The curse of backwardness
Every human being primary and secondary purpose is to serve God and his kingdom and to increase, develop and mature as he progresses throughout his earthly existence. This is so because man’s destiny is always ahead of him and it will always be as a result of his consistent forward progress that will take him to his God intended destiny.
In fact if you were to observe carefully, just about everything in nature has a beginning and it will continue to mature or grow until it arrived at its end or destiny. Therefore everything that was made by God with the purpose to grow, progress or increase and it’s not achieving that purpose; I can guarantee you its experiencing some form of frustration.
Today I want to enlighten you concerning the curse of backwardness. Now, most of you reading this right now are probably lost as to what is this curse of backwardness and does such a curse really exist? Well, the curse of backwardness is the inability of a person to mature, develop, progress, go forward and increase as designed by God for them to do.
Now, in order to understand a curse one must have knowledge of a blessing simply because a curse is just the opposite of a blessing. According to scripture a blessing which is spiritual (non-tangible) empowers one to physically achieve what one could not have achieved under normal circumstances. The evidence of this is found in Genesis 1:28, which says the following, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth”.
So as you would have read in order for one to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion over anything, his creator must invoke a blessing upon him. Well, the opposite is also true, when one is cursed, again which is also spiritual, that person can not be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue or have dominion over anything. Therefore, lacking the ability to perform these functions he now exists in a backward or reverse state.
Millions of people the world over are under this curse and are not aware of it; in reality most of them have accepted it as a normal way of life. For example at age 40 you have no children, never been married, own no real estate, your dress code resemble something dug up from the 1960’s. You have no desire to advance or educate yourself, no motivation, and no goals. Operating or learning modern day technology for you is equivalent to having a root canal done. If you do own a car it’s probably something Noah used when he came off the Ark. All of the above my friend are clear signs that you are under a curse of backwardness.
Let us go a little deeper, the curse of backwardness has two main objectives and they are:
To set up strongholds in its victim’s mind, so that the victim would repeat failure and backward behavior that appears normal to them.
To spiritually bind or cage its victim’s spirit, which will automatically prevent the victim from ever maturing, developing, increasing or progressing physically?
Folks I am fully aware that this all sounds far fetch to you but the reality of this is portrayed in our society everyday. Just for a second, think about that young man or woman who is far younger than you are consistently begging for money and disgracefully dressed, walking aimlessly on the streets. Think about that person that sits home all day with zero ambition and refuses to work. What about that wife who refuses to clean and cook for her family but is quite comfortable living in an untidy environment and sees absolutely nothing wrong with such behavior? What about that person who is highly educated but settles for mediocre jobs? Procrastination and laziness literally subdues this person Again, all of the above are signs that something is terribly wrong.
For the most part the evidence of this curse is revealed in our dreams. For example are you having dreams about yourself being in primary school, high school, or dreams of always being in your childhood home particularly your Father’s or mother’s house maybe even your grand parents house? What about dreaming of yourself always being on a former job or a placed that you once lived such as an Island, country, state etc. These are all symbols in your dreams indicating backwardness. Meaning, your former jobs, schools, childhood home etc are places that you have already completed throughout the course of your life. So if you’re having these dreams then the dream is indicating that you’re going backwards, always starting over, never making any real progress.
As usual let us look for revelation in the scriptures to unlock this very common mystery. In the book of Ecclesiastes 5 some very interesting comments are made by King Solomon in regards to this curse of backwardness. In verse 16 of the said chapter Solomon said the following, “And this also is a sore evil, that in all points as he came, so shall he go: and what profit hath he that hath labored for the wind?” in order to get the full understanding of this scripture, we must understand the phrase “a sore evil” a sore evil literally means a curse, so in essence King Solomon is saying it is a curse for a man to enter this world and achieved nothing within his life time, he then asks the question, what does he have to show after working so hard for absolutely nothing?
The truth is we will all leave this world taking nothing with us, but the real question is what did we accomplished, what did we achieve, whose life, environment or world did we impact? Secondly, what prevented us from achieving, where did it all began, especially when you consider the fact that we were not in prison, chained, anchored or restrained in any way that would have been understandable for our non-progress, and non-development and immaturity.
I don’t know who you are that’s reading this article, what I do know, is that it is not by chance or accident but God has led you here to open your eyes to the understanding that you are currently and have been for sometime now under this evil curse of backwardness. My friend It is impossible to propel forward accompanied with this curse that has setup a stronghold in your mind meaning it has and will continue to influence you to think in a defeated backward pattern. The evidence of this will display in your everyday behavior via you not progressing.
The curse of backwardness operates on the law that says, “So a man thinks in his heart so he becomes” Proverbs 23:7. The heart in this text symbolizes your mind, so who or whatever controls or influences your mind literally controls you and has made you a prisoner to the curse of backwardness. In fact Ecclesiastes 5:17 (NIV version) clearly states what this cursed individual life will be like, “Moreover, all his days he eats in darkness in much vexation and sickness and anger”
There was a cartoon character that aired on television years ago by the name of GI Joe, his most noted words were, “KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE”. My point here is, now that you know it is now time to fulfill the second half of the battle and that is to DO SOMETHING NOW!
Begin by confessing to God that you are under this curse of backwardness. Then remind God of his word that says, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree” Galatians 3:13.
Tell the lord you are tired of living a life of defeat, and backwardness. In fact, I want to come in agreement with you this very moment, while we ask God together to break every stronghold, chain, cord and anything spiritually and physically that is remotely associated with this curse of backwardness.
I am agreeing with you my friend as we ask God together to renew your mind so that you can now decipher the things of God, think clearly and begin progressing in life according to Romans 12:2. Finally we agree that this day will be the last day this curse of backwardness will ever have any hold on you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]


  1. Good Morning Metty & JMG fambily :peluk Dis is another must read, because the curse of backwardness is ah rising epidemic among our people, esprecially di one dem weh ketch ah foreign an ah loaf. Let the good Lord in His grace and mercy break every chain of dis curse and set those who were once bound on a new path. Let the church say Amen.

    1. Good afternoon Metty and by JMG family. Another amazing post, which I can relate to! Ur insight and philosophy is very much in keeping with my own and my path. Thanks again for this wonderful post!

  2. Good Morning Ms Met, Yawdy4life and the rest of the bloggers. I totally agree with Minister Kevin L A Ewing. This is something that is happening to lot of us and some of us tend to just settle for whatever we are doing, not knowing or thinking that we can do better. This one really touched me

    1. @ It is are here- true true words. Mi find seh some ah wi good pon motivating wi self fi move forward, some just want someone fi point wi inna di right direction, some want a cheerleader along di way, an di rest dus so immersed inna dem backwardness dat dem vision clouded an dem dus forever wutliss.

  3. This is total crap the number one backwardness today is religion religion is the worst thing that ever happened to this earth billions have died in the name of God.the Hebrew created a monotheistic God the romans created Jesus,3000 years later we still believe that garbage backward European created because we fail to upgrade our understanding of this world,pastors us it to make money and people use it to feel better about themselves when they do wrong they pray to some imaginary God and all is well.stupid people believe stupid things blacks are religious and loyal to their slave master God.European did a good brainwashing on us.Africans were the only people who accepted Christianity.

    1. The devil is a liar so u stay dere believe bout Africans etc. Slavery cannot diminish the bible’s credibility so ride on and leave Christianity to those who believe if you dont believe that is fine. You must be backward to think that millions of people would pray without reason to an imaginary God. God has been proven even to atheists .

    2. What ah way yuh quick fi read Min. Ewing post doe. Mi sure by now seh yuh opinion on religion nuh carry nuh weight yasso. So tek yuh mumbo jumbo knowledge some weh else weh it it be appreciated. Satan hab yuh bound suh till yuh out deh a win souls fi him. Satan mislead yuh doe….cah him send yuh ah di wrong location.

  4. On one hand a pure slackness and passa passa post and on the other religious post you are totally confused. Ignorance is a bliss the effectiveness of brainwashing is the individuals don’t know they are.European took Christianity to india and couldn’t convert them.they took it to asia and failed .leopard said lets take the bible to those backward people and trade it to them for the land.
    Two questions to know if you really Christian
    without researching.
    Q1. What is the name of JAY Z baby ?
    Q2. What is the name of JACOB(bible) first son ?
    If you can answer question one instant and not question two.(I don’t think I have to write the obvious)

    1. Jayz has children not just child, jacob’s first son esau the one with the hairy skin..anything else……This site is a mixture many things as is life in general..u choose what u want to read from …You are the one who is ignorant

      1. You would have to ask a more complex question where bible is concerned because the story of jacob and his sons are sunday school stories almost every church goer knows them. Esau’s sold his birthright was that him? :travel

  5. Esau was jacob’s brother.not his son,genius.
    I am glad you highlighed it was an easy question.
    He is one of the pillars of (judaism)so call Christianity.Jacob had 12 sons the first was Rueben the last was Joseph.
    That’s why I tell you god and Christianity is like hard cement in the back of the head slave master force it on our ancestors they force it on us generation after generation because that’s all they knew they weren’t educated or had the access to education so they just pass on what they were taught.know information is everywhere we re-read what were taught compare it to the world of information we now have access to and realized it was a fairly tale.You say you believe in God and the one book he supposedly inspired man to write you don’t know the easiest question in it you have lived for over 30 to 40 years and I bet you have not read the entire bible.ONE BOOK ,THAT’S IT THE MAN IN THE SKY GIVE YOU TO READ IN A LIFETIME AND YOU DON’T.I bet you know what JAY Z baby name is.KMT CONFUSED.

    1. oh yes ure correct and jacob was the one with the name change nuh? because he was born with the back yes ruben and rebecca………… u still cant tell me nothing

    2. U dont even know if what u a read a fairy tale just like how u think the bible is written for that purpose history and what u are reading can be written for the same purpose. If u were not there to witness anything u cannot give account for it nor can u say it is 100% correct because it a second hand information just the same. Christians ignorant because they dont share your so called ignorance. Mi nuh have no problem saying I am wrong but dont u ever dare come class anyone about what they choose to believe because u choose to believe otherwise..if anything respect each other’s boundary ..First u did a talk bout christianity now u gone a judaism..I dont know nothing bout that nor do I want to know..I am satisfied with knowing just the bible and christ mi nuh feel mi need fi look no further..I feel it is enough..Why is that your problem what I and others choose to believe? A your brain we a borrow fi believe it? I dont know nothing but jayz i know he does have other kids and I dont know their names thank you

    3. It was an easy question..a doe feel no type a way u haffi wheel n come up again because i still could relate mi memba something from that but u fi ask bout books ina di bible whey we hardly read then I may listen to what u have to say and I still wont..Unno so stupid bout out there to read like say a unno write what is being read? Yet the bible wrong n what unno a read right? I have never and will never :travel

  6. Oh and thanks for correcting me on how much kids jay z have i see their life story is your I say before ignorance is a ?

    1. Mi nuh know how much kids him have mi say mi know a more than one. But just like how u know dat one u think mi know that one…I know of ruben n rebecca…Your know is only a fool think dem wise doe? You a claim knowledge and everybaddie else ignorant whey believe christiantiy a whey mek u wise? Respect people’s beliefs because aint no one a cow u down fi run come believe is a choice and u choose whey u choose so di story done rite desso

  7. Have a good twins of twins would say the container thats hold knowledge in your head is full, nothing can be added anything new just flow over unless a some passa pssa.

    1. Twins of twins a dumb and dumber for me so for them my head will be full because I feel satisfied..How dat become ur problem mi nuh get it? We a run up ina u bed wid wi full head???? Worry about yourself and if you are truly satisfied with your belief you dont have to impose it on anyone because u satisfied. What you know was not sought after nor was it inquired about . Why the hostility towards christians who are going about their business with other like minds? My night done good because di way it sweet mi when di devil rise unno up is like mi win a million dollar because a so mi know God real a beat unno bad n we neva raise a whip

      1. WAP WAP beat dem wid the name of Jesus
        I am The Lord your God the alpha and omega the beginning and the end”

        1. How dem so upset bout what people believe? Dem bring up slavery and all kinds of things..di bible a fairy tale but dem believe the scrolls of history?? Nuff prayers oo…Pastor Ewing will be here this month so more upsetment :ngakak

  8. but yang nobody was tlking about religion it was just basic life ………………there is a lot of things that u will never understand y it is that way in life…………………………u don’t need to show ur level of knowing it all it is about the simplicity of life what if somebody want to read it pray what is wrong with that u can go ahead an try to b brilliant but me I choose the simple life anytime n my life is like dis an I will pray for it to b broken rather than go to a obeah mn go sell mi soul ………………..I will keep on praying until I die becuz I know prayer works…………………u go ahead an b mr brillian mine an at the end of the day u still gonna realize that life is just that simple an it is man’s duty to praise an worship god whether u want to believe r not…………………………………thnk u

    1. u a see not the reading of this a di pastor a di problem..but he is coming back so more headache is coming ..mi nah go ina no history book go seh mi believe all because up to 100 years ago dem cudda only put dung di basic n store…nuff mus lef so mek dem believe what dem want dem fi leave people alone too out of order man

    1. Why is that your problem? You so bright you cannot even construct a worthy contradiction. You are in a topic venting about Christians who dont give a hoot about you. How bright could you be? :travel

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