A common-law couple was hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week after they were found with a missing 13-year-old who was reportedly at their home in downtown Kingston for a threesome.
Eric Riley, a 41-year-old contractor, and his 21-year-old companion Kerry-Ann Green appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of harbouring a minor. Both pleaded guilty.
The court heard that the minor, who is from a Kingston address, was reported missing on May 22 by her mother. Two days later police received information and went to the couple’s home where she was found along with Green, the court also heard.
Riley, who was absent, was later summoned to the police station, where he and his common-law wife were charged.
According to police, when cautioned they both said, “A only one night she spend wid we”.
On Thursday, when the couple appeared in court before Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey, Riley told the court that he was only trying to assist the teenager whom he met on the night of the said day she was reported missing.
“I didn’t know her age and she tell me she was 18,” he said. “I saw her on the street and she said she was going to Southside and I told her that she could stay the night at my house since it was so late.”
However, he said the following morning, which was Labour Day, she left and on the Saturday his spouse saw her back in the yard and the police later came and advised that she was a missing person.
But according to reports from the police, the complainant reported that Riley was known to her and that he was the one who had asked her to come home with him for a threesome and to meet his spouse, but that she and his spouse were unwilling to go through with the act.
Pusey, following Riley’s explanation, requested a social enquiry report and extended their bails for July 18, when they will be sentenced.
Businessman robs woman, telling her the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh
Laughter erupted in court last Wednesday after it was revealed that a businessman who sold a woman’s car and kept the money for himself reportedly told the woman that, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.”
The 66-year-old accused, Errol Robinson, owner of Truth Car Mart in Kingston, was reportedly given a Mercedes Benz by the complainant to sell for $1.5 million. He reportedly sold the car but failed to hand over the money to the complainant.
He was charged with fraudulent conversion and has since pleaded guilty with a promise to repay the complainant.
But when he appeared in court he came empty-handed and told the magistrate that he had the money in his company but needed bail in order to get it.
However, the magistrate told him that she has seen every type of trick in the book and that he should try and get the money as he was not leaving jail until the complainant was paid.
The investigating officer then informed the court that Robinson had no intention of repaying the complainant and had told her that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.
The investigator also told the court that Robinson also told the complainant that he was willing to plead guilty and to serve six months in prison.
“If you think it’s six, start counting,” Pusey told him.
However, she told him that she was willing to give him another chance to take the money to pay the complainant and set the matter for mention on June 30.
Man beats woman for ending relationship
A man who assaulted his former fiancée after she reportedly ended their five-year relationship was jailed for a night and fined $25,000.
Norman Washington Cole was ordered to pay $25,000 or serve six months in prison by Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey after a night in custody.
Cole, who had been on bail, was taken into custody when he appeared in court last Tuesday as the magistrate said he was acting too righteous and unremorseful.
The complainant told the court that she had sent Cole a text message telling him that the relationship was over and he replied, “Baby it cyaan over, five years cyaan go suh.”
She said he told her that he wanted to see her and to talk and when she went he assaulted her.
“Him hold me inna me back and fling me down on the sofa and when me sit down him kick me down,” she said while adding that he had also taken away her phone.
But Cole denied her claim. He said he only held her by her throat and put her down to sit and that he had no reason to be upset over her text as they were no longer together.
“That’s enough for me,” Pusey said in relation to his statement that he held the complainant by her throat. She told him that that was an assault, as even a simple unwanted kiss was an assault.
The complainant then told the court that this was not their first time before the court as they had been there on two other occasions on similar complaints.
“I was the same one who begged for him but not this time, him do me too bad,” she said.
Pusey then told Cole that he should stop the nonsense. He told the magistrate that it was the complainant who was going on with foolishness because she saw him with another woman.
“Stop wrap yourself in gold cause you are not golden,” Pusey said. “‘Cause it look like when you head tek you, you don’t remember what you say.”
She then told him that she was going to keep him for the night as this was not the first time he was assaulting the complainant.
The following day when he returned to court Pusey warned him not to put his hands on another female.
“You have to learn when to eat humble pie. You can’t come in here for domestic violence against woman and have too much style ’cause we don’t play,” she said.
Woman stabs lover over photograph
A woman was also dragged before the court for stabbing her lover in his shoulder after they had a dispute over photographs of another women found on his cellular phone.
The accused, Nicola Grant, was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding.
Last Wednesday when she appeared in court, she told the court that she stabbed her companion in his back with a knife because he punched her in her face.
“She go inna me phone and see a picture,” the complainant said, explaining the cause of the dispute. However, he told the court that he did not wish to pursue the matter any further.
“She could have killed you and gone on to another John and you would be cold in the ground,” Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey told him.
“You should go to jail for this,” she then said, turning to the accused.
The magistrate told them that since they were in love she was not going to stand in their way but told them to, “Stop wasting Government money on medical expenses. If you ever see the bill you would understand how much it is costing the Government,” she said.
She also advised them to start behaving better.
“If a so unuh love each other, stop, ’cause when unnu start hating each other I don’t know what is going to happen,” Pusey remarked.

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