MANDEVILLE, Manchester – Two teens charged in connection with the attempted murder of another teenager who was left to die in a cave were remanded when they appeared in the Mandeville Residents’ Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Anthony Forbes, 18, is before the Court on a charge of attempted murder while a 16 year-old (name withheld because he is a minor) is charged with conspiracty to murder.

The two are to return to Court on March 12.

The police have confirmed that they are searching for another teenager (17 years old) said to have been involved in the crime.


  1. Wicked sucka dem…hearing the officer telling it on the news is just heart wrenching. I felt for him as much as for the victim.

    God know me is a true advocate fi de death penalty in cases where doubt don’t even exist.

    1. And dem huh reach no where yet can u imagine a year from this? They are wicked but the boy is alive because of God’s grace . May he grow up to be a better person

      1. Poor pickney a study fi better him self and these (me sure gazamittes to) bombohole demons latch on pon him. I eida a bowi end him life or go challenge de police cause courthouse too good fi de likes a dem.

        Jah know eradication of bad seeds is a must.

  2. Good afternoon Met and metters.fi all who a talk sey the death penalty no fi come back,because even if it come back crime and murder still a go high cause people poor and desperate.Dat may be true because dem a go still allow dem fi appeal upon appeal.If we sure sey a person kill someone beyond a reasonable douth ,swift hanging in a special court.Then we wii see if murder rate not gonna go down.Check Cuba the hero general got caught up in cocaine trafficking,dem put in front a di firing squad. Fi di next generation in school now change fi the better dem haffi start mek it compulsory for all 9 grader upward have to join the school cadet programme and learn some forn of discipline and structure in their life.They in turn can instill this discipline into the lower forms.Again bus ass have to come back,yes some parents go overboard but it better fi bus u child ass now than fi mek him grow up going down the wrong path and end belonging to the system.[I still cannot understand how parents aren’t allowed to buss dem kids ass,but the pow pow brutalise dem and the system back the pow pow]

    1. Imagine if the other little boy never confess , they would have never found this boy. Dem nuh fi mek dem go waste time in prison dem fi either put dem to death..dem plan this out pick out spot fi dispose of the body and all..Prison too nice fi dem

  3. Nationwide News just said Bunting said di attempted murder is in connection wid the Lotto Scam. See it dey dutty money bring out d evil in dese young men

      1. Yea Metty, its on their 5pm news. Listen 6pm n they’ll repeat it. Mi frighten nuh baxide when mi hear it. They said Bunting was touring di cave today n gave a statement
        Who knows maybe other dead bodies (bones) gooda all in dere. Cause how dem pickney dere know fi carry him dere go lef him fi die

        1. no mi haffi hear dat news myself..LOTTERY SCAM? no sah no I have to hear fi miself..but dem don’t reach 20 yet though???

          1. I HEARD it again on their 6pm News Metty, I hope TVJ n CVM carries itin their newscast. But NNN always buss di news first

  4. I dont get it, rigo mortis occurs with dead bodies, is the victim dead or alive? how is it attempted murder if he’s dead? mi listen bout 4 times an mi nuh undastan…if em ded a murdahn dat mean rigo mortis caw set in, a bettah dem seh em did a guh ded but no rigo mortis caw set in pon living body, him stiff yes but dat a from near death experience, dehydration and dem tings deh…di newz confuse mi

      1. oh ok suh a nuh rigo mortis den a juss weak em weak n near death..dem gud ehh imagine em wasn’t an enemy em was a friend smh

          1. a dem same likkle shottaz yah ppl cry fah wen police tek dem out…we need fi undastan weh wi really want..death fi dem or glorification. A bet dem lissen to gaza chunez smh

          2. dem more than lasssss and it sad because this dem huh fi shield dem at all dem fi show dem to di public and di media fi ask dem why

          3. dem stawt shield dem already caw see dem a withhold all di 16 yr old name smh..dem fi treat dem according to di crime dem commit bout age smh

  5. Met mi see a taxi man disrespect a likkle boy downtown who is no more than 14 if that, the taxi man did wrong and the the likkle boy say to the taxi man you see you watch mi and you and left, a man that was stood next to me say watch when the likkle boy come back if a nuh some likkle boy him own age him come back with. And so said so done, all the 4/5 likkle boys them come back on bicycles wearing shirts all the likkle one that that go get them so you know what that mean and the taximan know to cause he was nowhere insight when them a ask where him gone, the youth them dog hearted and have means to defend it, this is over 10 years ago inna broad day light

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