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  1. I think Gina needs to take some interior designing classes cause all har designs dem look alike. #imjustsayin this room is ok!! It clean and simple looks regular to me…it doesn’t screams straight out the magazines to me.

  2. Fashion police I agree with you it’s ok but nothing I would have to have anyone do. I only hope also that they are paying this lady for all her time and effort. Gina take my advice do a few classes and expand yourself beyond the dancehall horizon that will give you more exposure. And I wish you all the best on your endeavors.

  3. Like really …..,.!!!! She need Gina fi do dis no way seriously . I can’t with these wanna be up inna things ppl yah jus fi sey Gina do it ? Grl bye

  4. I actually decided to take a peek pon har so call “home page” and might I add what a bag a confusion :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Gina you need to take some classes momma cause your designs dem nah ready yet! Those glass or crystal whatever the f**k yuh want call dem something deh need fi dash way. Gina go and take several seats you f**king uncertified home interior designer.

    No. The emphasis in the NCIDQ Examination is on performance testing that reflects a common body of knowledge acquired through education and practical interior design experience. It is recognized, however, that candidates feel more comfortable taking the NCIDQ Examination if they participate in a study workshop, since many of the sessions explain the exam process, provide an overview of content, and identify weak performance areas. NCIDQ does not provide or endorse any workshop. NCIDQ’s member organizations and professional associations may offer further information on preparatory courses.

    Read carefully Gina! :2thumbup :cystg :cystg :cystg


  6. too dark……understandably the carpet may have been too expensive to replace but the walls did not have to match…..or…..the entire couch should have been red and the red wall to match the couch……larger mirrors could have been used to create the illusion of space….pic 5 ……………the coffee table is awkward….the corners cuts off mobility in and around the couch……in my opinion here is an example of what it really should have looked like….pic 9..mindful this is a merchant display but it still would have worked in the smaller space…..….and no my apartment does not look like this at all…mi have di dreams but not di money…….lol

  7. ooh plz this looks like a freaking magazine dem a try copy ook gina a comtemporary look or modern look gina say she a give uno mi no tink a di chile apt dat and di chile could easily well done this homegoods r pier oh lord poor ppl boi trying 2 hard

  8. @notrite….imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…..doesn’t matter if she copy’s someone else’s style as long as she gets it right……i don’t believe she did on this one….

  9. looks tacky! just like GINA AND KIZZY!

    dancehall ppl eva av ah bag color ina dem place & MATS like every where in the entire apartment! TASTELESS

  10. A bunch of hate I see. nothing wrong with this spot and I bet all the people hating wished their home looked like this

  11. I think Gina did a very good job because 2 color wall is very much in style do you people not watch hgtv or uno dont have cable and the style of her setup is very antique but modern i love it and how on earth uno a seh her space small when she only tek pic of half the room look at the other half in the mirror and look at the space between the couch and tv uno to bad mind some times and this is not a friend of either of these ladies just specking the truth i dont personally know them.

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