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  1. Shocking… Can’t be HIM under the arrow.
    I can NEVER understand the lengths most JAMAICANS go through to be light-skinned. It is evident that deep* SELF-HATRED and inner demons and insecurities are rampant.
    To transform yourself COMPLETELY to get a supposedly ” new outcome ” in life, is disturbing .
    – if it IS him under the arrow, he has MEGA bleached to remain RELEVANT in a hypocritical society that accepts and promotes it.
    – his CHILDREN have a 80% chance of inheriting that DARK skin, so will THEY be bleached too?
    (((( love yourself. Self- acceptance)))

    1. Well said!! What do you have to say about all these black women with these long weave hair? Is it equally revolting?

  2. Reallydoh and ‘ decent ‘ gyal, please STOP with the DENIAL.
    U may NOT agree with what I say because perhaps you bleach… But it is STILL my opinion. PLEASE BE NICE. Even if you disagree.
    – as for ” weaves,” I don’t find it revolting, but I find it very very unnatural. I understand though Blackwomen from ancient times wore hair ornaments and animal furs in their head for beauty; but for me personally, my beauty is me in my natural state.
    I can ‘ admire ‘ a woman looking finely dressed with a weave, but I can NEVA glorify her. I LOVE my Black sisters all over the world and I try not to ‘ dictate/control’ people’s style or taste,but as for me, I have NEVER had hair extensions or weaves.
    – the only time I am ‘ disturbed’ by women I with long weaves and hair extensions and wigs, is when they CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT….
    WHEN U AFRAID TO SEE YOURSELF IN YOUR NATURAL STATE, or even yuh short, “struggling ” perm ( u KNO yuh hair not reachin half yuh back,. BE REAL)
    – a,lot of women make love in wigs and weaves And make up ALL the time ((( ooooooooo))))).
    That says a LOT.
    I think it is a DECEPTION to the men that fall for them, and NEVA sees them in their TRUE state.

    1. OMG calm dung nuh cause I don’t think I even responded to your post…my comment was in response to the pic and for the record I have no doubt that he is the one in the pic…I only said unnu lie eh jokingly. Before u jump dung people throat make mi tell u sumting…I do not bleach for 2 reasons. 1. I’m not a idiot and mi love myself too much and 2. I don’t know where dem sell bleaching cream ok. Relax urself and next time please read good what and where people post before u get cross.

  3. Dis yah can’t tru and if a suh it look like di bleach nuh finish reach..a shadow dat undah him armpits and parts of him chest or wah. Bwoii, mi just can’t believe dem yah sinting wah mi a si, di man dem more dedicated to di bleaching dan some a di women dem. Im deh out on a sunny day, a wandah if im shave im beard a wah colour undah deh. Mi sorry fi some a dem when dem skin start melt weh.

  4. Tinan great point, but some women CANT see BEYOND d light skin and say ” he HOT.” Mi NUH kno WAH go reach dem when he breed dem…cuz d baby will reveal d dark, beautiful truth of h is complexion.
    What these FOOS don’t REALIZE that MELANIN in our skin is what makes Black people powerful and give longevity and serve others scientific/ biological purposes. MELANIN is something that other races of light skin LACK. Bleachers are DESTROYING d MELANIN in their skin. Some idiots BLEACHING DEM PICKNI, thus d kids dunce and CYAH learn and suffering from ALL tyypes of ailments.
    ((( Hey bleachers, I was wondering if unno BLEACH d va-jay-jay and d buddy too??? How dem stay?? ooooooo

  5. Bwoy dem before and after photos yah deceiving bad!!!!! From geek to freak!!!! A dah bwoy deh name Gary Sherlock??? Mi did know him when him black enuh!!!! but a dont recognize him yah now.

  6. met yu sure sa a him cah mi a tell yu if a him ,wen him go under bright light yu suppose to look like crockin lizard crawny bad wid a capital c dwrl a yaso nice

  7. Oooo what AH WICKED way Miss ‘ reallydoa ah LIE, bout she DONT KNOW WHERE to a BUY bleaching cream… Oh ok..
    I’m and my daawta spent an hour in half hour in d ‘beauty supply store’ d OTHA day laughin and discussing d THREE shelves of bleachin products and dem names etc… Some even labelled ‘African beauty, I even saw a few in RASTA colored labels.
    Whether u in NY or Jamaica where every OTHA street vendor sell bleachin cream.., we all know WHERE to FIND dem.
    – love yuh miss Reallydoah.
    And I read well. Sure u NUH respond to d comment when someone say he looked better dark-skinned??
    ( ah lie u AH tell)… A comment replied.
    – black is not a turn off for me by the way. Only ting did wrong wit he in dat pic is he frumpy senior citizen outfit and he WAY too maggah for me.
    In general. Some OMAN have REAL BELLY —oooo
    To date a man who creaming more than dem and love fashion and camera light more than he love he cock.

    1. Ok…when someone reply directly to someone else’s post please take note of how it looks different…it is indented and doesn’t line up with all the other posts. That only happens when u click reply on someone’s actual post…unless u must not realize that you can do that.
      I can’t help you with ur bleaching cream argument cause as I said…I do not bleach…I have no need to, mi brown so till some people say mi red…otay?
      On another note: why u love type so much caps inna ur posts? We still understand what u are trying to say…so much emphasis nuh needed. Muah!

  8. Mi did a go ask weh him deh but a so di man stan up all now….dem really tink bleachin normal ..den again u cah blame dem cause di omand em look like sitten outta comic book dem haffi follow di hyp e

  9. No wonder some part of him body stubbanttttt bad. Cause him did black like di pants weh him have on although the picture look extra dark like is a old camera tek di pic but him was still very dawwwwkkkk . Dwl

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