Despite strenuous denials and threatening to sue, former Managing Director of National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL), Carolyn Warren, has now admitted to a total of six criminal convictions.

At least three of Warren’s six convictions between 1993 and 1996 were drug related.

Warren admitted Friday evening that she had not come clean about her convictions.

In 1993 Warren was convicted for simple larceny.

In April, 1995 she was convicted for taking steps to export cocaine, trafficking cocaine and possession of cocaine.

A year later in 1996, Warren was convicted for possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine and taking steps to export cocaine.

Speaking on radio on Friday morning, Warren argued that it was hypocritical for the Government to bar people with convictions from work in the public service while expecting private sector entities to give such individuals a second chance.

“If somebody can prove that they have been law-abiding they should be given a fair chance. For employment I think a person should be asked to give their police information for 15-20 years. There has to be a point where you are forgiven and I think 20 years or 15 years should be that (point),” Warren reasoned.

Meanwhile, with the parliamentary opposition signaling that it intends to have Warren provide clarification on several matters that have been raised during her time at NESOL, she said she is willing to reappear before parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) to provide such clarification.

She insisted that everything she did during her time at NESOL was done within the guidelines at the entity. She said she achieved a lot during her time there. “I’m willing to answer any questions,” she said.

Warren resigned her position as Managing Director at NESOL on Wednesday with immediate effect. She said she did so because of the pressure that had been brought to bear on her and her family since Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, made public her drug conviction on July 12. Paulwell has since apologised for releasing the information even while insisting that persons being employed in certain key positions should make known any prior convictions.


  1. Oh well too bad so sad. Consequences come with committing criminal offences. Further to her crimes, she lied about them. She just has a criminal mindset.

  2. I read somewhere drug convictions cannot be expunged. So what expungement was she gonna seek?
    Kamla Forbesz Page tun up been a dash out di tings dem

    Something like seven convictions….Mi God!!!!

  3. Metty, from I see you pull down the page last week I know this trifling woman was going to end bad because I said to myself, she’s obviously threatening people to try to hide her true situation.

    Met she’s dangerous. Just yesterday, her good good friend, Cliff Hughes, was on air saying how ‘wicked’ (his word) she is. He was told about the 6 convictions & called her & asked her about them & she flat-out denied. So the person sent him the proof, which was her expungement application bearing her signature, which he knows because she used to work for him, but bigger than that was the woman listing him & his mother, who is also her good friend, as her character references. She did this without their knowledge of her past in the 1st instance and in general in the 2nd instance. So when he called her back & told her he had proof she again denied it until he told her he was looking at the document with her signature. He said she was someone who he had in his home, whose home he ate in.

    It’s not the fact that she hid it from him that he finds wicked, I think we all understand shame about something like that, which would make anybody hide it. It’s the fact that this woman’s criminal mentality still had her foolishly thinking that despite the first conviction being made public, she would be able to lie and threaten people about the others. I mean, if the 1st one was exposed, it was just a matter of time before the next 5 became public knowledge.

    All she had to do was say to the man ‘boy, I wanted to tell you for a long time now, but I was so ashamed. It is true’ & then give him the full score. But no, she felt perfectly fine lying, while using God’s name all over the place.

    Now let me tell you how this is going to affect her. She has now alienated the one man who would’ve been more than willing to employ her at the end of all of this mess, all because she’s too lie for her own good.

    On another point that someone made recently & I totally agree with, there’s no way that someone with 6 convictions would be able to get a job serving patty, much less heading a government agency. There is 2nd chance & there is 2nd chance. Given her penchant for lying & her criminal past, who knows what damage she would’ve done With enough time in the position she just left.

    She had a Board Chairman stopping a whole recruitment process for her and all that smh. Again I can’t stop bigging up Dr. McBean for going against that Chairman’s challenge & pressure & holding himself up beyond reproach in this matter. Dr. McBean is few & far between, trust me. That’s the McBean I remember.

      1. Big up Royal one Cindy for your exceptional analysis n presentation. Met u KNOW me well enough to KNOW when me a lie through mi teeth or send yuh friggery! This ooman is a career criminal of the worst kind n like I keep saying in my busy signal’s voice “nuff whey cry pon Jesus a dem commit the crime,nuff a we illiterate but still a read between the lines.

        Right now I can’t tell the difference between career criminals fishlady n Carolyn.. Maybe one dunce n one push up Small amounts inna cavity n di other push large shipments. One get ketch half dozen times more than the other.Always remember the Devil can quote scriptures!

  4. Thats y we should not be quick to defend ppl like her. saying how she should get a second chance. She got a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th and was on her 7th chance.

    it is said she is a big jlp supporter.

  5. Is she that Karen Cross lady was talking bout theodda day? Cauz if so the whole lotta a dem wha dash whe. There are somethings that cannot be excused. Its great that you want to be in public service, but you cant lie about those convictions and then come and call people hypocrite for calling out that lie. Mi nuh wha nuh drug convict serving me, sorry lady.

  6. But some ppl brave no bloodclaat. Imagine dis ooman a career criminal and still gone inna di ppl dem high profile position? Mi know survival is a must, but she couldn’t find something low-key fi do. These things always come out, so why even put yourself in that position to begin with. You know you have a shady ass past then lay low and find legitimate money making ventures that won’t shove your history in the face of the public. She too rass bareface.

  7. The question unnu need fi ask is who fah money the man weh get hold with the 80 millions dollars belong to from her organization that she headed!!!!!!!
    Soon bust right out !!!!
    Bare corruption

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