Let’s talk about the big fat pink elephant in DMV that we should all be outraged about. How is it that we are comfortable, talking about peoples flawed lives, flawed bodies, flawed relationships (which we all struggle with btw) but wha we fi chat bout and lick out pan, we nah chat bout. Or is it that we are scared to speak against the so called “bad man” that are involved? Two weeks ago at Amber Roxy cookout, there were children, teenagers, old and in between at the venue. These old tuff, bleach out, broke ass hustlers, only bad wid company, only bad inna crowd, only bad when dem strap up decide to start shoot up the place. This is what I cannot understand, you have beef with someone, and unno dunce head tell unno seh, mek me go a di ppl dem cookout, and start shoot and expose innocent people to unno f**y!
You know who I blame, us! We the patrons, the selectors and the promoters! Yall know who these people are, and selectors when unno see dem inna di dance, about 50 time fi di night unno call dem name. When deep down yall know these niggas aint sh*t! And unno chat dem like dog when unno round unno real friend dem. Why stroke their ego? And I doubt you are a part of their payroll. Or is it easier to just play along to get along.
To the promoters, unno need fi come correct and mek ppl put some respect on yall events. Have better security patrol unno event and really check these homeless, live inna dem madda house, live inna basement but wear Louis Vuitton war mongers, before dem come in a di event. Do not get the security that everybody and dem muma know, who allow any slime thru. Ring the alarm from early, and do like King and Ida, and tell dem fi tan a dem yaad because yuh event anno fi drang crow like dem, but fi decent people who really want to come out and have good time.
And for us dancehall patrons, when we see these f**rs walk in any dance I suggest we kindly start heading to the nearest exit. Not because we are afraid but because we value our lives. Most of us have family that depend on us and need us to be around to take care of them. We cannot afford fi no stray bullet come ketch we. These motherf**ers have no respect for their lives much less ours. They have nothing to live for and nothing to lose. They are a perfect example of “crab inna barrel” mentality. All pulling each other down to get to the top but making no progress.
And to you missa sar/sars, you are caught up in a cycle that leads to deportation, prison or death. Your choice will be made, and we will all hear about it and move on, as we always do. This is not hate, it’s the inevitable. There were many others before you and there will be others after you, but for now it’s your season.


  1. One more R*SS reason why I man don’t want nobody to know I’m a fkin Jamaican when I’m abroad doing business. Seems all we J’cans know about is the dumb-as-fk-dancehall-life.

    Met some of Jamaicans are humble, decent and hard working people. We try to avoid the “dancehall” moniker/flag at all costs. @MAMACITA – we ain’t all about that ghetto talk bullsh**.

    Met – you have truly opened our eyes to how the masses that run-off or inna dancehall in the USA live. Beg onnu DO NO come back a Jamaica when Dump-Trump dunn wid onnu.

  2. Sorry miss mi neva know bout it :nerd I see dis pissed yuh di hell off.. but mi ano one a dem miss.. mi nuh fraid fi talk ooo mi tongue deh pan mi farrid.

  3. To be quite frank, this will not change. This pink elephant will change to green, blue, yellow, and back to pink. What needs to change are irresponsible parents bringing their children to these heavily-saturated “Dancehall Events!” Is this the norm for other DH areas NY, Philly, Cali, Jersey, Miami, Fort Lauderdale? Because if not, DMV parents dem jus wukless bad!! If you live YOUR wutless life and choose fi go dead ina dancehall that’s on you. but u pickinee deven have a choice. some a unu too wutless a dress up unu pickinee ina Sunday bess fi go mek man and woman prey pon dem, fi dem smell all kinda dutty herbs, fi dem de roun all kinda sumting including guns and gun battles. unu want a beaten! nu know wis part some a unu learn fi b parents.

  4. di pink elephant unu talking is SOUJIEE bleach out from waterhouse.. him waah two kick n a bax upside him head.. or waah ah man shot him inna him batty,, him n leng issa dunse.. unu fi mek unu $$ go buy unu dare tings n stay home inna unu la la land, cause yall bitch ass niggas cant be tamed or have self control or respect fi ppl n dem kids.. unu claims unu ah bad ppl but try noe when mi see unu mi phone deh pon 911 speed dial mi ago mny pull up fi popo come cause if unu think unu hypness ahgo mash up poor lil DMV sad mistake nasty shithouse unu fi go suck unu mumma n keep quiet man.. comin like terrorist ah gwanna call OBAMA N ASK FI DI BINLADEN special pon unu dawg shits..

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