The other day I was privy to some information about a child who was dropped off at The Bustamante Hospital For Children by someone who wasnt the parent. The child had over 25 broken bones, burns all over and could not walk at two years old. I tried to find out if the person who dropped off the baby would face charges as they must have been privy to information about the child and the abuse she underwent at only 2 years old. I asked if the police was called,I was told no, I asked if a social worker was on the case I was told there was only one in the whole hospital.

Coincidentally, late last week a young lady contacted me and reported that a mother had a two year old who was abused by the stepfather and was in children’s hospital. The same child who was dropped off by an unknown person and the mother is now saying that the child was abused by the step dad…My people this child was burnt several times, has cigarette scars in the face, one foot is longer than the other from being broken and healed on its on. The baby’s face is totally disfigured …and no one has answered to the abuse this child has suffered. Hospital staff behind closed doors say nothing is done when children are abused..NOTHING.. An abused child can be dropped off and no one has to answer….The mother has permitted me to show the child’s photo but i will block the face..We need answers as to why children can be abused to this extent and ntohig is done…why??????


  1. Make a report at one of these numbers
    Toll Free: 1-888- PROTECT (776-8328) (LIME)
    Tel: 908-2132 (LIME)
    754-9133 (LIME)
    908-2143 (LIME)
    618-5888 (Digicel Landline)
    631-8933 (Flow)
    631-8908 (Flow)

  2. Look how me a struggle to have one of these precious little angels….Father God help her😒😒😒😒😒

  3. A 2 year old is so innocent and precious. It’s heartbreaking to see this abuse at this tender age…..

    1. True words. If the mother agreed to have the baby’s picture taken then why she never report the incident to the police. Just like BCH dhould have reported it, the mother has a part to play as well. She didn’t do it so she must go report it….foolishness

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