Met good day. After seeing this girl I was compelled to say something. Mi nah sugar coat nothing. Opal yuh make up look like it was done by a mortician. Woman MECK yuh duh yourself suh? Met if yuh look closely yuh see the rawness of her skin from the bleach. Watch the elbow.. She look sick.. wha dem gal yah nuh realize is that once yuh start sobotage yuh body, there is no going bk. Yuh look old. Nothing refined. Yuh look sad.

30 thoughts on “TWINNY EMBALMMENT

  1. No disrespect, but where do you see nice body, you guys always have the computer fooling you. She always take pictures at that black and white floor kitchen hallway, let me see the rest of the house, oh sorry it full a barrell like the last picture you posted. Opal stop seeking attention, your face is melting. You dont have to wear so much fake designer stuff, cheap and clean looks good also. Invest in your children’s future like becoming a property owner, so you can leave something behind for your children or even a life insurance policy. You may be a sweetheart, but you are definetly seeking attention. I have had a breast augmentation so i can tell you these ladies bodies are hurting them, it gives back pain and other strange sensations, nothing beat real deal. With that said Opal i am not coming for you. Just telling you the truth, your face always look like your body is hurting.

  2. The doctors dont do face n neck? Mi sey them put on dis duck looking bottom n chicken chest n suck out the belly to nothing and the face a fall apart like trump white house..its not a good look no doctor cannot make u all look like no 20/25 at 40yrs and over.

  3. Opal is old that’s the reality of this pic her neck shows her true age. Old woman a run down hype inna young girl clothes.

  4. Twinny your fake BATTY can’t even move.. DISGUSTING!!! You seriously need intervention or your slow. Ole woman grow up!!!!

  5. One thing i will say she ugly bad bad u wah see har without the makeup yuh run like thief… nuh wonder di man left har tired fi wake up to di ugliness a morning time lmaooo.. she really needs to do something with the FACE.. body dun up face fi dun up to

  6. All these old Jamaican chicks look horrible in person bleach out wash out done out everything f**ked up they are a hot mess that’s why they always hating on the pretty young girls them cause they ugly that’s why they so mad hahahaha I would be mad too if I looked like them

  7. A true no hate her skin raw look like it sore opal noh have a thing fi show no body a section 8 house opal live inna dats y shi noh wah goh look wuk shi get food stamps an help with her rent

  8. Opal stay bad nothing real bout her she bleach out. Fake Ass fake breast fake hips and face always look like she plaster the makeup pon her she always a leave her Pinckney pon people and a walk and beg Food, Gal go cook a meal for your kids. no man nah want her everybody done seen her old ass naked nothing left to the imagination . she need to try to raise her kids and act her age twinny a 49 soon 50 years old and a at like a Damm prostitute/ stripper no Class !!!!!! Very low Class !!!!!!!!!! Bad girl my Ass!!!!!!

  9. It’s sad when your self esteem is so low you have to walk the road half naked tired of the Build a Bear Bitches acting like God made them that way. You is a fake bitch not a bad bitch

  10. My definition of a bad bitch is when you don’t have to be on welfare getting food stamps waiting on your sons SSI check and getting section 8 this ain’t no bad bitch …,,,shit if a lot of us had it as easy as this bitch we could be out here posing like too

  11. Seriously tho was her face battered or cut up… outside of the bleaching I’m a nurse it look like her face was severed somehow and she’s trying to hide it with the makeup all jokes aside. The woman looks terrible. You can’t hate yourself this much.

  12. This lady isnt ugly!!! You all are a bunch of misfits! Bored with yourselves and has nothing to do besides from watch others and pass judgment. I don’t see ugly only aging a little and we all are going to age. Joan Collins killed herself trying to preserve her youth. You all are horrible people tearing down another woman like this. I have seen her pictures and videos, and she is a pretty lady with a nice shape. Her shape turnt all the way UP! Better than most here damn sure better than mines. Store bought or not you all are dying to have it done. Some of you guys looks like ants you know who you are. Why not build her up? Don’t tear her down. I swear Jamaicans are the worst! There’s no compassion in you all at all; jealousy is going to devour you all because its just that why you all are so hungry to tear and destroy this woman for nothing. Why not see her and express your true feelings to her face? LOL, yeah I thought so… cowards. Bleached out or not all you guys does it, every last one of you; nothing about you all are original, nothing! It’s her body and life allow her to live the way she wants to live. I would have thought that she was taking food out of you all’s mouths to how you all are reacting towards her? Damn, is it that serious?

    Met: How are you babycakes, blessings.

  13. @pinks DC. Stfu I take it you’re not Jamaican. Not all Jamaicans bleach and do their bodies. If yuh put yuhsef out there to be criticized you will be. Old time ppl say the higher the monkey climb, the more he’s exposed. A dem wha turn dancehall celebrities so true to form celebrities get criticized. Why should I build her up when a she a tear down har own self? Then she submitt her own pic on IOB (industry on blast) and get diss. Yuh haffi come correct if yuh going to go all out like that. Look at the girls on LHH. Dem body might look the same but dem face more refined. Dem Ooman yah bleach dem skin and brain..No good rest just pawty pawty. Dem face tired and dem pores wha breath under that play dough dem have pon dem face..She should Teck this as constructive criticism and do better. Come on now.

  14. To SMFH I have never besmirch anyone here, never! Met can confirm that.

    To: NY Nurse:

    Your ignorant as hell! Your small minded and is lacking compassion and understanding! It’s not everything you see or hear you have to comment on or scrutinize. So-what if she is out there? It’s her life she can do as she feels with her life and body, it’s hers. Why does it hurt you so much if she is not resting or her face needs airing, wth? You know better but because you’re to inquizitive and “fast” and want to dip into any and everyone’s lives around you that caused you to say and make ignorant statements about people that should not be made! I did not say all Jamaicans bleached but most does or as I’ve heard “toning”??? Like I’ve stated previously there is nothing original about you guys, nothinggggggggggg!!! See, wondering where I’m from, assuming I am American; there goes your over-inquizitive behind! Stay in your lane and worry about your pores and your body and where you’re from!

  15. @pink DC. I’m ignorant?? Read back your comment and ask yourself a who sound ignorant. First thing first. You a chat bout Jamaicans. Mi is a Jamaican and it’s clear that u are not.You generalized Jamaicans. Jamaican have some of the worlds’ most naturally beautiful,sexiest women. We are a diverse culture.That being said, Not all or most jamaicans bleach and do their bodies. Youre speaking of a group of ppl. But because you probably are use to associating with that small group you think we are all like that. I am an original browning and there is nothing to me like a beautiful chocolate skin person. Most ppl that bleach weren’t ugly to begin with, but the years of bleaching unnuh start look like walking dead. Dem ppl go too far with the bleaching till dem kin a buss up dem haffi tatoo over the damage that the bleaching does. Which end up looking more awful.Speaking from a clinical perspective, these ppl f@#k up their pigmentation so much thus confusing the intergumentary system. These things causes skin cancer. Only because of patient confidentiality. I have a pt right now in the room across the nurses station that is dying from skin cancer. She is not Jamaican. She bleach to the point her skin is like plastic so transparent. Unnuh ppl haffi wisen up and think of years when unnuh get old. Nothing wrong with toning like nadinola wha mi madda and grandmadda use to use but the heavy bleaching is NOT healthy. These topical creams goes thru your pores into your blood stream. Met mi nah war wid gal over yah, however Ms Punk DC advocating for Twinny like a yuh client.

  16. Twinny cut yuh f**kry!!! Your using filter from your phone camera plus you have on makeup so who the f**k are u kidding… lmao! If half your Insta followers saw u in person lawd they would be in shock! Your still ugly old lady

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