I’ve been single for a while I needed time to myself to soul search before I jump in another relationship!!i was talking to a friend of mine who met her husband online told me to try online dating so whenever I have a little time I go check my profile to see If I’ve receive any messages online.I receive a message from a jamaican man who drives truck for a living for a furniture company, who lives in the Pampano area that’s close by me in ft.lauderdale area so I was open to communicating with him the conversation flows well I askes the most obvious questions r u married, how long u been single,what are you looking for online!!we communicate online for over a month bcuz I wasn’t sure about him or wanted to give any personal info out then I gave in because he keeps complaining after so long why can’t he have my number which I gave in and we exchange #!!this sociopath blows my phone up 24/7 once he’s on the road driving I wake in the morning to 3-4mis calls text and voicemail every morning from this lying evil conniving man!!he will tell you all about the good all this time he’s blowing smoke up your ass he will go out his way to make you feel comfortable enough all along to turn you into a friends with benefits this man I’ve been dating is a married man!!i have tons of text email voicemail from this man processing his love for me tons of pics of him naked that’s a normal for him to send naked pics whenever he showers trust me he always ask for nudes but never receive any why because it’s a new relationship and I wasn’t comfortable with my pictures out there!!this man has a tatoo of a female name on his hand then this dumbass has the nerves to tell me it’s his dead sister now I’m an investigator bcuz that didn’t sit well with me!!come to find out he has a profile on cheaterville.com this is a regular for him to meet woman online and lie to get them in bed he will tell u he loves to please offer oral s*x the same day u meet him!!beware of these nasty men online no Need to rush a connection or a relationship make they nasty ass get tested, better be safe than sorry I’ve blocked every number he will continue to stalk you!!BILL ANTHONY THOMPSON how u wah turn me into frenzy with benefits without me knowing lol!!!#INVESTIGATE


  1. Well sender, love doesn’t come overnight or easy, so he has all rights to “processing” his love for you…now, if he is quick to profess his love for you, then he is up tuh no good..that online dating/communicating can be a very tricky thing and that’s all I will say on that….

    1. Yeppy, when him did inna di process of processing him luv tuh har she shudda busy wid processing him files wid har investigator self. Look like she give up more dan she get back. Suh it guh dawling…yuh live an yuh learn. Nuh badda complain bout di oral request pon first date and naked shower pitchos….yuh did like it :siul

      1. Yawdy, she mussi think everybody roun ya foo fool..she geet up on the first date and the man hit it n’ quit it and now she wa complain ah loud up the man ting…like yuh said mi fren…ah suh it guh more time…

  2. Why you writing with so much anger tho? you never met him so am assuming you didnt loose or give him nothing so chilll…lol…

  3. Thank you sender, forewarned is forearmed. Wife deserves to know di mout coming home to her and the children has been in every crotch in Florida. Once again, thank you for arming all single women with this information.

  4. Suh ah guess is him dead sistah kitchen dah, and him a tek care of her chile outah di goodness of him heart. Sendah gwan back pan line and dash out one more deh..no sah dese men nuh joke. U hab di PI biniz lock..good fi u missi.

  5. Senda go busy yu self with school cause yu have more than man problems. Fi one dude look like somebody careless boy pickney.
    my girl stay offline and go tek up an english class.

  6. Continue going online and dash out dem file yes!!!lol this $hit is too funny wonder if wifey ago ever find out??

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