A 16 year old boy was stabbed, set ablaze and left for dead in a cave in New Hall Manchester.He was found alive three days later when one of boys who participated reported the act. Reports are that after a dispute with his friends who at the end accused him of being a liar they , stabbed the victim mercilessly, wrapped him in an old tire, set him on fire, then threw him in the cave.
Policemen who were led to the scene found him alive, flesh rotting and his skin being eaten by voracious carnivores. Investigators theorized that his attackers planned to carry out the act in a brutal and calculated fashion.


  1. Friends? I can’t imagine the pain he felt/is feeling…smh. Its crazy how the odds of enemies hurting a person is substantially less than a “friend” hurting them

  2. So the wickedness is getting generational now? I want to tell the “well bad stuff happens everywhere else, oh Jamaica doesn’t produce guns” massive to kiss my ass! We need to talk and talk regularly, until it is part of the national conscience. Why are so barbaric? Why are too many of us so quick to resort to brutality when feelings are hurt? Why do we cry for God, but in our daily dealing with out one another we harbour ill feeling?
    Why is “only God can judge” damn near our national motto. That one gets me every time. It’s like giving permission for slackness and it censors the people who are concerned about our moral fibre. Bad things happen everywhere, yes. But I am straining to think of a country where the general population indulges in high levels of hypocrisy., everyday. We show off about how we are family orientated, yet do not seem to account for the fatherless, the out of control children out of wedlock situation and the mental health of the “barrel children”. We show off how “everybody wants to be like us”. Come to the Uk and see the delightful non Jamaicans who want to be like us. The insecure and the stregs of the host community is what we have hitching up next to us. Jamaica needs to take a hard look at the racial Stockholm syndrome that affects us. we need to look at mental health. we need to look at religion/hypocrisy. We need to look at how paedophilia affects the population. And yes anti black racism is prevalent in Jamaica. How that happen in a country with ninety five per cent of the population of Sub Saharan African origin?

    1. This hurt me so bad I am in shock all now I cannot believe children so wicked..fi put all tire pan him and set him ablaze

  3. These boys should be hanged!! The poor boy will be left with numerous physical scars not to say the emotional scars.he will never forget the pain of the fire on his skin,the insects biting him an he could not do anything,the hunger of 3 days. Smh man

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