for stock, no man. Plus the person commenting spell just like the sender hmmm. Sender the time u a watch out ppl business go back to school and go sort out ur grammar and spelling cause this is atrocious, and a nuh patois dem deh, u just damn dunce.

  11. Shut the f**k up with u spelling,well ok jodian maxwell u won the spelling bee champ, most ppl spell their wrds in the patois form different so go sit ur ass down and dont come for no one unless they come for u and please remember any hole u crawl out of I cant put u right back there so plz answer me

  12. Mi nuh mind di grammar, mi understand everything..yuh too f**g petty or a stush yuh stush ananimus @10:42(rass a hope u can read dat). Mi almost sure a him babymada a send in dem post yah..if yes bow down bish, yuh act like yuh neva a f**k di man when him deh wid javana.suh di gal come back fi her man.bax cova.unnu lef ditrends BOSS alone nuh..yes di man a BOSS..FCUK ALL YOU HATERS

  13. True, loww di spelling sometime man, a di suss wi waan specially when iit sweet like dis ya now. Senda and badone dash out Venal suss dey fi wi

  14. when u throw stone inna hogpen essi, the guilty one bawl out. Badone u just confirm say a u send in this ya post ya. A wah, yuh battam never tight enuff so Venal phuck yuh and duck yuh? U sad sorry mess. U a talk bout Patois and all the words u mispelled are English words stock, lock, heap, all can be found in an English dictionary so dont chat shit a nobody ears bout ppl write patois different. So u dunce, cant hold a man and obviously nuh wuk cause u wudden have time fi a watch everybody cratches so. Again gwaan go find a little evening class and get some one one subject cause u dunce bad bad bad. U cant put me back inna any hole slut, u are just a miserable side ho weh bitter nuh bloodclaaaatt cause the man naah own u as the chief gal pon the side, u need fi go treat yuh maggige ridden hole and do some squats and kegels, tighten up yuh punny and yuh asshole and see if Venal will tek a run awf a u again.

  15. badone please rinse venal file fi me deh yah. The sade girl weh work inna di trends store to, she a di next one weh full a bare attitude

  16. Sade who nuh stop thief the clothes dem out a di store. And yes duty shortie well know Bout it, but shortie nah set nutten cause sade and har a f**k and do pire 3some. Yes shortie javanna nuh stop freak yuh out

  17. Sade mouth big and spread out nuh Bloodclaat bout she a gi attitude .. Dem need fi build a reality show gi dem “Venal and his ‘trends’ ” because they are merely trends awaiting their expiration so new trends can f**k them way in.. Only thing a di plot twist , jav a di old ‘trend’ weh a tek it time cum een back ..

  18. I don’t get it what’s the big deal of the man suck pussy??? It’s 2016 every man woman a suck pussy and cocky. So I don’t get whats the jig deal if he do it. It’s part of sex.

  19. no sah dem nuh easy, Im wondering if that store even making money or is a front for something else

  20. Venal don’t want none of them Javanna the baby mother. Venal like big batty and freaks. so the next big batty freak come around he will move on. Its only one girl he was with and you could see that he sincerely care and loved her and it was danielle aka cookie. SHe was the best thing that happen in his life and I could bet yuh money bet yuh money she will be the one he will end up with. Not duty Javanna.

  21. Weh the bloodclaat this lol uno low mi I dont even knw the short girl and im a fan of jav yes I strongly believe she a do weh most of us would do con u way thru and yes me use to f**k venal and im the bad bloodclaat one if me send in a news uno aguh knw dat bitch mek mi not even a tlk weh me did ago seh

  22. Big pussy gyal I have my 9 to 5 and I also have my store and mi nice clean husband a take good care of me .bitch squats where u ever see this gyal yet mi nice nuh bloodclaat dutty dogshit gyal venal was just a nyam lmao venal can not maintain this yah gyal suh please to go suck u mumma

  23. I have no time to send shit in bitch if mi a send in something u gonna knw im a proud wife and I have my 9 to 5 ,I also have a store that’s going great I dont knw this short girl but I knw jav and I like her so dont f**g come for me venal and I done longtime lmao so plz to go suck yourself

  24. But did u know that a Cookie introduce Javanna to venal with 3 some . A so come Javanna start f**k him. Cookie love pussy more than how she love cocky

  25. Cassie u dat desperate fi hype yuh send in story bout yuh self lmaaaaao memba when u run Guh breed and da man Neva want u?! LOL dunce gal I know yu file and its 5000000 page deep!

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