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  1. How fi har bail suh high and dem nuh ketch har a rob bank or post office which is a FEDERAL CRIME..Then again what do i know, credit card fraud carry high bail bonds..BOMBOCLAAT!!!

  2. Credit card scam and Tax scam carry High Bail bond, So this is for all who think they not going to Ketch them one day, Unuh all continue with the shenanigans.

  3. It wi normal based pan wah else dem find pan har..but membah seh is $400T dem ah acuse har fah plus identity theft,of more than one person..Plus Saks nahn joke wid dem money u know…Ahem, a wandah a which one a har frens/clients going to bail har?

    1. Dah deh a one bedroom apartment money a some place a NY and big house in odah stays..almost 1/2 mil bucks..demyah gal yah nuh easy at all

  4. Grand Larceny in the second degree is felony with guaranteed prison time. if them just walk out a the store it might betta but the fraud scheme is their nail in the coffin.

    1. I feel a di lil young girl talk pan she ..whey she a do wid 100 pair a shoes outa di people dem store ina har house like she a open store :travel

      1. the credit card companies have dem on camera inna the store a mek purchase wid no card, nobody standing in line just a piece a paper wid the people dem number on it and a mek purchase. the receipt is time stamped so they can easily go back to the cameras and get a visual of the transactions.

  5. How dah big hole gal deh a boast inna di shop bout shi a 34 and look good shi waah 37 kick unda har crotchez. Body do up lakka wAh.

  6. Straight a immigration shi a go dem love f*k wid manhattan like dem Nuh know say a right deh di heart a immigration deh. Ole sadamite Tamara dem wih know whey fi do wid yuh. Apple how comes you and paperless kerryann so thief and nawh get hold?? Unuh a wrek? Metty a bare american apparel Kerry and apple a thiefT now eno dem live inna it, mi never know dem woulda lef from good good clothing line to inna AA, lef dat to me… Miss kim and kloe kardashian AKA apple and kerryann. Dutty Kerry Ann jue nawh come out nasty gal yuh too salt, every minute yuh baby father dem go jail or get dip. Set a crosses!

  7. Mi Nuh sorry fi none a Unuh thiefTing rasssss a cawh stand them ole thief dem and love talk bout badmine. F**k up ppl CC mi waah know if Tamara di think is a forever ting? Di higher the monkey climb di more dem ass expose :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dis noice…. Yes to rass mi a rejoice cawh mi a hard working educated american citizen a bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I f**king can.

  8. Yeppyyyyyyyyy dem too fool over clothes a shoessssss ooooooooooooo that’s all di dunce dem talk bout yuh Nuh waah hear di donkey/dankee body twin dem when dem talk bout clothes yuh woulda think a food whey a full dem belly. Freedom sweet, life sweet, honest money sweet, no run from police sweet, nawh dress up like nurse fi go thief sweet, nawve no baby daddy a run lef mi wid big belly sweet… Btw metttttttt yuh Nuh hear say di one Kerry she gi bwoy jue truck fi drive and by the time him coulda left it and come back to 4 tire missing :hammer

    1. I know we all like nice things, but they will rob and steal fe try out do or impress dancehall people weh nuh like dem and dem nuh like…I don’t understand that kind of mentality when suh much bargain stores deh bout that sell nice things too…Bubbles, smaddy reef weh 4 car tire??..ah mussi did the expensive kind wid dare rims pan it :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  9. mi tired a sum people a chat foolishness, she innocent until proven guilty,immigration nah guh trouble har until a conviction,accidental ketch,buss di hole ting,which a guh lead tuh something big,cause she supply di,suh call rich people ina dancehall hollyweird fantacy,long time she a duh di tings dem,mi put fimi Mcdonald’s check seh now she a guh inform,soon as di white man start di interagation,an dem tell har max a 15yrs,memba dis people,if a Feds ting,she get less time if she cooperate an a tell who she sell di shoe’s an cloths tuh,cause she a di {Boss}

    1. triston pipe down. in her case she is guilty until proven innocent. the feds need to use one a the good sturdy pocket book and beat a confession out of her

  10. @Bubbleup, bumbobag a lie, what a wiked act??? sas-crise bwoy, PRISON NUH NICE A RAAS!!. me ok ina me GAP AND BANANA REPUBLIC CLOTHES.

  11. Where is my tea ,, f**ka unno no pity here :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak too thief apple , Robert bobby bobbers , Kerry Ann what a day it will be

  12. Hiiiii triston tap ih nizeeee dis gal not even done parol good yet and shi gone back to di same ting shi get prison time fah. She going back. Is a miracle affi guh gwaan fi she walk free. Not that prison fi wish but when yuh Nuh lawnnnn/learn it is inevitable and Nuh pitty!

  13. No yeppy mi never si har ova yah yet all di years mi a come yah… Shi velly velly skippy fi Nuh reach. Mouth light ih si mi waah cut out har tongue a goodly she tell di police shi av 100 shoes home di way shi love chat.

  14. Bwoy I really see why dem chest so high cause cheap & clean not gonna look good pon dem cause they’re very hard to fix on like me that can wear a scandal bag an still look like a million buck met u don’t see since gone AA dem look tired &wissy washy. Poor dem make dem gwaan crutch cause the big eye will be watchin they can run but dem can’t hide

  15. Hi triston hushhhh :sorry mi never done read yuh comment good mi only read di first pawttttt. Sorreeee inna mi poor ting voice I cannot afford fi give you the rich ppl voice.

  16. Dem have a high chest and a very shallow pocket but dem tink it deep das y dem love people tings. Mi have more pity pan drug dealer dan dem sort a teef yah sorry :travel

  17. Poor jue bear ,, Kerry Ann no sah u is a wicked salt gal jue muss :mewek2 :mewek2 when him hear all theses tings woieeee I cannot take it :ngakak

  18. @bubbleup, but how she manage fi get SAKS job wid such a PRIOR record?? I know documents can be altered, but lawd man. U woulda tink dem would simma dung to gravy, work unda di radar, behave dem raas self and work dem honest bread man chaaa!!!..A POOR JUE-BEAR me feel sarry fah, gaan a prison and all him assets dem stolen a road, what a stress???

  19. Mi seh highly mi scratch mi head a wonda whey shi get it from but shi have a Yankee whey shi love talk out loud how shi love suck and lick all Pawt a him so mi Nuh know if di banduloo papas is a part a di deal. Memba dem have all kina links eno a fi dem country dis….Mi Nuh know highly Nuh mix mi.

  20. When wih affi deh a plantation dem libben/live free. MNL
    Yes metty mi gallant bad all di warn and cuss wif cuss di thief dem wih badmine. I hope Saks worker dem bad mine tuh, di ones dem when cawh get Nuh CC # fi scam.

  21. Fi real met cause at least dem naw walk & rob or kill no body Buying drugs from dem is by each individual choice not like these boasy sufferers which rob & live off ppl expenses

  22. Good Evening Met & Metters y dese drug dealers and c/c scammers tink seh dem invisible n invincible. 15 yrs? mi don’t even waan go behind bars fi 15 seconds let alone yrs. Goes to show di mindset dem have. Seet deh, it nuh worth it.

  23. Nuh wonda dem hab all receipt fi post up causen dm really did a get dem from Saks fi truee. Dem really did a get di genuine fi mix wid d fake., All a d dancehall hottees suppose to a quake inna dem Loub’s n dem finga a trimble fi open dem Celine, Gucci, Prada n Chanel bag dem. I r watching dis spot quite keenly. Metty kip i pon di fron page de fi mi. If Happle, Robbas etc doan go dung wi kno dem a werk wid sum hebby stuff

  24. I don’t sorry fe dem. dem and dem cronies tief me social and have driver license and bare tings in a dem name. Dem run Connecticut red wid me credit and all I know to do is clean shit and get a honest living. I said it a couple of weeks that their day was coming. F**ka uno.

  25. Same so met @ startled the way how me scared a prison i don’t even own a bangle or chaperita inna real life i don’t like wearin them cause my hand must free at all time

  26. jail food sucks! i know because i been there. never for stealing just beating up people. a street vigilante. that was over 17 years ago. the jail ham ‘n cheese sandwich taste like shit. jail is filthy and stink. i love my freedom my happiness family and friends and jmg!!!!!

  27. I caan believe seh dem ppl yah see dis as di ongle possible outlet fi dem in life. All 20yr old calla up eena it. At 20 your focus should be on going to college, or vocational school, even guh wuck pon ship and see di worl till u figure out wah u want, nuh siddung a plan wid smaddy wah nuh hab nutten eena dem life and waste dem young years a come foll you up fi you waste u youth like they did. Unno fi truly look pan who a come to unno wid di message. Mi see ppl a try come sell mi “opportunity” and when mi see who a come mi haffi seh why di hell mi going to invest my hawd earned money eena dis when unno wuss off dan me. Ole ppl wud caan dun, u known by di company u keep. Liddung wid dogs, get up wid fleas

  28. Dah gal yeah innah some royale bloooodclathe :takut chubbble. Robber obeah man will needa to fly out NOW. ..When this donei cant bet any money this is ah 18-24yr sentance… tamara dem gone mek a marta :batabig out of yu

  29. camera deh everywhere all fi da luv of brand tuh hype up on ppl dat doh like u n u doh like dem hope da judge throw da books I can see like met say if dem do da theifin cuz a hungry belly suh me nuh sorry fah lock up dem claat yes ruin good ppl credit sake a hype

  30. Mi hab zero tolerance fi all ah di ole duty thiefT dem. Suh if dem lock dem up an dash weh di key, not ah pity nah come from me. Dem credit card scammers deh fi gweh :marah

  31. I don’t like Tamara personally but everyone has to do something to survive and if that’s the route she chose that’s on her leave the gyal alone unno a some haters

    1. Haters? why would I hate on the fact she has a million dollar bond and will soon be on a one way ticket to JA with blinged out handcuffs? Yuh right, everybody has to do something to survive, she had a job to help her survive she chose to tief instead. Surviving is keeping a roof over your head and food in your stomach NOT stealing over $400k worth of high end clothes and shoes to show off.

  32. Me doh like a teef dem tek it to Anada leave all in de name of hype?? Kmt doh mek no sense..n dem can get wuk..nuff ppl deh a farthing n doh hav Paypas n a work

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