A young woman, who reportedly stole a woman’s baby from Kingston and took the child to her paramour in Mandeville, Manchester, to pass off as theirs, was remanded for psychiatric evaluation when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

Shannon Ramsay, 25, of Old Harbour, St Catherine, was remanded by Senior Parish Judge Judith Pusey on a child stealing charge when she appeared in court on Friday.

According to allegations, Ramsay befriended the pregnant complainant and after she gave birth, told her that she could get a job for her in Kingston, and invited her to travel to the parish.

Further allegations are that on March 26, Ramsay met the complainant in Mandeville and accompanied her to Emancipation Park in St Andrew.

However, allegations are that while they were at the park, the complainant left her baby with Ramsay and went to buy something, but when she returned, she could not find Ramsay.
The matter was reported and the police, following an investigation, found Ramsay with the baby in Mandeville.

On Friday when the matter was mentioned, the prosecutor told the court that Ramsay took the baby to Mandeville to give to her boyfriend, saying it was his baby.

But her lawyer, Denise Hinson, told the court that there was an agreement between the complainant and the accused.

“Did you agree to give her your baby when the baby born?” the judge asked the complainant immediately.

“No, nothing like that,” replied the complainant, who has six other children.

The judge also enquired if there was a cost associated with the agreement. Hinson in reply said that was not the case but that her client had been assisting the complainant financially.

“It is so unlawful … the accused believed that she could buy the complainant’s baby,” Judge Pusey remarked.

She then asked Hinson if her client was of sound mind and reasonable discretion while pointing out that she believed that Ramsay should be evaluated.

“Let us take a look if she believes, reasonably or unreasonably, that the complainant was selling her baby or having the baby for her— whether she have one or a million children,” Judge Pusey said.

“These are the kinds of things you watch on TV,” the judge added.

Ramsay was then remanded for psychiatric evaluation and is scheduled to return to court on April


  1. Met, have you heard any follow up on the young girl that was claiming they took one of the twin after giving birth… I think it was at Jubilee, not certain.
    You posted the video a few months back I believe.

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