Hi Met,

One of my links told me a long time banduloo a gwaan a tax office with the cashiers. They were pocketing the cash that people were paying then writing up bogus cheques to cover the cash. The customer got reciepts but careful inspection would show it didn’t say cash payment.

They were also pocketing cash that people were paying for back taxes and not updating the system in a timely fashion. Thus you paid for 2 years but they entered only one on the system.This fraud goes high up no doubt because who was monitoring the system?


  1. Yup! And den di ppl dem kno dem pay dem thing and when dem look tax office a call dem up bout dem owe dem things! And that’s why there’s always been a backup and lack of updating of information at tax office, cause dem kno dem will ketch dem if they do!

    Di UPT one dem who a do di thiefing fi seh dem things paid and ntn nuh paid soon get caught to! So mek dem gwaan!

  2. Since the Tax Payment System so compromised, Andrew and Audley we NEED an Amnesty so we can settle our true debt over a period of time, please and tonks. More money into the Govt coffers

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