Just ago make it clear and done this girl tasha weh walk and f**k man and woman think she’s all that di man in da pics weh she a f**k seh is her baby fadda smhhh she been hype up but she better calm down her self met di yute ya horane williams use to roll with a certain man di man gone a prison now him leave how much money before him guh in and horane f**k up di yute money seh mexican rob when nutten nuh guh suh him stop answer di yute call from prison and cut off di yute family dem but god nah sleep tasha need fi guh one side cause she only a show up di yute pan social media. Horane a try hide now cause di man a prison a hunt him cause him put out the man things dem outta di apartment . Him create bay enimies around him jus fi get the man money suh tasha a hype up now but mek sure when di man come dem can find him money weh him gone in and leave wid horane di yute is a top man him av powers suh tasha and him move thats what a hype her up so much notnice a di soft soap suh them always a done him wid nana propper but dont worry uself tasha your time soon come all da best to you and your unborn child hope unno can tek di pressure when it come unno way ,met di man weh gone a prison a real yute everybody love him suh u no seh when him call him shots dem unno ago ear bless up tasha and horane unno days number jus memba that

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  1. GM Met and peps bless up its great to be alive and well …now this entire run on sentence if you fi call it a sentence. You saying we going to hear (not ear) when the man call his shots dem and in that same sentence you “bless up tasha and horane” and concluded their days are numbered. Lol if this isn’t an oxymoron I don’t know what is. “man weh gone a prison a real yute everybody love him suh u no seh when him call him shots dem unno ago ear bless up tasha and horane unno days number jus memba that”

  2. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others…

    mi read all of dis nd still don’t get why she nd Notnice is at it…guess smaddy just wanted to announce she is pregnant and dat guy is the baby daddy… shrug shoulders

  3. So she a war notnice because her babyfather who pic up top give notnice weed and notnice don’t pay him? Ok you all going prison including you Tasha’s that’s on internet threatening notnice life over two pound of weed , all of you going prison

  4. Tasha is a real informer she put her own man business on internet that he selling drugs kmt how dumb can this girl be

  5. Anonymous aka Andrina chin come again wid har fake story oh lord this gyal life really Chaka Chaka go attend to the baby dolly u a carry over 9 months and nobody can’t see it right now mi layed up comfortable and well Fed while u waiting pon the man u tell u a breed nine months now fi give u a call…poor you the man a avoid yuh evil witch anuh my fault yuh can’t breed bitch and the man seh him nuh f**k yuh how long him just don’t av nuh urge….let me run some errands and come with some real life story fi met

  6. why di f**k suck hood andrina chin nuh guh chuck off ah f**king bridge. fat sour hungry belly stinking pussy andrina chin nuh guh call di man weh wuk ah barber shop and ah sweep floor pon Utica. u n him ago get a proper beating. stinking andrina yuh stink like dog shit. please stay inside for u n ur family sake. this is a warning. nuh long chattin’. straight tump inna face. this bitch used to f**k herself wid mi afta she sleep wid mi brother. gal still ah cause bare prob. no man. mi can wait fi ketch har. sum proper beating fi dah Haitian gal yah. she must can learn after.

  7. Lol, fu**out,Tasha naaa mad nuhbaddy, weh walk and f**k out Brooklyn,hope that child is for the man, met this gyal yah a shit,yes she f**k both man and woman,she use to f*k Ava son and did a try give him jacket meanwhile living wid har husband met trust mi dis gyal yah ah crosses.

  8. Yes mi remember when shi did waaa give chev evaclean,Ava son, di son weh cuss out Ava, shi did want give him jacket fi true met,shi ah f**k gyal longtime she an har fren toya and shi have har first son fi toya uncle and did ah f**k chev,lol,met this girl is nobody decent and come pan pink wall ah claas ppl,guh claas yuhself fuss,all junior p f**k har out too and stop lie bout yuh nuh mind man yuh did ah mind chev.

  9. I hope all these people have their papers and sort out or else dem affi ansa to Donald trump,immigration already start raid Jamaica queens and clean out the automobile shop and carribean restaurant…mek dem gwaan keep up the baga slackness..

  10. Lads god tasha how long huh left Jamaica and huh come back but yuh hype ah foreign girl go dit done and dortbout your paper work east happen to the guyneeness man yuh breed fi no one tax he co better

  11. A wah cud a cause all a dis????? Onething me know fi sure if a bwoy hold on pon my man hustling me a gwan bad bout that caz food haffi eat….. his notnice a batty man mek him hold on pon d man food???? Certain ppl u try dat wid….yuh likkle body missing!! As fi Tasha pussy fi f**k outta from it good an proper suh f**k who u wah f**k…di sender sound hurt like she did wah borrow Tasha ole….. a wah could a caz dis…ppl stop cuss ppl bout f**k…..but when yah dig hole dig BC 2!! Yuh sound dumb no f**k!!!!

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