Good morning, you stated you would like to know about my mother. I do not know if she was abused or not, all I know is about my abuse.

The lady in the video believe it or not left four children in Jamaica over 20 years ago, I do not know what her plans was for us but I was 3 years old at the time and she left me with my stepfather who sexually abused me, along with me she left my disabled brother who was 7 years old at the time with the same man, my other siblings my sister who was 3 months at the time she left with strangers who then later became her now mother, my other brother was 10 at the time and was left with his supposedly father who from his record was not such good a life.

I have exposed her because she refuses to take responsibility for her disabled child, now when I was 10 my Aunty did some connection and got me sent to England . my Aunty Cynthia came too my rescue many times she got me out of the situation with my stepfather and asked another aunt to look after us, it then played out that she despised us and many horrific things too place from that ( but regardless I still have respect for her so am not going to disrespect and call out her name), again my Aunty Cynthia came to my rescues and that’s how I end up in the UK. From I got here I have achieved my education working two jobs and have two beautiful children and partner. I have continued since coming to England to support my brother and being there for him every month I send funds to cover is food and extra bits if they need extra money I work extra shift to send it, my only hope now as he is living with non- family members is that he be removed and either I can find away for him to come live with me (which isn’t as easy as people think), but I have been trying to get his mother to take him since I was 12 and she refuses I even offered about 4 months ago by getting in contact with one of her American daughter to ask her mom to take him with her in America and I’ll keep sending the money and even do all the paper work and pay for everything all she have to to is take him and still she hasn’t called me or addressed the issue, all I have had is her 6 children she has had since leaving Jamaican dis credit me and my other siblings and curse at us at every turn stating we are lying and looking attention and that their mother is wonderful, yes wonderful too you all but not us, she never called us or sent money for us never checked up on us or maintained a relationship with us, it’s not she went to America and had a whole different family is the fact that she just left us with no communication and basically for dead.


  1. why would you want someone that treat you so bad to take care of your brother ?

    I would rather give the money to Aunt Cynthia to help out with the brother if possible. Support who support you.

  2. I suggest you leave her alone and keep taking care of your brother. He might end up there and they take advantage of him; please place your brother in a loving professional home and have him registered under the Jamaican disability scheme (NIS), get his NHF card and leave your Mom to karma. Depends on the extent of his disability, you could even get him placed in a program. Persons around the world are already looking at her badly.She good fi all lose her job, wicked woman all now I can’t believe how defensive the woman got. Her lies came out and she is ashamed.

  3. Leave her be. I see a lot of fu%kery from the daughter’s end and obviously from the mother’s end as well. She ain’t interested and nobody can force her. Leave her to God and carry on as unfair as it maybe.

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