1. YEAP THE LIQUOR WEAR OFF……oh boy . beep beep “SIRI how to hack off my left hand with the least amount of pain ? “

  2. I’m LOST She always looks like dis to me dirty and stink like she just cum outta bed …don’t see da difference

  3. Choo me a dummy, smaddy kinely explain di “fans” ting fi mi wid some af deez not suh pretty people. Are dat di new werd fi relatives?

  4. Give her credit she’s very funny with jokes ‘ Buttttttt she seems to be high all the time & can’t catch her breath when she start the horse race speech or talk . Hear the new song ‘ i guess she’s disappointed they did not share it that much or liked it 🙁 her new Utube video .

  5. wally wally wally..u have me confused…are u for culture and roots or are u for the dancehall teggy dem…one minute u a deal wid consciousness. .the next u a deal wid nakedness..mek up u mind. cause me confused..

  6. how diss slack my god di hater of blackness is strong,good job colonialist… diss black shin hate deep

  7. how diss slack my god di hater of blackness is strong,good job colonialist… diss black skin hate deep

  8. She sure is nuff inna everything mark Florida…Wally did u go to Bumma memorial Sunday cause u were surely nuff up at di crime scence like ya police. Come tell we how it did gwaan.

  9. Haters going to hate…after most of u guys no wake up pretty…and she no ugly…paris paradise just a f**king hater a post up the girl pic on her page like she no have nothing better to do…like go back to school and learn to form a proper sentence…jcan love to bring down each other…

  10. LORD SOME A UNNUH JUST BADMIND UNNCH NEED FI STOP IT AND GROW THE F**K UP WALLY better half then most of unnuh. All unnuh do is talk about ppl unnuh don’t have anything better fi do..instead of watchin people go take care of unnuh business and come off the young lady name SHE DONT EVEN A NOTICE UNNCH..

  11. Dutty paris how tf u a seh wally ugly you look like wem mi vomit ..look inna the mirror good caz u look like ur face step inna dog shit gtof wally back a go look a dick suck f**king ugly gyal kmft and dh gyal deh up top bou wally look stink hope u no smell like hog shut brite

  12. Paris need Fi guh look fi her baby father them all she duh a sit down watch people success she’s a f**king hater non ambition bitch who need to go back to school and get a proper education….stop si dung n breed up like bloodclath rabbit bitch n low di woman mek she suh are thing…….Dutty Paris paradise weh when ha talk yuh bloodclath eye dem look like rat shit in a dem dm cah open,…n an yuh f**king face skin up like yah smell yuh Dutty pussy bitch low Wally n guh si dung dunce head gal….Wally have something fi show what she accomplish posting her vids doing her shows making dat money…money dat you wouldn’t even make selling yuh stinking sour pussy….bitch u cah walk in a Wally shoes n di clown dem weh u have a write up pan pink wall stink jus like u uno a hater watch di bloodclath wire bitch cuz what u do to PPLwill fall back on ur children my madda teach mi dat….becarefful what u do to ppl n try bring shame n disgrace it will make u misterable in di end,…bad mind is a wicked thing it worst Dan obeah …..mi 9yuh u need fu guh hold several seets back n Gweh

  13. I think wallys personality and hard work placed her where she is at. Why hate…this crab inna barrel mentality is fast becoming the reality of.many people… are.a black satisfaction is their in kind…..the.pie.can be shared….kool it nuh….one love.

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