Goodnight, I have a continuation from the story you last posted for me. Imagine this lady is cursing out the man that she took our partner draw and give money too. Pls publish this so her ass can be put on blast. She have the nerves to say that she gave him the car he’s driving. This dutty bitch. She’s hurt because she got the three F’s F**KED FOOLED AND FORGOTTEN


  1. She Guyanese but spending soo much time with the Yardies….only us sey everything yuh waan waa waa like ambulance. There’s even a song..the gyal just waan waan waan

      1. Yes Quena

        It should have been a bigger hit song than any kartel or alkaline sing because all a we know smaddie like that! !A me fi tell yuh bout dem girls here …even the uptown ones who have it already smh!

  2. Lisa u sound really hurt Lmaoooooo u better go and pay the ppl dem their pardna money before they find you.

  3. That’s Lisa’s Karma that lady owes over 100,000 in pardna money. She’s a con artist. The box from 2013-2014 she owes my group 23,000$. A lady took her court and the bitch filed bankrupt. Met i worked so hard for my money for this witch to rob me. When you call her she curse you out. Mind you that is her side man she arguing with, she’s a married woman who lives in the parkchester section of the Bronx. Anyone who knows her be careful she and her daughter is a crook, the only decent one is the husband. She theif when she was in Antigua that’s why her ass had to run away…when she came up she had to disguise like a man. Is people like your ass Donald Trump must fling over the wall. Old Theif

  4. Ugly Lisa Nathaniel U thief the ppl money and got the nerve to be cussing dem now u cussing the man what used you Karma a get the best of you. You are one wicked woman mi wannn mi money and mi nah too till mi get it

  5. This woman go on Facebook every day cursing people out,this is a total disgrace. How can a married woman behave like this.Having an affair, stealing people’s hard working money for years,to support her lifestyle Her husband is a drunkard because of her. Lisa Lee Nathaniel you have no shame.Constantly lying to everyone in your pardna.

  6. This is such a big disgrace to the Antiguan community. I listened to the video and this woman disgusted me,she should be arrested for robbing innocent people of their hard earned money.

  7. A nuff things she tek the people dem pardna momie buy give r man she is a fool.

  8. Call di ambulance some gal pussy a walking dead…all when u beat it up…it still nah change…have respect man…all dem slackness here

  9. You are a disgrace to ladies you need help you are so messed up in the head ,you are sick. Nutting gud inna dis dutty woman.

  10. People like you are demonic and need to seek devine intervention! Where are the real women of today? If all them ya have pickney, dawg nyam wi supper!!

  11. That’s why man treat them like dog no good men don’t not want them make real woman look bad I am so a shame.
    She is a fool me hear say she tek her best friend husband

  12. You all need to get together & go a the nasty bitch house FE ur all money if A did me god no because me & she a go see god together thieving Bitch me want me family money me a go look FE u all winter all summer watch ur back Bitch evil Bitch how can u sleep ppl them hard working money but Karma Bitch

  13. This is a wicked useless bitch.She pickney is a criminal too. In Antigua she daughter get arrested nuff time big dutty fraud them be.

  14. Wicked bitch we all already know where in parkchester you live St Raymond ave how long u think u coulda thief we money and hide for u too wicked for a big woman

  15. Mi did inna de barber shop yesterday a view dis ya. Me listen er cussing de man bloodclart dis is a piece a shit house under prevailed..

  16. She is on Facebook everyday cursing ppl day in day out because her crooked ass can’t sleep, she and whoring DENISE PHILLIPS. The two of them Whore alike! What she should do is encourage her child to go back to Antigua and face the charges in front of her. she encouraged her child to run away but don’t worry they coming sooner than you think. You calling ppl wanting them to call immigration on one particular person why don’t you call them on Lisa Pinckney first? All of a sudden you and Lisa became the best of friends but then again you two Love ppl husband. Lisa give the ppl back dem money! Always remember time longer than rope because day by day your hanging yourself.

  17. “Play wid puppy dawg, puppy dawg lick yuh face. Play wid big dawg big dawg will bite yuh.

  18. This classless dutty bitch. Her sister is just as bad put people in the f**king pardna so the 2 a dem can rob people. Dem na tap thief dem a partner in crime wicked motherf**kers.

  19. Don’t worry man Lisa soon start f**k Denise man too because that’s what she does secretly f**k her friends dem man and turn dry man against them she always talking about immigration like TRUMP is her husband Lisa u can call immigration all I want because nobody isn’t afraid to go back where they came from focus on ppl money and stop focus on ppl business ugly duppy

  20. Lisa you lie too frigging much, you lie and lie and lie then you call ebbery baddy liars please bitch your mouth need teeth and you a buy teeth her man. The sex tape going around wid you a big married oooman no sah u a sex widout protection nastiness.you rob de people dem pardna and still facing eviction owe parkchester over $9000 wait a eediat u be thief over $100.000 and mine man inna Guyana. You na bury you momma but you a bury you side man father. You are a sarry ass.

  21. Lisa luv too much Obeah. You work Obeah pon you fren them.Talk about you sista lakka one dwag you hate I sista because she never give u wicked dwata de baby sitting job,u hate u husband and you hate uself.

  22. They going to soon lock up you rass inna TJmax home goods and Marchalls wid the thieving credits.You need fu be pon America most wanted. Everyday you get up scamming.

  23. You get fired from a job because of you mouth. You got fired from another job because you use the woman credit card and run in up to $20.0000. Why you bad so? You cuss you husband mother his family hates you. According to you,you pay $30.000 to remove you thieving daughter evidence to get rid a she passport charges. You need to change your dutty ways man but maybe God cuss pon you because you curse your mother Florence.

  24. I was in Lisa’s box and when it was time for me to get my had she told me she had to push back the box because her sister was sick with cancer in the hospital and could not pay her hand I waited six weeks later to review any money from Lisa. I was always faithful in putting my money in her bank account and she lied to one of my friends by telling her I was always late with my money. Unbelievable.

  25. You tek the people dem pardna momie go Jamaica wid you side man you paid for the vacation all inclusive at Rui and now the man left you. Please pay back the people dem pardna and you still a run pardna. A way you come from. You a worry about the man son inna jail worry about yourself.

  26. She was so happy when her sister was in the hospital with cancer she rejoiced over it every single day she walk and chat her with everybody. Lisa chat her sister like a dog she hates her sister. What a way the tables turn on her whatever she get she deserve it’s so hurtful to see ppl work so hard for their money and she tek it and spend it up on a man that don’t even want her.

  27. You need fu sell some a you bag and pay back the money. You chat bout every body have fake bag since you one have authentic bags sell them.

  28. I am on her Facebook page and I sick and tired of Lisa she is a empty disgusting person. I unfollowed her because .l got tired of reading her nonsense. The next thing I am going to do is unfriend her enough is enough.

  29. She on Facebook boasting about her black truck it must be the people dem pardna money she but the Kia. Damm wicked witch

  30. Lisa Nathaniel, why you faking heart attack gone to the ppl dem hospital. You sure you’re there or you at the Marriott with Jahwatti the ppl dem man. You have a habit of faking sickness but its shame that has you so. You can’t face the truth so you tek um mek run way saying that you at the hospital. Gal you a go straight a hell if you nut repent

  31. Ru see how Lisa Lee Nathaniel bend up. Everyday she cuss her husband and tell him he carn read.

  32. Lisa hate her own daughter and her grandchildren. An unfit mother who disrespected her children. The reason she hates her daughter is because she sees herself in Luann them thief and who’re alike. Two jail bird.

  33. Lauren Abbot move you dutty rasshole. Every f**king think Lisa put pon she Facebook you motherscunt snapshot and send all over so the every who not on her page can see, you a narl a one other thief.

  34. Lisa you say you husband is a pedophile nastimotherf**kers that’s why you dawta hate you rassclart. You wicked to bloodclart.

  35. since the obeah woman dead you have no one to turn to it look like the obeah getting weaker and weaker. You need to let go you husband his poor mother must be rolling in her grave because her poor son is suffering. Every weekend you telling you husband you have to work not knowing that you up in hotel with JAHWATTI yes Jahwatti the one that you say buy you LV and buy Cheralyn Micheal Kors you too wicked. You go upstate to file divorce behind you husband back and when you find out the same man you tek ah wee money and spend pon Married you run back to stop de divorce you is a wicked woman. Every minute you a call, Call CHERYL Yes BROOKSIE wife the one that walk and thief pickney clothes and give INDIE yes the UNDOCUMENTED Gal that have pickney fu a young boy that nuh want she. everything you do you run and call cheryl and cheryl tell me she nuh know why you feel the need to call her and tell her your business because she nuh care. You tek ah we money and buy clothes give INDIE pickney and you know nothing about her. Why u nuh call immigration pon she you pickney LUANNE and cheryl. Cheryl better mind that when she go a immigration dem nuh hold on pon she fu all de lock up she done get fu thief

  36. Lisa you are a misfit. You talk about Al your friends and family. You sleep around with Tom,Dick and Harry. You heart dirt, you could never be mother Teresa because Mother Teresa never thief nobody money.

  37. Every day a na sowing day and everyday day a na reaping day. Lisa you reap what you sow.

  38. You not tired calling people phone with them fake phone number. Nobody wants to talk to you. You a cuss the Guyanese man how he is poverty striken but you worst off than him because you a thief and will be going to prison again.

  39. But wait pot a tell Kettle eh black
    You were a school drop out Lisa. You where a disgrace to Christ the King. Why you kept your children away from Antiguan’s because you never wanted them to find out about your true colors. You are a disgrace to the human race.

  40. Lisa me hear say you house worst than Stanford junk yard. Go clean you yard bitch.

  41. This look like Lisa Francis from Cedar Grove.I never like that loud vagabond.

  42. Lisa Tec she best friend Rosetta husband for years she a f**k Clint.I never know this woman wicked and dutty so.

  43. Lisa and her sister Hilary is the same shit house under prevailed bitches. Lisa chat sister and she hates her sister Daughter. Lisa call her own nephew Anti man/batty man.

  44. Lisa also Mek Rosetta move out of NY after she tek her husband and Mek the man left his wife. Lisa do Rosetta bad because she was jealousy of her and Clint She’s a wicked woman and can never met no good in a life. An nuh likkle man she tek she’s a stinking whore if u bring a dog she will sleep with it

  45. Lisa a chat bout fraud when she claim her sister Hilary a get section aid and a worI off the books. I wonder a who a defrauding the Government.

  46. Lisa remember when Hillary son went jail u same one walk and tell everybody a good fi him rass and u want him rot in there. And Hillary love act like she better than ppl now look wha a happen to u di tables tun pin u rass hole. Evil witch u be

  47. Lisa you claim say the people dem mash up the pardna because dem throw bad but how can dat be when you thief the money.

  48. Lesroy,Nigel,Jahwatti,Clint, Geese,Camujah,Jerry. Oh gosh man a so busy fu you pussy be Lisa Lee Nathaniel/Francis. You fu bury that pussy six feet under.

  49. It seems to me as of Lisa is refusing to take responsibility for her actions. Instead of attack people on Facebook and other means look into yourself be humble and correct the wrongs.

  50. Lisa remember you say Hilary have six hand in the pardna and she could not pay because she sick wid cabweb and she mash up the pardna. You file bankruptcy in 2014 then you take out credit cards on Lesroy name. That poor man me feel sorry fu he because he can’t read but remember God take care of fools.

  51. People need to know that we are NOT making this up! LISA NATHANIEL stole our money dating back from 2013/2014. All of you that’s on her side need to sit down and look at the BIG PICTURE in front of you and say how the heck all these ppl lying on one person. Her sister Hilary knows what the hell is going on because her own daughter was in the partna I don’t think she ever reached money either. Her family in Ohio doesn’t speak to her because she owes them too This is a just a short list of all she owes

    Denise -D
    Big batty mother and Aunty
    Hilary daughter
    The man from the concourse she got the STD from

    And numerous to mention

    Me from Jamaica and she owe nuff a we

  52. Lisa wicked no f**k. This woman thief off the pardna draw and mine her Guyanese man. Then when her rent gone bad she mek Lesroy borrow from his annunity for stop eviction out of Parkchester. Lisa son felt sorry for her ass and have her one old car to drive. Mow that lying bitch talking bout she never drive old car. You too lie bitch

  53. Every man Lisa f**k bull she. You every see inside Lisa mouth it empty a rass

  54. Mi say by reading the comments on this thread. You can easily weed out the gal dem weh love tek people man and people husband. Smh.

  55. Lisa get behind the fence ur time expired….. the man na want you he move on stop stalk the man

  56. The side man need Fi go give her last f**k no sa a how she hurt so she need to get over it wtf

  57. This oooman lub mix up and drama. The man move on and she ago mess wid the other oooman and put stuff pon she wall.

  58. Lisa sitting around accusing innocent people saying they put this up now she need to stop slander people name a worry about her damm self.

  59. To the Anonymous source, thanks for letting us know what she said about our money. Since you want bring news Mek sure you carry dis one yah tell she, God nuh sleep and she can run but she can’t hide. She really think that its SOOOOOOOO easy fu tek we money and nuh want give we back. Why don’t you encourage her to give us what’s ours. She member we have all our receipts from the bank and all the text messages for proof. Thief nuh leave paper trail and that DUMB FAT BITCH DID!

  60. No man no mannnnnn a cannot one person a galang suh pon di thread all a have conversations wid dem selves…. Met somebody needs their medication ova yah duh helllppppp

  61. You see how this oooman ya wicked she just won’t stop bout her niece is a immigration officer.

  62. Keep digging when you dig one ditch dig two. Bout you niece ago put immigration pon people. Why she na call Section Aid pon she momma Hilary.

  63. All she talk bout is immigration talk bout how u thief di ppl money talk bout paying them back talk bout how di man tek u money and run u Mek u nuh talk bout dat u lub talk bout immigration like anybody fraid u

  64. A so she Lisa gwan she siddung a she sisa house all day Sunday ANF and pretend she sick. Her sister could not wait for her to leave because she sister man hate she rass.Wait a this same weekend Hilary man out to dinner wid him baby mother and pickney having dinner.

  65. Stick a pin, den smaddy can have such a bad and notorious reputation & me go in her pardna? Umm no

  66. Before Lisa humble herself and pay back the money she pin Facebook a cuss people pickney no sah. She know she thief the money and mine man inna Guyana and around the world and refuse to take responsibility for her actions. Lisa a go pon people Facebook page taking their picture off to make collage to spread lies.Lisa that’s your voice and you thief the money. There is much more where that came from. Much much more. Stop send out pictures of your body parts.

  67. I just received your MUGSHOT from when you stole the woman purse on Fordham rd. Before you tek set pon ppl remember you have a dirty track record Bitch. SO YOU NEED TO KEEP F**KING QUIET.

  68. No man she love lie on ppl and throw dirt on they name u Fuka u lie dung with dog and now u ugly no teeth rass wake up with fleas ole ugly theif

  69. Lisa had a friend who loved and cared for her, behind the woman back Lisa na tap chat the woman and she pickney. She as far as mek people go pin Facebook go cuss the woman. Just the other day she go pon Facebook and talk bout the woman pickney them oh wow. I know that lady for years she is a very nice lady, it was very upsetting to me when I read the things she wrote about that young lady and her family. Today I was told Lisa even called the lady job last summer to get her fired. Now I read all of this tonight. When is all of this going to end. I can’t believe anyone would stoop so low to call another person’s job and then spread lies that the woman got fired. Come on this is too sad.

  70. I listened to the video What is this I am hearing and why on earth would she make a video like this
    I know her husband and his brothers,very nice humble family
    This is my first time hearing about pinkwall
    I am sitting here on shock
    I pray for everyone who got robbed their box money.

  71. Luanne tek so much man inna she short time pon earth now she look like one f**king man inna the f**k up looking white suit.

  72. Wait a Lisa picture me see you inna Greenwich Connecticut train station today

  73. Lisa cuss she momma and when she reach Antigua way them left inna poor house done bur wicked,heartless mother f**kers.

  74. Lisa cuss she momma and when she reach Antigua way them left them momma in a poor house for rotten Florence done bury.

  75. Wait the list of people I read Lisa owe is it fu real. Me see Daphne name head the list a good fu she because me tired warn she fram Lisa but she never listened always a defense Lisa me know this day would have come. Me warn Daphne me na sorry fu she. Who won’t here will feel

  76. Lisa did and said a lot about my family and then have the nerves to reach out to my sister with this crap. Leave my family alone. You are a demon.

  77. This grand larceny Lisa did a terrible thing to her own people. Someone sent me this link this morning and I am so disappointed in the young woman I can’t imagine the amount of pain and anguish she have caused people that trusted her with their daily earnings.

  78. All now Daphne say she don’t believe Lisa did a keep all them man . When are you going to open your eyes Daphne???. Did you know this woman on Facebook talking a bunch of derogatory stuff about your children. How can you sit down and defend that animal. She has no regards for neither God nar man. I know your beautiful daughter and the lies she is posting is definitely deformation of character.

  79. Lisa time is coming! day after day she’s posting irrelevant shit on social media and the fact remains the same. SHE OWE PPL DEM MONEY AND SHE NEED FU PAY UP. She lied to ppl saying this one didn’t throw and that one didn’t throw not knowing all along ppl throwing their money faithfully and she a tek ppl money a mine she f**king man. She all send 6 barrels to Guyana, bury she kip man relative, took all inclusive trips to Jamaica for the KIP MAN BIRTHDAY, buy car, buy Pinckney clothes fu ppl, took several trips to Florida with JAWATTI, went shopping upstate and the list goes on. Lisa time is coming! She must remember the longest rope have a end and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS BEFORE IT’S TIME.

  80. Correction = bury the KIP MAN FATHER, hab big party after the funeral and every month supplying medication to the MAN MOTHER. Tell me she nuh WICKED! All that she’s doing with ppl money and to top if off she was doing WELFARE FRAUD when she was working for $1100 weekly and hear wha dat was f**king tax free. The idea MS.GREEN aka CASSANDRA GREEN. All of a sudden she have handle to fu she name a talk bout Ms.Green. Lisa say all how she so narsy wid de dutty clothes and dem a pile high to she ceiling. Lisa say not even a proper meal she can cook and all wha she Pinckney dem yamn a Chinese food. Lisa say again me tired a she a call,call she every minute a bawl a bawl over de gal baby father. She same CASSANDRA dat work fu welfare a she a de one that a do de fraudulent paper work for Lisa. Cassandra talk bout um and dat a how ppl know cause Lisa sent and individual to drop off the bogus pay stubs to Cassandra and tell dem DO NOT ASK FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT DE Ms.Green but she Cassandra fu she job soon fire she when we done.

  81. Even she family send she money to buy them things and she nyam ebbery Penny off. Lisa tell family members Hillary owe she fu de bax monie. Lisa why you so frigging wicked gal. You must go a jail
    You rass hole a one disgrace to the Francis name. The Apple na fall far from the tree Luanne a the same f**king thing.

  82. Lisa say she went to the police and made a report about her being on pink wall and they are investigating. Look are you na kill me LMAO. She say she went to her Lawyer and she will be suing whoever did this. A how come nobody a sue she for all the shit she put up on Facebook. Bitch if you can’t stand the best come out the motherf**king kitchen.

  83. Lisa say she is going to Antigua next month we need to alert the officials down there that Lisa Francis the Exconvict coming home
    The tourist they a Miller Reef need to hold them bag tight. Thief a large. Antigua most wanted.

  84. Lisa hate Hilary daughter because she claim say her niece slap her mother. Lisa say her niece is a low life because she f**king Byron. No how she feel the low life niece will be graduating law school and none a Lisa pickney them have no degree. Everyday she on Facebook talking about her son is a correction officer. I am too sorry when she thieving rass hole reach Rikers her son won’t be able to watch his mother because of policy . Lisa even say her niece graduation picture na look good. Hater bitch Lisa

  85. That BIG SLOPPY BITCH LISA also said that she nuh LUB Cheryl because IKO and BYRON a f**k she Cheryl. Lisa say JEAN know about it and keeping a secret but she never know that the secret would come to light. Lisa say Hilary soon go jail for the section 8 she have, she working for big money and nuh want pay NO rent. Lisa say she even get the lawsuit from her daughter and all Hilary do a shop and buy bag. Hillary if you only knew the things Lisa said about you, you regret this day that she’s your sister. Lisa say she tooo want Terry left you cause she Want you fu get one heart attack and drop dung DEAD….

  86. Them say Lisa still a cry for the poverty strike GUYANESE MAN She miss sucking he bud
    Nasty bitch.

  87. I hear that Jahwatti get he money and a pretend. He gone back go f**k Lisa,how miserable kick his ass out the f**king group because if you are not with us you are against us. Jahwatti cannot be trusted he is a dog. Lisa say she know how for catch he she say he love things.

  88. Lisa a set up Cali against Cheryl Facebook drama. The same Lisa that had Cali picture sending around sucking Renegade Dick now she a Cali big fren.

  89. Lisa, you quite like a mouse! A way u? Police finally get you fu all de money you done thief.. Lisa say she go to she lawyer and she lawyer tell she nuh fu worry bout them and dem money because dem never did a pay taxes pon de money…. wwooiiieeee ah you nuh kill me. She and de lawyer man chupid nuh f**k. Narsy tinking f**king Lisa give de ppl back dem money you tooo wicked. Me nuh when all dis done u go kill u self. Dis woman yah hostage in she own f**king house. Danroy dat work a APUA say he want back he money he lend you

  90. Lisa is demon possessed
    Anyone who spend most of their life indulging in witchcraft and hurt people had a serious problem. I hope she see how Muff died.

  91. Lisa house dirty a rass me hear roach fu bang dog. Lisa cousin and her cousin daughter visited her from Antigua the poor woman was embarrassed of the filthy apartment she offered to clean and since then Lisa refuse to let her visit again. Lisa house look worst than Stanford junk yard. Clothes alllllllllll over from the floor to the roof don’t talk about her daughter bedroom. The pot a seasoned rice she put up on Facebook must have in dead roach and rat shit. Parkchester gave her a citation already for boarding. This is a sick nastiness.

  92. Every day Lisa lie just because
    She needs to stop calling my f***ing phone. Dumb bitch

  93. Danroy say $6000 Lisa borrowed from him and when a time for get he money she tap talk to he. Wicked monster bitch.

  94. Lisa have no conscience. She tek the people dem pardna momie and send she daughter a Antigua last year for Carnival go play Mass. She buy one ton a thieving clothes fu she pickney for go a Antigua. Philly blunt say all now Lisa still owe she for the thieving credits. Philly blunt tired a Lisa they all going to jail soon and very soon. The thieves are. Lisa,Cheryl Manners Brookes ,Lauren Abbott, Cali Abbott, Dian Abbott and Luanne Wynter. They are under 24 hours thieving watch.

  95. Lisa bring she daughter in America late after she done mash up. Luanne Wynter your mother hates you she always did and always will. Luanne she done tired a you inna she apartment, Lisa say before Luanne go look work for help pay she back the ton a money she spent on her,she come America and gone say she a get GED. Lisa say Luanne love too much dutty friends and is Luanne listen to her she would not have had to steal the people dem pardna momie. What a wicked mother Lisa is.

  96. Lisa hurry bring up Luanne and the granddaughter only because she was them social security number for file tax return. Wait man IRS soon catch up with them rass

  97. Me hear Luanne a get food stamp and Welfare a pay rent to Lisa just wait till the other grand mother find out everything a go be hell work. Hillary say she will never find no job for Luanne. Hillary say she shame a Lisa and can’t believe she thief so much a the people dem pardna money. Lisa you going to prison. You a look for house under prevailed piece a shit. Wait a the people dem pardna money you ago tek buy house. When you get you hand you hand from the woman you a throw box with try pay back the money.

  98. Lisa Pay the people them back please it is the right thing to do. A concern family member.

  99. Wait a Lisa picture me see put up inna town she bitch. I will never forget when she slept with my friend husband. I am going back to sipping my tea.

  100. Cheryl Manners Brookes you blind you can’t see Lisa Nathaniel is going to destroy you.

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