Dutty terry have time pon har hands eeh…. Why u nuh go clean out Yuh roach infested house and try fi keep Yuh batty man baby father weh a f**k both man and woman so him can stay home… Kevin inna tattoo shop a suck the gyal dem p**y and naw suck ur roach hole.. Every day him deh a shorty yard a chat u how Yuh nasty and wicked that’s y him don’t stay there and him soon move out leave u.. What a way Kevin nuh talk to ppl but shorty know all Yuh bizness tho… All when Yuh pickney sick like dog and u a call him phone him up inna shorty p**y and naw ansa u…. Stinking mouth terry…


  1. No man dis fi change to XLCR wall, unu bad eeeeh. Terrrryyyyy yuh reach ova yah again, you a work fi MVP or wah?? Mi like how yuh always a post pic wid Shorty man doh, cause dat man hardly deh a yuh yard it look like fi him tattoo shop open 24/7

    1. I think this has to do with her fren being on here yesterday…pathetic Kystal, Terry and the whole lot unnu love mix up way too much this is why unnu always over here

  2. Lick out batty terry weh love chat ppl she and har nasty fren dem always ova yah… She love watch ppl business when fi har man naw sleep home caz a shorty house him deh itch up everyday fi drive the girl BMW caz dem take back fi dem car.. Terry deh inna farin a suffer like dog with har handicap looking pickney dem weh the baby father not even a look pon.. Everyday mi see this gyal a post bout she working and focus.. Focus pon the roach dem inna ur house and the duty clothes dem a dat ur baby father in the streets a talk bout and say him family dem say fi lef u… U don’t see shorty put him out wah night?? Yes carry all him clothes go give him a di tattoo shop and never look back and licky licky batty boy gone knock down her door and all now she nuh ansa… She say she a return him back to the roach yard

  3. Terry shawty say she tired a u a call har phone and a bawl bout Kevin caz him naw leave her alone all she a run him. Wah day she go JA and boy nuh stop call bout him miss har and him nuh wah tan a the yard with u and him stay a him tattoo shop jus fi nuh see u. Gyal u nuh shame.. U see that’s y it nuh pay fi fass inna ppl business caz ur own spoil and Kevin naw look pon u him say him naw pay no bills in a the house caz u too wutliss bout u ago use tax money go back fi the car when the rent fi pay… Yes girl the tattoo shop have ur file bitch

  4. honestly don’t know u and don’t care to but anon 7.36 u wrong for talking bout this girl kids. and by the way u sound very stupid cussing the kids when the father a f**k u ina the same mouth u a used cuss him kids. no respect for u for troubling those innocent kids, they did not ask to be in this, calling them handicap. plse send a pic of u. well bleach out with a hint of down syndrome

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