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  1. luk gud man de pics dem up deh smaddy screen shot har insta deh cuz mi knw she hab atleast two outta a de many shoes on har feet a ppl dance a gwaan like dem rich all in de name a hype….dem too damn red yeye,bluetooth nd teeft ..lock up dem nastiness of course

      1. all irs fi run in pon har cuz she a duh bizniz tz free wid teef’n guds bwoy dem pass braveheart tuh rass nd nuff a dem weh a duh de smae ting dis doah move dem nuh chue Apple?!?!?

        1. Yes and they dont get it that it is so dishonest that they will never see anything of it..Look pan di amount a shoes and bag smh

        2. Really? Typical Jamaican behavior? All my family are Jamaicans and none of us steal. Talk about the ones u know and please don’t generalize. Thank you

  2. Thanks met, but wait a nuh di same shoes dem deh wha every so call celebrity a wear cause me notice seh di whole a dem wear di same tings

  3. @Met, me see HAPPLE Guiseppe(if a suh it spell) black and gold pumps..Dem soon cum cuss me say me badmine and poor and caan afford miss paparatzi dear tingz dem..waieeeee…

  4. Unu memba when Apple post her conversation with her saks sales person tammy a act like a good good business and she was paying full price. All un the name a hype

    1. a tamara dem call tammy yuh c from weh mi a beg de insta name a bet yuh seh more a guh dung wid har….not a wurd in english bout jue e’ ..kerry how di babydaddy mumz :nerd

    2. At the fabulous one yuh know seh yuh memory good mums(I’m assuming) flapple did a mek orda fi bag fi choo

  5. BABYLON SAY JAIL FI ME(Ina me shirley vice singing and sippin tea ina horizon remand center).. :siul :siul ..dem soon come cuss out me claate…

  6. Notice how Apple and Bobbette nuh cum and seh how hard they work for dem tings weh dem supposedly a work hard for everyday! Im highly upset because I one of those hard working people. If I met this tamara person would I have bought a bag I don’t know because sometimes the devil strong, however its people like her mek the stores dem watch us so hard when Caribbean People ( lightskin) or not go into to shop. Right now its a doggy dog world out there.

  7. That mean they all sharing the same business link buying stolen shoes & bags . Also return items & taking gift card off ppl credit card . Wait is a whole lot off ppl involved a bet u Tamara will start singing like a bird .

  8. @staceytoppatop wtf liteskin haffi do wid anything dem follow me like a hawk Inna DA ppl den store n am liteskin black is black suh pls come again me jus a smfh fi dem long eye dancehalls ppl dem weh luv hype offa hardworking ppl credit dat is all me nuh sorry
    fah is not like den do it fi feed dem pickney nuh jus wah come hype up innInna dance like dem rich

  9. Met dig up di conversation weh happle did a post up wid she an Tammy bout di chanel tri color bag weh shi claim sey shi did buy fi Christmas. No sah it deh yah

  10. @Met, u memba how dem did a cuss a galang bad? a dayz it gwaan fah and bout it deh pon pre-order for weeks cause certain colors we not available in store juss like dat(if me memory serve me rite)..NOW TINITE DEM SILENT LIKE GRAVEYAAD…Babylon say jail fi dem(ina kartel vice me say :siul )

  11. I don’t feel sorry for not one of them!!! Hope they all get ketch! Choo dem nuh have credit dem nuh care wha dem duh wid odda peeple own!
    Damn LOW LIVES!!!! It’s so difficult to clear up your credit when they ruin it. I know first hand caz it happened to me. Growing up my mom always taught me to work for what I want suh if ah one is mi wid sumting… I actually bought it! I may not b able to buy a ton of expnseive things but I treat myself every year on my bday and feel good becaz I KNOW I didn’t scam anyone nor a call dung nubady gone fi credit.
    Ah dm really Mek the peeple watch I suh in a store!!! Sick tummuck

  12. All me know America a cut down pon all fraud , see the new jersey couple get fe them stretch. Uno go wok or open a little business since unoo love fashion. Dog nyam u all super me know by daylight some u teef leaving new York for sure Run mangoose .

  13. Crystal ball says: Those people aren’t going down alone. Majority of the charges and time will pass off to Tamara and she in return will have to start talking because the pressure on her ass will be like a heart attack!
    Two of them will not be taking on the charges because they got drafted under duress.

  14. Fyi ppl if you are a victim of identity theft…… File a police report of your incident then fwd it to the credit bureaus….. You should not be held responsible per the law..,,,,,,,At least in Massachusetts

  15. Damm how tammy did so fool keep the things at her house. She really thought they was never going to find out.
    Any how if I had knew her I would have buy one or two things but then again these ppl would still try to sell high and my bills are first. Aldo is my price range mi see a $120 boot that I have to watch go down. It don’t make sense I buy now I have nowhere but school and work to go.

  16. Cho rass man ,, yes I see couple shoes dwl apple shoes , Kerry Ann shoes and I think twinny own too I cannot cross it lol Tamara u did too thief and nuff and what a day when u start calling namessss oh my

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