TOM Tavares-Finson, attorney-at-law representing deejay Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey, said charges brought against his client are a misunderstanding.
“I indicated that the travel documents they are alleging are fraudulent are documents that he [Admiral] has been using for over 25 years. I am satisfied that when the matter comes before the court, we will be able to offer an explanation…,” Tavares-Finson told the Jamaica Observer.
Admiral Bailey, whose given name is Glendon Bailey, was slapped with fraud-related charges when he attempted to renew a passport in the name Micheal George Sullivan at the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency on Monday.
He is booked to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Thursday, March 5.
Admiral Bailey is charged with two counts of uttering forged documents, two counts of obtaining passport by false pretence, two counts of possession of forged documents, one count of attempting to obtain a passport by false pretence, and one count of conspiracy to defraud.
“Admiral Bailey is someone who is highly regarded by many members of society and not as someone who has been associated with any criminality or even the hint of criminality,” said Tavares-Finson.
A cross-over artiste in his own right, Admiral Bailey started his career as a dancehall duo with Chaka Demus, their hit One Scotch (Boops Riddim, Jammys Records) introduced to the mainstream. As a solo act, Bailey went on to rule the 1980s and ’90s with hits including Big Belly Man, Think Me Did Done, and Heathly Body. With the assistance of musician Byron Lee, he won over to soca fans with Dancehall Soca and Soca Butterfly.
He has had a successful career in football at the national level, leading Olympic Gardens to the Premiere League and making Tivoli Gardens Football Club multiple winners of the trophy.


  1. De i jus waah know if him a cum a Englan still pon de 28th March fe de revival show wid, before mi spend mi money but ticket.

  2. Suh because him deh use it fi 25 yrs dat mean it legal? Did he guh tru di gov wid di alias name? dem too outah ordah sometimes…is just like saying a man a tief fi 25 years, suh now that dem ketch him,him not a tief anymore? kmt. Love di Admiral still…

    1. Mi huh think him did a think it legal is just that it kinda impossible fi switch over in the real name and a that was how the industry was set up then. Most a dem correct age was not used

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