The Deputy Commissioner while speaking at eleven month old Omar Lindo’s funeral yesterday said that the streets of Down Town Kingston is being plagued by a group of teenagers who call themselves the Loverton gang.
The members of the gang are between ages 13-17 and have been carrying out a string of robberies in the area. Tivoli Gardens is said to be where the gang has originated from.

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  1. I was speaking about this to a family member and she was not happy about what I had to say. Correctly these are the grand children and offspring of the men sent to prison or who were killed by peers or police. This is what happens when the family is shaved down to nothing. When a thirteen year old gives birth and no male figure is there to claim the baby. The grandmother is probably in her late twenties and may have three or more other children to care for. Who do we blame? The government sends the police to lock up and kill their own creation. The slave master ensured that they criminalize the male of the black household. They are either dead, locked up and or powerless. Gradually it becomes the norm. I understand that people will say they should be killed, beaten and or imprisoned. However, for generations childhoods have been robbed and love has been lost. The responsible persons are sitting in the house of parliament. God bless you all it is time for us to demand our rights from the ones who create the fight.

    1. You missed out one thing, they are also turning the ones who aren’t criminals into birls. Straight, ambitious, godly Black men soon extinct in Jamaica.

      1. Did you notice that most of these birls act just like the women in their society? It is interesting that when Jamaican women get vile they behave like men. The young boys do the same also I think after some of the men are locked up with their low morality they actually molest the boys.

        1. Yes, I have noticed how the birls are very violent and quick to stab and chop each other, then gay activists go protest and say we homophobic and a kill them off out there. They do adapt the Jamaican women attitude, for example, that boy Pluggy only brag bout good shoes, good hair and clothes. All a talk bout good hole, weh part a him can good. I miss the days when Jamaican men were clean and satisfied. If is two pants and two shirt, them clean everyday and proud same way. Men were providers and called every woman daughter or bee (queen bee), now we are called bitch and hoes. Everything foreign does we follow. We used to be unique now we a follow foreign hard. Our women don’t like to cook anymore, everybody want fast food and pasta. We don’t love ourselves anymore, we want to bleach our skin because anything Black nuh mek it. We are so lost as a people. I miss the real Jamaican roots and culture.

    2. The responsible persons are sitting in the house of parliament. – See more at: http://www.jamaicanmateyangroupie.com/other-articles/teen-age-gang-reeking-havoc-on-jamaicas-streets/#sthash.F8sZF5XR.dpuf

      What a bunch of nonsense. So you are saying that the parents of these boys are the MPs? My guess is, you grew up in the ghetto and have this ghetto mentality that someone else is to be blamed for the state of affairs in your neck of the woods. In your book, personal responsibility doesn’t come into play, since it is all government’s fault. It is people like YOU who always justify wrongdoing, murder and mayhem, since the perpetrators are innocent and just a victim of circumstances.

      Maybe you should be telling the mothers of these boys to keep there knees together, short circuiting the child breeding line. Hear this, no one owes you or these ghetto rats anything. Tell them to stop breeding up the place with these miscreants, who end up killing their own ghetto people. Keep looking to assign and shifting blame. Have you noticed these thugs never go in the upper middle class areas to rob people? They feed off the same poor people they grew up with.
      Can’t wait to hear your silly comeback comments. You are really foo-fool.

      1. Since you would like to hear from me. No! I did not grow up in the ghetto. I am really not surprise that you based my argument as being foo-fool with being a ghetto rat. You are very wrong also to think criminals have never went to “upper middle” class areas and robbed people. I have been a victim of robbery twice. This does not mean that I do not know the source of the crime in Jamaica. The plight of politicians or the reason it is not going to be controlled. I am sure and positive that I am not stupid. I am well educated and stand by the statements I made. I would not engage you in any argument regarding these statements any further because it is obvious that you are unacquainted.

      2. @Anonymous, you are completely out of line and your myopic view is antiquated and does little to address the systemic plight of the underclass and their lack of opportunities in Jamaica.
        As a product of Plantation Heights born and bred, I have yet to visit any ghetto in Jamaica outside of Waterford (then it was low income but not a garrison), I will tell you that Real is accurate in her assessment of the plight of the people. These people are not only victims of their circumstances, place of birth but also overt classism.

        The problem is extensive and deep-rooted and if you do not understand the role the social engineers and economic hitmen have historically played in the creation of gangs in the garrison, then you should pick up a book and speak to someone educated on the matter, not only regurgitating the mainstream bullshit they have been fed you.

        Is she saying that they are justified in what they do? Absolutely not, however, what she is commenting on is the underlying and historic policies that have led to the status quo for these people. Your dismissal of this fact highlights your ignorance.

        Oh and btw, I can vividly recall driving home at 16 years old in my boyfriends brand new Mercedes Benz and as soon as I opened the gate with the remote, who awaited me with guns? Hoodlums from some ghetto I couldn’t find on a map of Jamaica. So that experience simply flies in the face of your idiotic theory that they don’t attack outside of their hoods.

        While you wouldn’t catch me associating with them, I am educated enough in political matters and the actual history of our island to understand their plight and to even pity them at times.

        Further, what Real stated, isnt’ limited to Jamaica but it’s the institutional racism,and classism inherent in the sociological make-up of any society where black people are found. You won’t understand without understanding that the very military in the island isn’t to protect Jamaica from any invasion but to keep the people under control, the way they demonstrated during the Dudus fiasco.

        Met, duh mi a favor and show he/she the documentary on the truth about Jamaica and Jamaicans cos he/she nuh know him/herself…..and mi never si a Jamican ghetto from the day mi born. From uptown to half way tree a di only place a Jamaica mi know..suh go have 10 seats and read an actual, factual book.

      3. From the other day I keep seeing the term “Ghetto Rat,” and would like to know what or who is a Ghetto Rat. Yuh out of order bad, me nah lie.

      4. When them learn how to formulate few sentences and inject vocabulary words into their sentences. Why unu haffi hype on the poor people dem so like a unu create dictionary and the English Language. One bag of vocabulary words to state two paragraphs of ignorance. Epitome of an educated pighead!

  2. The gang name “Loverton” sounds like a group a fishy bwoy. Only thing I can tell them is raise them right or bury them young.

  3. Real, thank you for your thoughtful comment/s, they were spot on. The current situation really begs anyone who cares abt Jamaica to look beyond the surface in order to understand the cause/effect and ultimately offer real solutions. Its no different from the conversation that blacks in America have been pleading for the whites and the status quo to in order to bring about positive systematic changes.

    Anonymous @ 3:02, while u may like to think otherwise, it is obvious that conversations regarding matters such as this are way beyond your capabilities. As far as I’m concerned, your ignorance is no less a part of the problem than the politicians, drug dealers, rapists and murderers.

    1. The lack of understanding is always topped with superficial intelligence. That is why many action less people will always use words to try and silence another. Comments made here are not made without facts and lack of thought. Obviously, you are well aware and acquainted with the calculating demise of the black family. Britain open its gates to mothers and fathers even though they were leaving children behind. Yes, this was a choice but the people making the choice thought they had no choice.

      1. @Real, most people are idiots..they read books that sells them the agenda and written by the winners and dem think it’s their story and nuh realize sey a HIS-STORY AND not theirs…
        Most people are androids, they are robots; books, tv and popular thought tells them what to think and which side to take because they cannot analyze a complex situation, they lack critical thinking skills and have never had an original thought from the day dem born.
        They get up everyday and spill all the shit they swallowed from the news and the media, the very narrative they need to kill. It is sickening to see them walking around like sleep walkers, brain dead yet deluded that they are intelligent or educated.

        My people are lost.

        1. Foxy mi nuh really care weh him/her tink because from the get go u can tell there is no discernment or clairvoyance ….its all in their thought process to believe in nothing ..

  4. Wagwaan Met and Metters?

    Yaw Foxy, big up yourself yuh is one educated human being fi real. Very educated and intelligent argument yuh put farwud.

    Met, nuff time mi peep but mi still deya nah lef zeen?

    up up love up

  5. REAL! me intelligent, techno sister…blessings up on you always. You got this post on lock. Gwan through Sis.

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