Man accused of biting man’s private area granted bail

A successful bail application was made in the St Catherine Parish Court on behalf of a man who allegedly severely bit a complainant on his private (penis) body

The Portmore resident who is charged with wounding with intent and larceny of motorcar was granted $200,000 bail with a surety.

In applying for bail Attorney-at-Law Ernest Smith told the court his client was only defending his integrity during the incident.

“This man who was a mentor,took my client out for drinks,then instead of driving him home turned into a Culdisac,where he tried to forced himself upon my client who refused his advances,” Smith said with suppressed laughter inside the court room.

He said to protect his dignity the 24-year-old man used a knife to stab the (a school’s principal)complainant. The lawyer said the complainant jumped from the car and accused took control of the car and hit the complainant in the process.

Smith told the court his client reported the matter to the police the same night and nothing happened.

The complainant made a report three weeks later and his client was taken in custody.

Bail was subsequently granted on condition that he reports to the Caymanas police station,surrender hi travel document and reappear on July 19,2016.

Allegations before the court are that the day in question the accused injured the (principal) complainant as he attempted rob his motorcar.

A report was made to the police and the man subsequently arrested and charged by the police.


  1. Mr Principal u story don’t add up. The biter didn’t try to rob you of your car…nopes!! Dats the best defence you could come with why ur privates got injured?

  2. 2 a dem a lovers (batty man business) what type of example is he setting for the students, what a shame and disgrace

  3. But did he stab him in the buddy? Where the biting come in, mi a wonder if the buddy slayer was once a student of principal pervert?

  4. It’s a disappointment that this Principal is not smarter. The lesson learned here for him is to stop buy drinks to young men as a way to win them over sexually. He is a dumb MOFO to let his insanity catch up with his stupidity!

  5. Unno see, if these statements are true then the principal is essentially a sex predator. How you going to put argument to someone you are mentoring? I don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation, but preying on someone who look up to you is an abuse of power. Even if this was a man/woman situation it would be wrong. How can someone give consent to another when they are unequals?

    For the gay readers of the website, are ppl using Grindr in Jamaica?

  6. If he stabbed him when exactly did the bite take place? And why did the bit happen if he had a knife?

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