1. Me Neva see one Gyal weh walk and buy fren so! She literally a buy fren from ishawna and ugly errice a call dem bae’ Edel is time you stop it! Stop buy cocky to! Di ppl dem man don’t want you Edel! You know who me talking! You too hype! You a a show you sister old Benz wen yuh deh Miami like a fi yuh! You don’t even have a proper bedroom set a Farrin ole sadamite! Ishawna nuh want you but you and errice can suck each other dry! Lol take several seats you donkey face bitch and thank god for filter

  2. Sender u seem obsessed with the Gurl . Why she is a concern to you ? U need a life . Unu a worry bout people and people nah worry bout unu

  3. Me no kno dem but nutten no wrong wid her blacness but she go paste d NUGGET SHOE POLISH dawb her lip she no must look like damn duppy. Me caan understan dem Thot ya u kno dem just waan fit een so bad n no have dem own identity !!! Whe unu confidence de

  4. ah same ting she did ah try wid TIFA!! ah guess she find ishawna instead lmao a try buy and beg fren from ppl…ah doh like ar not one bit…SHE IS ONE REAL FRIGHTEN FRIDAYYYY ,,too damn hype and nuff nuh rass

  5. U knw I stumbled upon this girl on twitter a long time, liked her style bt I never saw her face. Found her on insta and followed her, I never thought she was pretty but her style and how she carried herself overshadowed all tht. Until I really saw hw she really is, how she deal wid ppl how she hype up on u for no good reason and then her ugliness reallllly started to show. I saw her twice in person nd she doe stay good. Ppl cnt stand her because of her nasty attitude. I really like Errice tho she’s sweet.

  6. dutty fashionera/edel/devine whatever yuh really wan name yuh fi top walk n buy friend its not a good look yet u claim u a boss. From wah day yah yuh a run up inna errice yuh just wan fi seh yuh have pretty friends if i laugh i cry fashionera is a errice wanna be she jus hate to admit it everything errice do she run go copy be original man yuh sick dog stomach and spoil johncrow appetite gal ugly till it cyan done no care how she bake d face a make she still pussyclaat ugly. . . me gone now

  7. Diva/Dev/edel/Fashionenira was a real kool person until she join instagram the hype get to her head some people don’t know how to handle a little bit a success she switch from all her day one frenz them weh she use to have from safiyah go straight back notice all her frenz a just come she is a real sell out just for the hype she become a groupie… I know so much about her but I cah write it all but she need fe have some manners an respect to her customers and remember weh she a come from and the bwoy weh u a run dung pon instagram don’t want u him say how u Ugly but a that u fe get cause u a walk an buy fren an Gwan like u a uptown girl…a hope u cah manage uptown bills don’t do it for the hype and stop post every rass thing u do pon instagram keep some a u business private…stop living a lie and remember weh u a come from!!

  8. Maybe if you chill have some manners an stop hype people will stop done you….stop run dung these uptown girls only to fit in am convinced you have some self esteem issue you nuh happy with you self at all…all that clothes an shoes still nuh make u happy..

  9. Her self esteem low and she use IG to front. She really seem unhappy @smh. The people dem she buy etc dis her behind her back even this evening ppl a chat her that the person (me and you know) she go hellshire wid today disown her. You share everything but yuh can never show them run them. Likkle
    Girl take my advice humble yuhself deal wid your customers with respect and yuh business will grow. Nuh par wid ppl who shame a yuh..nuh mek dem use yuh. Once you start clean up yuh ways yuh will see how you look betta On the outside. Love yuhself we’ll made in God image so none a we nuh mek bad. But yuh ways girl dem nuh right, treat ppl how yuh would want to be treated.

  10. Well she Definately need to change her stink attitude and maybe people can start view her differently and ago stop run dung hype cause she diss all her old frenz an a buy fren just to fit in with the jamaica crowd right now u should a go school you stop through u wah go JA go party an act like you rich when me an u know say you not rich an a your sister u live with a Florida the money you tek get apartment a JA you should use it an move out you sister self esteem low bad bad…you soon turn a thot like the gal dem u a run down!! Dem say a MR Opa a f**k you now yuck…

  11. Unu nuh tyad fi sen even deh gyal ya ? Somebody really obsessed with this gurl caz mi tyad fi see har over ya and when me do me research the girl nah pay unu no rass mind she still a do har thing n a dweet better n better everytime. She might have a attitude to weh me hear but post like dem ya nuh Mek nuh sense badmind is active. Fashionera or wateva the f**k she want name nah look a rass .

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