St. Thomas businessman Michael McLean has been given to six life sentences for the 2006 murder of an entire family in St. Thomas.

The sentences were imposed Thursday afternoon by Justice Bertram Morrison.

In handing down the sentences, Justice Morrison said McLean must served 60 years behind bars before becoming eligible for parole.

Because McLean has already spent 12 years in custody, the figure reduced was to 48 years, which means that the 51 year old convict can apply for parole when he is 99 years.

In passing judgement, Justice Morrison said the murders were premeditated and that McLean slaughtered the victims.

He described the case as “outstandingly bad and evil”.

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn said she did not apply for death penalty for McLean due to a Privy Council ruling that killings must be of an extraordinary circumstance in order to attract the death penalty.

In his final address before sentence, McLean lashed out at the State, saying he did not get a fair trial and that “an innocent man is being sent to prison.”

He said he has been unfairly described as a “beast”.

He insisted that the case has not been solved.

In an an emotional address to the court, the grandmother of the children said the family has been left devastated by the slaughter of their loved ones.

Sharon Mohammed said the family is still living in fear and have had to relocate from their homes due to security concerns.

The tearful Mohammed said her daughter and grandchildren was slaughtered by a “beast” who scattered their bodies along Prospect beach like trash.

She said the caregiver of the grandfather of the children was also murdered.

Mrs Mohammed said the family has been left traumatised when they heard “lies” at the trial that the family was involved in drugs.

The emotional grandmother said they are from a poor and humble family.

In the social report read out in court Thursday morning, residents of St. Thomas described McLean as a “beast” who has ordered the killing of persons in the parish from behind bars.

Terry Ann Mohammed, Patrice McCool and their children – eight year old Jessie O’Gilvie, nine year old Sean Chin, six year old Jhaid McCool and three year old Lloyd McCool – were found murdered on February 27. Their bodies had stab wounds and their throats were slashed.

McLean had denied the allegations and claimed the family was killed by drug traffickers.

Escape plot

In the meantime, the Police High Command has launched a top level probe after it was revealed that McLean was able to leave Horizon Adult Remand Centre on 19 occasions while in custody.

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn, told the court that the investigation has commenced.

McLean had boasted during the trial that he was taken out of the maximum security facility on several occasions and taken to guesthouses to have sex with several women.

The police are also probing contract killings reportedly instigated by McLean from behinds bars.

Justice Morrison commented that he was concerned about McLean’s statement during the trial.

He called for the authorities to ensure that McLean is not ordering the killing of persons from behind bars.

Justice Morrison added that persons in the correctional services facilitating McLean must be investigated by the authorities.

Justice Morrison said he has been concerned that McLean had been attending court well dressed with his jewellery.

He insisted that persons in the correctional services were facilitating McLean.

There was tight security around McLean after the Police High Command reportedly uncovered a plot for his escape on Thursday.

It is reported he was offering members of the criminal underworld $20 million to aid his escape.

This was confirmed by DPP Llewellyn.

Police personnel stood beside him in the dock during the sentencing hearing Thursday morning, while security members manned other points around the courtbuilding in downtown, Kingston.

Detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) and senior investigators from the Area Four headquarters were in court on Thursday as part of the probe.

7 thoughts on “THE FACE OF EVIL

  1. There was an investigation some years ago where McLean was implication in a woman and a Police officer’s death. What became of that investigation. Why was he isolated in prison to make sure he couldn’t have access to cell phones to order the death of others? Where was he getting his money to be offering $20 Million? Looks like he was a major drug dealer in St. Thomas after being deported. He surely wasn’t making that type of money running a restaurant.

    If true, I hope they find the prison personnel who were facilitating him leaving/returning from the prison and give them life sentences.

  2. Does he have children of his own?

    He will have to deal with the energy he has out in the universe.

    I had a family member and between her and her baby father, who had order my death.

    Which they didn’t succeed- if only they knew what was in store for them.

    People have to be careful what they put in the realms of life.

  3. He is taken to guest house and then still has possession of his jewelry….a wah kind a slackness a happen…smh

  4. There you go again the biggest enablers and facilitators of crime the security forces. Nah investigate if you no pay dem either. God help little Jamaica. But what was his motive for killing them?

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