1. Realest ting mi watch all week. Jah know. More while das why mi still try wid mi madda an try fi give har a Bly….at least when mi chip no wet up cause mi know she Neva know har madda nor father so mi try Nuh give har all di blame fi di way she deal wid me…. But when di hell does di cycle break cause if me can learn she can learn to… but what u do when she naw budge even at her age. an mi budge wid wah she do me in less Dan half fi har age. When u fraid fi have a picney cause yuh Nuh wah wah she do di cycle continue…. Mi need fi fawud dis m3k she watch it if she have di time dis might too real fi har. Blame mi father tuh cause if him did help har an Neva leave….. road wouldn’t affi grow me and she would maybe have time to watch an pay attention wid some compassion mi can’t even memba hugging my madda or she hug me… Di only physical affection is some bloodclaat lick and kick an Bax weh she admit say was just outta frustration…. imagine a get lick an yuh Nuh know wah yuh do mi rass! no sah. She affi go watch dis send har right up inna Jesus.

  2. So i watched this documentary a while ago and was left with mixed feeling. It was a very relevant documentary that shed light on a lot of issues in jamaica. I was also left unsettled because I know that the person that created the documentary was an uptown white woman (named tammy i beleive). I felt that it was so easy for people who have never struggled to make a doc about bad parenting in Jamaica. The creators of this doc have housekeepers, nannies, etc. I often wonder if uptown parents didnt have the luxury of passing the responsibility off to someone else what their parenting would be like. I would love to see someone make a documentary about the underbelly of uptown parenting and familial relationships. Like the abortions they secretly have, the peopel they pay off to get ahead etc,

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