Officials at an Illinois school said this week that a substitute teacher would not be allowed to work in the school after she allegedly called two students the N-word because they objected to being called African-American.
Eighth graders Mea Thompson and Zaria Daniel told WMAQ that they were working in a Social Studies group with two other students at Jay Stream Middle School last Wednesday when the substitute teacher referred to them as “African-American.”
“All four of us that were sitting there got offended because none of us are from Africa,” Thompson recalled. I’m Jamaican. So we said, ‘Can you please not call us that?’”
“She continued to call us that and said, ‘It’s the politically correct term.’ Then she said, ‘Well, back then you guys would be considered the N-word.”
Thompson and Daniel said they were almost moved to tears by the teacher’s words.
“We were so shocked and we were like, ‘What? Excuse me?’” Thompson replied. “She was like, ‘Well, back then that’s what African-Americans were called.’”
The students said that the teacher continued to use the N-word throughout the 80-minute class period. They said that she also referred to them as slaves.
One student reportedly left the room crying.
The school district confirmed to WMAQ on Tuesday that the substitute teacher had been interviewed, and that she had corroborated the students’ version of events. A spokesperson for the district told the station that woman would not be asked to work at the school again.
Thompson’s mother, Shayna, planned to go to the Carol Stream Police Department on Tuesday to file a report, and to find out if the teacher could be charged with disorderly conduct or a hate crime.
“After the shock and hurt, I’m angry,” she said. “It’s a new world, and the people of the past that still hang onto hatred and bigotry don’t belong in this world anymore.”


  1. The teacher should be barred from teaching. When social workers or doctors say or do something that can cause harm, they lose their licenses. This should be no different. Shame on her.
    On a different note, there is nothing wrong with being African American but I absolutely detest being called that because I am not African American just because I am black. I am a Afro-Caribbean or just plain black. My daughter is born in the US and both her parents are Jamaicans. My daughter identifies with being Jamaican but my mail coworker keeps saying she is African American. What do you guys think? is he correct?

    1. She was wrong for calling them the N word but Jamaica is not a race. Our people have not accepted our history and it seems as if the girls were offended first by being called African. Africa was where all of us who are black people’s ancestors came from, so there is no offense in being called African..that is what we are and our children should know and accept this..she was wrong for calling them the N word .

      1. Right on Met. The teacher wrong for the N-word, the children need some education. Peter Tosh – ‘Nuh matter where yuh come from, as long as you are a Black man, you are an African’.
        Kunta (Lazy fi sign een)

    2. pattypage while I am not fond of the term African American, I am fully aware that it’s a blanket name for people af African descendants and just that. In other words, they can never accurately describe our heritage and that’s their best attempt.

  2. Den wha mek Ms. Substitute Teacha neva call dem by dem name….ah when since yuh address people by dem ethnicity…dat dummy. Hope she neva get another wuk inna any other school.

    1. Also when you say black as a race you refer to people of African ancestry …this is why people say afro caribbean ..african american etc so it can be used in reference to your race and ancestry.

  3. De Teacher shoulda never call dem de N word. De school officials dem should do a hot water challenge on dis bitch (investigate this case), and make sure that she get some serious burns (get rid a har).

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..
    I am not African American either nd i don’t tick dat shit off wen filling out certain paper works, if mi nuh see BLACK deh deh mi tick other…they sed ntn wrong nd dat teacher need to go like yesterdays date.

  5. We live in an racist world and I don’t think things will ever change…that teacher’s job is now in jeopardy, so now she has to deal with the consequences of her stupid ass actions, and she will also certainly think twice about pulling that stunt again…what an asshole!

  6. I’ve read all your comments and I don’t believe anyone is technically wrong but if you are black you are African because that’s where our defendants came from so wherever you were born if you are black you are African something whether African American or African Caribbean the term African American doesn’t bother me.

  7. I personally don’t believe that it started out as an attack on the teacher’s part. Saying they were called the “N” word back in the day is not a lie. I think it was her delivery and the fact that she then started to call them the “N” word and slaves throughout the rest of the class. THAT WAS WRONG……HOWEVER when you fill out an application of any form for whatever reason, school, work, doctor etc….if there is a box to check for ethnicity. ….there is none that says “Jamaican”. It might say “Black Non Hispanic or Other” but mi really nuh see the difference between African American and Afro American. I’m glad these children are young and in school cause there’s alot for them to learn. Cause if she can mek a statement an say “I’m not African American….I’m Jamaican” den she need fi learn likkle bit of sum ting. Cause if she was a bit more educated and aware of race, ethnicity and har history…..den dat statement wudda come out slightly different. As I get older I have learned to pick my battles wisely. While I will NOT ACCEPT being called the “N” word…..I don’t have a problem being called African American in certain instances since “Jamaican” really isn’t a race. Please read and understand cause I’m in no way saying being called a “N” is OK.

  8. @ MET ur wrong this time the girls r right cause on ur green card ,pr card or citizen paper the nationality is stated where u from! so dem right fi tell di teacher dem a jamaican not african american

    1. Did I say the girls were wrong? Please read what I said. I said in my opinion I think they were offended by the word African being used as many Jamaicans who have not accepted their history are.

    2. Nationality, not ethnicity.
      Technically, a more accurate description of the girls would be African-Jamaican. African (ethnicity) Jamaican (Nationality).

  9. People receive and perceive things differently. I for one, DONT LIKE THE COLLECTIVE TERM AFRICAN-AMERICAN, because while my ancestral roots are from Africa, me get that, IM BLACK. That’s my race!!. Im not American, was never born here and dont want to be called or classified as African American for numerous reasons, frankly i detest it. I AM BLACK FULL-STOP. AS FOR THE “N’ WORD, NOT EVEN IF the teacher used it in the beginning to make a point, she could have made the point without using the word. The kids in the class had every right to feel how they felt, while being JAMAICAN IS ONLY A HERITAGE, THE FACT THAT SHE DISMISS THEIR PROTEST ABOUT NOT BEING CALLED AFRICAN AMERICAN AND PROCEED FI GROUP DEM HOWEVER SHE WAAN, THATS WHAT BURN ME.. SHE RUDE.They have names, call them by their name and dont group them based on dem skin color.

  10. Is this killing in the New Kingston area a retaliation for Steve Reid (otherwise called “Splicer”) and Tanya Simpson’s double Murder a week ago?
    Daylight murder sparks fear
    “Reports we received are that close to midday the two men were at the complex when they were attacked by criminals who shot them several times and then escaped in a waiting motor car,” said one detective.
    Police said a motive has not been identified, but explained that they were following several leads, one of them being that the attack, which they believe could be a contract killing, was linked to the shooting death of a couple in Lea’s Flat, Red Hills, St Andrew over a week ago.

  11. First things first the teacher WRONG X NUFF NUFF but we as Jamaican parents and Jamaicans on a whole need to embrace who we are and educate our children and every jamaican child about his/her heritage we are proud people and yes we love to stand out but do remember no man is an island also remember out of many one people. Memba I’m seh d teacha wrang in everyway n anyway you can spell and pronounce wrong. Now to these poor misguided girls that were called African American, we aren’t African BAX BAX BAX I guess yall are Americans huh BAX again BAXBAXBAX fi unno mumma tuh she need fi teach har weave head picknie dem roots. look pah dem not even look like dem come fram d Indian part a wi heritage. Bout u a guh dung a station fi si if u can file charges u need fi guh a d library an carri d pickni dem wid tuh bout we are not African KMT.

  12. In this day and age I think it’s only correct to identify one by their ethnicity. I for one do not like to be referred to as African, I am Jamaican or for the politically correct *afro Caribbean used in the UK. I am in no shape or form an African so why do I claim and identity with what I am not!. Like our motto says “out of many were one”

    1. Ignorance know no bounds. If yuh black yuh a African. Just like a chiney man, him a Chinese nuh matter weh him bawn, same like Indians.
      Yuh nationality is de country weh yuh bawn. Be proud to state you are an African, born in Jamaica or whatever country yuh bawn. If only some of us really saw Africa and knew of our history and Africa’s majesty, we would be proud.

  13. Well I refer to myself as Afro Caribbean… Yup I write that in the other box. When attending college and introducing myself in the culture class..I told the professor nope I am not afro American …I am from the Jamaica which is in the Caribbean. Therefore I am Afro Caribbean.

  14. Also when u attend school in a predominantly white environment u will find one or 2 redneck teachers. They don’t have to even say nothing… The look u get is enough

  15. I was on the train a one time n a group of black kids get on n they was teasing each other about who mumma come from Africa n hear da other a cuss bout at least my momma ain’t from africa I jus smfh n look around at the face on the train witnessing this disgrace n ignorance n was embarrassed as hell my face flush hot in shame

  16. For real now, does anyone of you guys have African American or African Jamaican on yall birth certificate. or is it just race “black” right. white people get offensive when they call them Caucasian.

  17. Some black ppl is just gonna have to accept the fact that you are of AFRICAN blood n descent no matter which part of the world u happen to b living in!!! Self hatred is a bitch innit


  19. Is so dem teacher so bright, mi di come from Jamaica to USA at 17 yrs and in school one white teacher call me MUD, yes say mi name MUD. Mi tell har her pum pum full of mud dat why she nah hav no husband or boyfriend and she have cats fi ar man. Ah what do dem??? don’t leave crying tell har about har bloodclat

  20. SMH at this mess and some a dese comments. Fact is, a person in the position of educating our youths should not have said and done what she did. One of the best thing from this is that she was fired. Hope she never gets the chance to perform in any other educational forum. Some of these teachers are dumb/stupid as hell.

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