1. Ah bwoy this look like a evidence them want it fah fi the US consulate !!!!!!!!!! hmmm Congrats Tasha

  2. They’re really cute together :kimpoi… Young love…young man, love and respect your wife, and young lady, honor thy husband and your wedding vows. I wish you all the best :kimpoi :kimpoi :kimpoi

        1. if a me like di bwoy me wouldn’t file fi her after seeing dem comment here no man dwl ooun tek time wid him.. it look like him confused :hammer :tkp

      1. Hey Chuetty :peluk , but don’t they look super cute together? You know they say you can’t turn a whore into a housewife but as you can see, this young lady has proven otherwise.

          1. *yelling* Metty DOE LAUGH.. LOL! Chuetty mi kinda arite, di likkle ting inna mi life a gimi a warm time jus like eeh las one :cd :cd :cd

      1. yeppie yuh cudda railly ask dat…nuh you seh dem cute n ting…yuh nuh wah dem spread di cuteniss n reproduce no? :nerd

        1. Servah, true dem cute an ting an ting, but dis big head bredda yah ( if him head really big) makin it sound like he should knock her up just because….pickney cyaah hold some ooman…you mi a talk to misa breed ar :hoax2

  3. only inna Jamaica mi see ppl wear braces fi five years and odd, go figure!!!! miss too much rass payments.

    1. All she need is are a sturdy heavy duty pair of pliers and one ah ar homegirls fe assist wid di tekkin out of the barb wire fencing…

  4. all a who seh tashamay an dat boy luk good togedda, mek unno lie so???? :matabelo

    tashamay!! tashamay???? clearly unno no know who tashamay is, cuz if unno did know unno woulda si seh sumting definately, positively, widout a doubt, wrong wid diss rass story.

    di only ting evident in dese pics……..is BUSINESS!!! cus dat boy does not fit di mold tashamay luv to drop in :maho

    1. dem luk gud man yuh too bad membah seh di charactah hidden suh dem nuh muss luk gupon di outside, an di beautiful childrennnnnnnnnnn an di in-lawz an such :maho

  5. tashamay no si di big ripe bump inna har husband face???

    tasha u man want a make ova like di one u did, cuz unno no level ooooooo :tkp

    1. @lundun maybe him treat her good.. that’s why she married him.. ooun give her the benefit of the doubt and watch if she really loves him.. wish them all the best

      1. anon i believe he does treat her good, its not him who i am questioning, cuz him tink him hit di jackpot true him neva win nuttin yet inna him life lol.

        a tashamay mi a chat cuz we all know him treating her good is not enough for tasha to marry him, there is sumting else a brewing. :siul

      1. lmfao met you know say u bad! me a go fling a stone an buss di tire dem :ngakak I don’t know why but if she married him fi the green card and him nuh have a CLUE ME FEEL REALLY BAD FOR HIM.. CAUSE HIM MUSSI A SAY NOW.. LOOK AT MY WIFE I GOT A THROPHY WIFE.. A WONDER IF HIM A GO COME PAN JMG AND SAY I LOVE MY WIFE AND SHE LOVES ME TOO. ME WOULD REALLY LIKE FI HEAR FI HIM SIDE

        1. but him ina di business so him mus hear a lil thing…my whole thing is u neva see or hear nothing bout dem pan both a dem fb till august and she keep surprise party fi him…………….. sometimes people no matter what their circumstances are or were..u meet the right someone and it really happens…so maybe this is it

          1. you know what met.. him think him is beenie man :matabelo weh u say dem meet in august and married already? something doe right fi true! she’s on a mission

          2. u know a whey day likkle before summer tashamay sneak n tek smaddy man and dat was one big mixup…mi jus a remember…………..so mi waa know how dis marriage come about no sah :travel

    2. Lundy gi ar likkle time fe sekkle een nuh man; she wi learn fe fuss eeh bumps dem and squeeze out eeh worms and dem ting deh. Jus mek she enjoy the honeymoon first before marriage life kick een…

  6. met and metters, mi naah pretty up nuttin, it is what it is.

    diss marriage cum in like inna di bible when god said “let there be light” and there was light. cuz diss husband juss magically appear like Houdini.

  7. Congratulations to the couple. But if she is going into retirement why wid such a young dude? Bad bitches retire with men a bit older because dem nah watch nu face and are keen to “we” tricks in order to keep “us” in check…lol

  8. A wonder if him know sey him nah go get a brown skin baby cah Tasha bawn black like a mi yah !!!! Him look frighten friday though, the many thanks give him weh.

  9. Don’t know a who look more desperate whether she or the rhatid man. Me go pon him fassbook page and just feel ignorant. Him vocabulary sound limited bad, which grown ass man suppose to be using terms like “tr888, and all dem rass deh.Pickins really slim bad,

  10. atleast wid rosie, she was seen wid di man around town alot of times, plus di man has been with her for awhile. at the moment, its just an engagement. we saw a progession.

    but wid tashamay, diss man juss drop outta di sky so blups!!!!

  11. good day met.metters,peepers nd others…….

    ammmm wait dehlikke bit a wait tasha a wait fe kartel tek awf fe him brace face b4 she tek awf ,out pull fe har own out har mouth….dem teeth deh caan buff suh rass long..a which man awffa FB dis weh she suck chue yah nung a doah wrong har doah,on tuh flying no one bada yuh bout stopage mumz…CONGRATS OOOOOO

  12. This look so f**king fake, not even one picture of them kissing or showing affection.. if mi a immigration you caah carry dis come gi mi bout a proof seh u married..stueps

  13. Tashaduttymay mi ope seh yuh man give yu bun til yuh reach yuh original black color!! Imagine yuh couldn’t get a man if yuh own until yu do u face breast batty belly teeth yuh love mash up da people dem happy home…..mi can’t wait for someone if mash up yours heh hay karma is a…..

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