Met please hid my info but the people dem would like to know if Baldhead and This gal Is in relations cause she a drive his truck and we was wondering if his tiefin Babymada know cause Tamara the lesbian gal weh deh with Nadie from money team aka broke team and Pop skull aka worthless papi she run through all the crew dem a put this gal on now to all the man dem and the crew dem Girl stop sleep around so much and party so much you had a good job and you get fired and now you just a walk and sleep with anything and anyone to go out EVERY single night and friend the people to pay for you to go out and buy you drinks you too beggy beggy everyday she outta a the shop with Tamara the lesbian he/she looking gal a beg while her kids dem a run the streets


  1. she still sleeping with Durant, she get lawsuit she twinny so she nah beg to much ,she nah f**k baldhead a using ting fi get him gal ,

  2. I always see her on the gram and wonder why she looks so tired. This girl looks horrible, especially with those horrible plastic hair..

  3. 2 tin mi affi sey, I’m not an hater, Tamara doesn’t know me and have nuhtin against her but baby girl u don’t look rite, that butt is too sumtin! Ur butt does not match ur legs! Ur butt look like the doctor put 2 coconuts in it! I’m sorry but u too skinny for that butt! It looks so fake and don’t look good!! U don’t even have no hips! Or shape to go with the butt! Girl I’m jus telling u this is so u can fix it! U always look nice but u need to make ur butt smaller it don’t fit ur body, I know everybody want a big ass but is not everybody it fit, Mek it smaller so it matches ur legs and see how different u look! Come on man when u look in the mirror all u want to see is those 2 coconuts? Come on now!! It don’t look good, use ur money and go fix it please, and please don’t go tek nuh pic back way and Mek nuh status Afta dis and sey how u love ur batty like wat Shamar be doing, when Dem buss it up Pan er shi affi throw back fi er word pan ppl and Mek states like a fool Kmt!! Unnu affi answer to everything, but jus take my foolishness advice take down some of ur butt it too roun and nuh look good my girl, when u look in the mirror a bare ass u want see? U nuh want see sexiness to?

  4. How is her beggyness n hanging out with lesbians impacting u…she a beg yuh anything Sends?Better u did focus pon her alleged neglect of her kids who u claim a roam the streets.

  5. Anon 9:55 get a life..your comment sounds dry n boring like yourself. Di big lady
    In the red frack must just bill the too much partying n man ting will f**k up your life and from the looks of tings you don’t need any extra help . Bald head, Uncle all a dem broke n suffering. Longtime mi no see money train out

  6. A long time she beg beg and f**k f**k you forget a who train her she learn from the best in that category Natalie 106 she train her and let her go lol

  7. money team without snoop the big dog is all broke sender for ur information baldhead have a job ,so u stupid he f**king ,ducking u and u don’t know he is a working man now , stop watch the gal dem and figure out u bitch ,him nah tell u him business so u gone inna the gal dem own ,tamara unbothered ,so is denise.

  8. @real talk a true and now it look like she out run natalie foot ya now. From she did the by pass and lost the whole heap a weight. So ugly thou

  9. Mek shushana gweh .. she turn housewive overnight true every time she try guh thief she get arrested!!! Nothing nah gwan fi she again

    Ever since she come out the first time bare bad luck she get in the ppl them store

    Buddy fi tek

  10. Seen sushanna she stay bad you si and look mad with her ankle braclet on her foot but a better she stay bad and have her freedom but fe a gal whay have a mouth problem and love chat and tell lie on people she should stay good all the time
    But she never from day one get a man to gi her nothing yet and always have to theif and fend for herself but always a class people sad folk wannabe

  11. I knew this ugly gal was fat one time cause she still talk like a fat person. Tongue hebby nuh bitch. Favs ediat!

  12. This bitch is a rat point blank and when they fuvking ppl ,am they talk bout bredda or friend or dem just giving them gyal and sushawna nuh wah baldhead from longtime but missy ah big big whore just like har associates everytime mi see har she look DUTTY

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