Land Lord says:
May 28, 2011 at 6:28 am
No bias to mi ting…ummm.Cory nuh memba seh a Jamaica him deh? Weh man wi dun yu fi nuttin at all if that is the real gangstas that are supposedly involved!? Alright now…! Cory says “di man call and seh if u diss mi u a guh dead”,this is a common phrase that most jamaicans from garrison and rural areas are accustomed to. Cory simply used that as a oppurtunity to put his evil plot into effect:Destroy Kartel or bun him out and enhance/expand his own reputation. As a bsiness man he realised Kartel is bad for business and stopping the flow of money by not being able to reach out uo other artistes because of the Gaza label.Check it… Would u be surprised if Cory created Kartel’s current image only to destroy him in the end? Cory discovered Notnice and Popcorn (C’mon son!!!), it is well known that Sean Storm introduced Notnice to Kartel and this was when Deva Brat was still in Gaza.As per Popcorn; Cory was writing Popcorn’s lyrics and deejaying on the song Clarks. Listen!! Cory tek Jamaica people fi idiot, specifically Vybz Kartel. Why did Black Rhyno attack Cory on sight? Because he knew Cory was behind the financials. Do u really think Kartel was “badding” him up and saying “p**y anyhow yu pay dem artists ya when dem come offa tour mi a go kill yu”, if any money was being stolen it was by Cory or they were splitting it. Cory did say he was managing the younger artists(ex:Black Rhyno), so when Javinchi says he is broke when his tour is finished, he should check Cory also.
I’ve never seen anyone use the word “loyalty” so loosely, Cory was loyal as long as the money was flowing and now he sees this so called threat as a reason to cut(Cory Todd still has not disclosed clearly why he was threatened). Cory couldn’t just walk away and say I quit, the jamaican public aswell as artists would say he dissed Vybz Kartel and he would be faced with a backlash and possible financial ruin. Cory must diss Kartel wicked in ways his detractors do to gain compassion from them and do it in a public forum (“get some sun,take out your weave” LOL). The only sincere statement Cory made was money runs Jamaica and America the world in fact, but true jamaicans will always choose “yardie” over “foreigner”. So Cory will tell everybody associated with Kartel that he is broke so he can now promise them everything under the sun as he did in the beginning with Vybz Kartel.Cory Todd’s business project “Vybz Kartel” is simply a project gone wrong because the “Gaza Don” woke up and also realized he was the “puppet” of the so called “puppet master”.
Unfortunately for Vybz Kartel; ego, reputation and donmanship may not enable him to say he was tricked or used like a whore because that may destroy his self image of being an intellect and badman. Maybe, just maybe when Cory said ” mi loyal to yu enuh, mi a go gi yu 50% a everything enuh”, Kartel actually believed him. If Cory was able to con and disgrace Vybz Kartel! Adonia, Javinchi don’t stand a chance.
Cory Todd u come from America and say “it ruffa dan Jamaica” jus fi say dat alone yu shoulda get a box inna yu mouth. Yuh a look fi whore out di music and yuh wife a look fi ooman fi tun inna whore, what a big disgrace. Yu wi still mek money cause some Jamaica people likki-likki and as yu hab a dolla fi gi dem dem wi back u but as u are not a jamaican pray seh fi u neva run out. EH! bout yu a come pan national tv a seh man treatin yu and yu tun roun aund do de same ting, all a challenge man fi test yu(yu bright nuh bloodclaut!!).
Kartel is the face of Gaza and Cory is the mind. So which one is worse? Most businesses have a frontman, so when things go bad the real masterminda can hide behind them and this is exactly what Cory is doing.
Kartel is just a musician who is slightly twisted in his moral and ethical philosophies. However most people that support Kartel are simply fans of good reggae music. The ones that bleach, tattoo, skinny jeans, etc, because of Vybz Kartel and not because of their own personal likeness are really sheep.
Kick rocks Cory and give unto caesar what is due to caesar!!!!

Land Lord says:
May 28, 2011 at 8:16 am
No bias to mi ting… Met jus cool, we all know your opinion is slightly jaded (lol@jaded 7:04a.m no pun intended)against Kartel but you need to take the blinders off so you can adress certain issues concerning Kartel without impartiality.
As for Lisa and Kim i sympathise but none of them have declared publicly that Kartel had anything to do with their injustices. Lisa still declared Gaza following her dismissal and Kim supposedly is currently working with producers affiliated with the alliance. I think Kartel is guilty of preventing their misfortunes as a trusted mentor and just that until a public declaration is made by either one and he is tried in a court of law(are we dealing with truths, rights and justice or rumours and anarchay?).
@Met #1: you are not soft
2: when is tiefing right?
3: don’t feel sorry for Cory
Artists influence people and people influence artists but what separates the sane from the insane is rational thought.
Dancehall is not Reggae and this is true.Kartel represents only part, if not all what is dancehall today and that is an undeniable fact based on his popularity and influence.
Cory the “betrayer” or the “betrayee” the jury is still out on that one.
Met are you currently listening to dancehall past or present? The gun tunes and slackness are only now more explicit in nature(call it evolution). Look up slackness artists from the 80′s ( General Echo and Madoo) or gun artists (the most infamous Ninja Man whom is currently detained on murder charges without bail). Christian/gospel artist take social responsibility for their fans because they are preaching the word of god, however you don’t really expect any dancehall artist (Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Sizzler,VYBZ KARTEL) to have moral responsibility to their people when they know what there deejaying is morally unjust. Atleast Kartel admits it!!
Met your are JMG and it sounds like you are holding back on some suss about Vybz Kartel so if you want us/me to thoroughly believe he is getting his just desserts “dash it pon wi widout warning”!!!
By the way i do agree with your line “the real mastermind supplied an oppurtunity for a corrupt mind” but remember birds of a feather flock together or show me your company and i will tell you who you are.

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  1. I watched kartel interview whete kartel say whatever he dj its about his life and what is in his life and what him have.. met you see say kartel admit say him a hyscopath? He said he is a little twisted in his own moral philosoph! Met kartel can come sit dung now and come chat out his belly some more him have nuff time on his hand now. Kartel all a talk in a the third person,, like is not h talking dwl

      1. He wanted help but he did not want to accept that he was mentally ill.. he wanted gelp but the fame and the imaged he protrayed affect him for asking for help… his ego wouldnt let him.. his confused mind wouldnt let him be man enough to say i am mentally ill i need help.. because he is saying to his self i am ok. I am not mad.. kartel read and uses big words and try tFormed his self into an intelligent person… Which he is clearly admits. That he only fooled the people that are weak and lucky licky.. he made it clear that he cannot fool a person who thinks logicallly but he can easly fooled the followers

      2. I couldn’t put a finger on it before. I knew it went beyond just mere devious. Kartel is a sociopath and we know there is no cure for sociopathy.
        Sociopathy is an advanced form of Antisocial Personality Disorder. A sociopath doesn’t feel emotions, and therefore, can never understand interpersonal relationships. There is a lack of feelings like attachment, respect, remorse, and guilt. Unfortunately, a sociopath cannot be cured with medicines or counseling. A sociopath can never understand that there is something wrong with them.

        No wonder he was unable to foster any kind of relationships and the ones he had were controlling and manipulative hold on people who were enamored with him in some form or another. In almost every instance, they were younger too.

        1. a sociopath also does things such as killing to get heavy attention like the btk killer, the zodiac killer, they were all sociopath. i think people highly misconstrued the word psychopath and sociopath. not because he doesn’t or disconnect feelings with others mean he is automatically a sociopath as a psychopath disconnect feelings also. the difference between the two is that one does not try to seek strange attention or attention from strange sources.

  2. Met, yuh know sey as evil as he is, if he wanted to be, he could have been very likable. There is something to be said about Kartel, though I am not sure exactly what it is..He was too enthralled with the Machiavellian philosophies that he studied so hard that his need for complete power blurred the lines between reality and the one he held in his head.
    Fame got the best of him to the point where he wasn’t even prepared to accept that any consequences for the ills he perpetrated would befall him.

    Little did he know that the same “laughy laughy, giggly giggly boy” would have been the one to sink his oversized ship.

      1. :ngakak yes man, when mi read dat, mi sey dat boy ya bright and facety enuh! Dem him act like a big gal bout “dash it out without warning”

        1. him mouth did deh pan a piece a speed him neva si seh him a giggy giggy :ngakak a mus pull up back di voicenotes it too sweet

    1. sociopaths are manipulators u cant allow yourself to like their personalities because there are too many..he is always smiling behind his words I cant explain it but that is what sticks out to me when I hear him

  3. Somebody say kartel was crying when him hear the verdict?is it true? So what if is america prison him did a go spend time in him woulda faint… met a longtime kartel a sing about the crimethem weh him commit long long time because when u listen to his song u have to wonder if a movie alone him watch he knows all the criminal activities..

  4. vybz kartel yuh neva get ban suh if a yuh passwud yuh nuh memba link de admin….mi sey wen him use tuh cum a mawnin time wid him dry yeye self it cuda bun mi fi him nd up to 2day him still nuh ansa how him a grine awf lisa from she a 13 nd why release har pic,a sey bitch plzzz!

    1. Simplicity, look like win gwine affi wait a very long time fi get dat ansa. Now dat it look him gawn fi a long time, maybe Lisa Hype-r may get de courage fi dash out de truth. She cuddan write one book entitled, ‘Addi & I’ wid all de details.

      BTW, did she ever get back ar name (Lisa Hype) from KartHell.

      1. no she did not get back the name she add a r tuh it and a wuk wid hyper nung..dat fassy ole i tell yuh …wan damn educated fool him be

    2. Yes Simplicity ur right. Mi always suspect kartel was a mysoginist. & di likkle young gal dem whe a wine up to him music blind to it. A him same one release di picture. Bwoi o bwoi a tell u Karma is a bitch.

  5. Blessings to you Met, Metters & Peepers. This brings back memories of when we engaged Landlord aka Shirley aka Skirtel aka Vybz Kartel. Mi affi laff now that mi remember when mi drop truths pon him, him comeback was fi call mi Informer.

    Poor Kartel. I wonder how he feels this morning when the consequences of his demented actions over the course of his sociopathic life has started to take root in his consciousness. It is conceivable that he will begin to ponder when did he begin to descend on this path that has culminated with his conviction for murder. He will have lots of time to ponder that challenge.

    From the early, I said KartHell is a sociopath. His ability to write and speak to and of himself, offering views of how he thought others see him and how he would want others to see him is clearly the action of a sociopath.

    If he was to be examined, I am certain that his antisocial behaviors could be traced back to his childhood. The manipulation of people and situations and the desire to control people and outcomes didn’t start in adulthood. It is learned behavior that started as child and evolved with each success. He became conditioned to continue the antisocial behavior. It brought him accolades and approval. Regrettably, it also led him to prison where he will spend many years.

    KartHell is a destroyer of lives. Sociopaths like KartHell are charming, influential and extremely selfish. He destroyed his life, his family, his parents, his friends, his business associates and his colleagues. Left unchecked, a sociopath could destroy a nation.

    In the end, it was his own self serving ego driven actions that eventually led a jury of rational people to put an end to his madness. He is truly deserving of what next is coming on March 27, 2014.

    1. Kunta u know mi think Calabar nah se di truth where as his expulsion is concerned..Im sure it was more serious

    2. a try cum at yuh side ways like him think yah fool when yuh dash de truth pon him nd him cuden fine nuh adda means fe ansa yuh him start style yuh as informer and waste man…him fi use him galaxy note and sign on mek wi finish ask him de wan nd few question wi av leff inna wi fi him

        1. den wen wi tawk dem run in like a lie or wi nuh like chuet is jus dat,de rass chuet,more time wen guh read back de few chead dem wi him run in pon he had no kine a remorse fi ntn at all a mean him comment dem just cum awf as(thinking of the word but nuh know how fe put it).

          yuh knw a wen him tone a writing start all get vile,mention the beatings,the cons,God nd frigging underage gurls mi granny de man guh rite awf wid no concrete argument behine him many replies

          spell checkers mi know a behind tonx much 😀

      1. Him betta log een faas faas before Judge Campbell sen awn de sentence causen seh him might nuh get de same privileges of Tablets and internet dem dung a GP like weh him get a Horizon.
        KartHell, if yu peeping I pray dat yu mek wi done di intaview. Hellbwoy doan run. Last man standing!

        1. fi real kunta,him fi rope in cuz mi knw him nuh miss a beat pon JMG him jus a refresh a gwaan suh..log in man.

  6. I hope these entertainers & the up & coming artists who like chuck & promote badness were taking copious notes. Unnu hear seh Kartel a bawl? Let this be a lesson learned to u all. Badness no Pay. See it deh now wasted talent gone under.

  7. Finson a look sympathy bout karthell a bawl, him fi tan whe him dey, him neva till dey behine bars n order tings fi be done

    Wait how nuh boddy naah talk bout Roach n him prolly have a hand in it

    Finson u not doin u client’s street image any good when u a mek di worl kno sey him a holla

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