As I said in a prior post this isnt the first time I am hearing about her doing this…I know she needs help and I pray she gets that….I will not go into detail but I have been given evidence from another woman earlier this year about an involvement and pictures that were supplied..I had to talk the young lady out of going further because it is deep……….so I doubt this young lady is lying…


    1. Who said she was selling? sometimes I wonder if uno can read..the promiscuity isnt normal because of how its being done………….I will not even go further

      1. Ok lemme change, you said one night slam. So how y’all know is a one night slam, how unnu know is not an ex? How unnu know if sex was had at all?

        1. Hello yall quick to pass judgement on the girl fi put her out even tho she could jus mek her knw she had to leave so she can make arrangements!! but mi no like dah style deh, if me live alone why u ago mek a bagga stranger come a my place!?!?! unuh no think bout safety? A pure mad ppl deh pon earth!!!! Lyric is going through some shit as we all can see but ave Likkle respect a ppl yard yuh deh not ur yard no come a ppl place an do as u like remember it aint ur homeeeee!!! Hope lyric settle down an get well cause mentally she a face it 🙏🏼

          1. I agree some a d idiot dem a say bout give her little time Smfh,these act like they know her personally all dem do go tek her in instead.

        2. u read where me seh women have come to me with lyric name and supplied pics? She is going through something and the best anyone can do is try to help her mentally. One a di poor girl dem was so distraught cause she just gave birth

          1. Mumma a nuff things she out ya a do n a play victim. A same way she no talk seh Crystal tek har man cause a Crystal used to haffi come clean up cause she nasty and cya cook

      2. Um met is you instigate that it was with all the ‘she turning the lady house into a hoe house’ so please dont act dumb now plus u say have evidence where someone else said the same thing of her engaging with several men so please cut the crap


          1. A nuh instagram dis …whey uno can chat as uno like and mi ignore uno..dis a my bloodclaat place memba dat so dont come yasso come tell not one lie pan mi

          2. I have been reading your forum from around 2009/2010 and I have NEVER heard you use expletives before now. Is this the original MET? Just checking…….

          3. U check back again cause a better u seh u neva hear me seh big hole but mi cuss once in a while. And u supposed to know seh mi nuh like nobody tell no form a lie pan me..Which part me stay edit post? They are too wrong and strong

  1. This said NOTHING!!!! If she was your friend you know how she is, so no surprise there. Man picking her up but man was never in your house, where is the danger? Gal please to stop trying to justify your heartless action. And look you didn’t hesitate to mention her friend and neither did you hesitate to come on a GOSSIP page to try to scandal her. Not once did she mention your name.

    1. Ppl a say the man them never come in her house, if you live alone you will feel scared to know that a lot of men know where you live and men can’t be trusted these days. Not saying she was right to put her out but don’t take off you clothes in my damn kitchen if you nuh like clothes stay in your damn room nobody want to see a grown woman walking around in their house naked. Camila you were wrong to bring this on the net you’re not a good friend, Lyric was already broken now you break her more. Why women is so quick to tear down each other? We need unity and love. Bless up

    2. Gwan go tek her in then mek d bagga man dem pick her up at u house. Tf bout no come inna house,bwoy unuh love justify fockery e man.

    3. i agree girl! a she come loud up herself and chat lyric business. and as u say if is her friend she know how she stay in terms of nudity etc. a simple convo coulda do if they had the convo and lyric never care then i get the putting out. but how man a pick her up affect her? ano like she invite in the man or say ntn. is jus pick up and go. ppl date..

  2. Evil gal u be,if you’re har friend,u know she hates clothes,could have told her,u didn’t like it.She neva bring a man to your home.Youre heartless by throwing her on the streets,what if she was murdered or rape.Youre evil and God don’t like ugly

    1. What is hate clothes? So ppl must not have principle these days. Hate clothes inna your own house. A under bed unnu grow?

  3. At the end of the day this is stupid it not like you live with a partner. Secondly when I do understand you didn’t like her action you are not a real friend. I wouldn’t leave my friend on the street. So what if she dating multiply people did they come in your house? And you can have date at someone house and not have sex and so what if she wants to have sex FYI she an adult

  4. wicked and trying to turn it into something it’s not…I don’t believe any fucking thing that she said about anything…. nobody call she name but she open she mouth cuz she guilty of whatever… sickening shit to put up about a woman, your friend? smh shame on her

  5. I doh feel like a lie the girl a tell either not saying she was right with putting her out but something’s are unacceptable… can’t be naked in the lady kitchen if u don’t like clothes stay in the room your given and knowing that the landlord was coming over she knows she’s not innocent damn hypocrite

  6. 1. I don’t know lyric personally only through the Instagram, and mi know she nuh like clothes (and you guys are “friends” right?🙆🏽‍♀️ , how yuh fi put out yuh Fren you’re pure evil.
    2. Couldn’t you have given her some time to pack her things.
    3. And so what if she goes on a date with a guy she met on tinder that the purpose of the site to meet people…. SMH Jamaicans who guh foreign nah learn nuh matter how yuh and yuh friend tight still get a hotel or Airbnb. A special place in hell for you

    1. So what if she bring a serial killer off tinder to my address? Unnu fool. Why unnu so effing stupid. THAT IS DANGEROUS!!! Risk your life, Nuh risk mine

    2. I don’t understand her. If you are in a temporary living arrangement why is men/sex/ Tinder her PRIORITY??? Shouldn’t her focus be on her sons and getting permanent accommodations??? The girl has lost all control over her front and her body. That is the bigger picture here.

      As the saying goes, see me and live with me is two different things. Her friends do not necessarily know how she lives her life. So I don’t understand why people are assuming that all her friends are aware of her lifestyle.

    3. What people are really missing though is that this Camille didn’t think of the girls kids. How this would affect them. There are levels of dishonor here. What if this story puts Lyric in a bad light and she miss out on any upcoming projects. Other possibly to make money to put food on her table.

      If it was so and Lyric was displaying less then what Ms. Camille consider moral behavior, she and the girl argue or whatever then that’s that. She chose to put her out, fine. How the fuck she when decide to go to the public with all this information. It’s like, I through you out of my car but them I’m going to reverse and run over you. Best to remember sah a God pickney dat
      Ms. Judge, Jury and Executioner Camille.

  7. You go to someones home you must respect them and their property its as simple as that . For the person who is claiming she didnt call name, how would u feel u took in someone at the spur of the moment and know what they did and den dem a seh u put them out? THE YOUNG LADY SEH DEM FIND A FEMALE HEADLESS NEAR BY HER HOME..And she did not want the trecking in her house etc. The girl isnt wicked to ask her to leave u all have no conscience

      1. What does that have to do with bringing danger to someone’s door ? U show up a smaddy yard unannounced, the accommodated u and u a mek a bag a strange man come a dem yard and dem tell u a girl ina di area was found headless…what are u saying???????????????????

        1. Hence why she should think before putting her out in a strange country. Lyric could have been found headless too

          1. Lyric is grown and is responsible for her own safety and the girl felt unsafe and choose her own safety. Its as simple as that

          2. I would love to know howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and why one would go on tinder and give their friend’s address to a bunch of strange men…and yet the girl is wrong for taking it adversely ? In Lyric’s case she choose violence cause if u have two kids and come a farrin gone pan tinder u nah choose life at all..das dangerous..she has more balls than a christmas tree

  8. Foolishness. As friends you would know how Lyric stay. If you’re uncomfortable with her undress then as a friend say that to her. Her loudness? Everyone knows Lyric loud. Men picking her up from outside your home? She didn’t bring them inside did she? All you’re saying is not a good enough reason to kick someone out knowing they have no where else to stay. Especially knowing they’ll be leaving in a few days. You could have stated what you expected of her while she’s in your home let her finish what she’s there to do and go knowing you won’t put her up again. Your behavior was very distasteful.

  9. I’ve been put out before. Sometimes ppl will gladly offer to let you stay with them, but as soon as your presents is felt them mind change. You could just be breathing is a problem to them, the fact tht lyric was not going to be there for prolly more than a week, the friend could’ve just let it ride out. The friend could have set rule for the next coming days and as time up make she leave, but the fact tht true you have the power and you abused it. Every time lyrics made a video, the “friend “ say “watch mi house”, and you can barely see the background. The girl doing her make up classes what time she a get fi sell front to bagga man in 2 days? As I said I’ve been put out before, Thts by a family member and the lies they told on me to justify it was unbelievable, so I wouldn’t be surprised the lady might be lying to justify it or exaggerating.

  10. My opinion. Everybody saying you are friends so you should already know who she is. No, that’s why so many of y’all lose friends cause you think they are one thing and then they show you who they really are. Unno put unnoself in this girl’s position. She lives alone, who would want strange man coming to their home just as yuh move someone in? Don’t know these men or what they are capable of. Everyone is using lyric’s pain as an excuse for her behavior. I do not agree with the way you put her out. She needs help and counseling. Be a better friend and help her get that.

  11. Dis gyal wicked if me live alone and mi fren get naked in front me I won’t be offended and if I am I’ll just talk to her listen if my fren does thing I don’t like I’ll talk to her about it because she might not know I don’t like it

  12. The girl would not put her up just to put her out it dont make no sense..number one she explained that lyric called her that day and she accommodated her which was excellent. I cant say enough how much I empathize with Lyric and how she has been dealing with the cards she has been dealt…and this is why i would say she needs help more than anything……………ok then…some of you are saying that the friend know how lyric stay…does lyric know her friend and how she stay? If they dont know each other then they are mere acquaintances . But u must respect someones home 100%..It doesnt matter what you do in your house…naked in the kitchen i would have had a small heart attack..opening the door naked would have made me tell her off..Ah doe have the heart to put out anyone but not all of us are the same…Also a lyric carry it pan social media, the girl only commented.

    1. Exactly!!! It appears everybody who defends her blindly live with dem madda. Going through or not, Lyric is a flawed person and she need fi find har space inna life. She too loud and vulgar. And har vulgarity is why she strip harself naked infront the girl. It doesn’t matter how close me and my friends are I wudda run u from infront a me. And know this, your home is your sanctuary expecially in Ny. Anything that disturbs your peace will have to go

  13. I could never ever put somebody out my house who is a visitor and not staying long and has nowhere to go.

    The reasons given here are not grounds for that.

    Communication is key. Just tell r yu mind and tell r what is acceptable and expected.

    Some a wi tek things too personal no humour in us again no hospitality nutten nutten jus dry suh.

    It nuh look good camille. I pray for lyric and hopes she pulls through.

  14. My thing is if they are friends right and she does something wrong wouldn’t you address the situation why feel the need to put her out in the street I don’t get that… ppl saying she was naked clearly she wasn’t when she opened the door she might of been in something skimpy as we all see majority a time she on social media because she did say she told her to go change and she wanted to go same way so yea the friend made a big deal she then removed her clothes in you kitchen if u don’t like it say it to her so for the remaining time there it doesn’t repeat itself as a friend u claim u are u even said she doesn’t know the place so how plenty men come there in that short space a time smfh… even if u live alone and u fear talk to her also about and again did she gave ur apartment number? Now u put out u self u no feel more ppl a predictor knows you live alone u so eager for attention but yet still u put ur self out there more your just full a shit a excuse I ain’t saying she’s right but putting her out wasn’t the first option that should a be last in mind u do things wen u constantly say it to the person smh with friend like u ion need enemies and I pray lyric get the help she needs because she does

  15. She was just dating, nothing is wrong with that. I wouldn’t put out my friend if it was me, I really don’t care what my friends do with their lives. I know the friend had her concerns but still not anything to put her out for. I think she just didn’t want her there.

    1. Di fren dow want no man man a har yard worse strange man…if lyric had a hotel it would be appropriate to do that and besides……….those things u do in private bout just didnt want her there uno sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sad and desperate

  16. Becuz she loud n got naked in front of u!? Lol listen here in ja . Aunties , granny n mommy cook inna panty.. sumtimes mi frighten but that’s how sum women aree.. as for tinder the woman desperate n sorry that she taught that was the way.. but jesus u cudda talk to her . U fling her out b then a cum chat. Gweh it coulda done better

    1. What the hell that has to do with someones house? So because uno people cook naked its appropriate fi be ina smaddy house without panty n bra? Uno sad badddddddddd…The US is not Jamaica..more time people a work dem ass off and not even a si dem way good and u come from where u come from a disturb the person peace …and u came and saw it peaceful…learn to conform because right is right and wrong is damn wrong..

    2. A fi u mumma alone cook inna panty a weh u bbc dis,u sound stupid no bc🤣🤣🤣 jus a talk fi talk sake Smfh.

  17. Met a u talk sey the girl a sell front then edit the post. Based on what the girl wrote that’s no grounds to put someone on the street in America.

    1. Move u dutty big hole liard bloodclaat and dont tell no lie pan bloodclat me..U SEE ME EDIT NO POST GERMSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Suh uno dunce and love tell lie pan people

    2. Gwan go put her up then,who is unuh fi tell ppl say dem wicked fi put out ppl that’s doing inappropriate things?

  18. Ppl be saying the girl evil to put her out but when some ppl get angry and annoyed they do stupid things without thinking… And y’all talking bout if they were friends she know how lyric stay what about the other way around… She said that she accommodate her last minute she didn’t make any preparations for her to be there! And she doing all sort of madness in the girl house… If lyric was paying attention she must could see the discomfort the girl having with her behavior! And I don’t blame lyric for how she is acting out because of what she went through and we Jamaicans don’t take mental health seriously she’s having mental issues and yall need to stop making excuses for her she needs help! And y’all need to stop gassing her up !

  19. Lyric sell pussy and that’s OK for her the issue is getting other ppl and dem residence involved. The woman working 2 jobs she should show respect she just bagga bagga !

  20. Lyric needs to slow down and continue counseling. I believe she went on Tinder date and at a house. That may not have been wise if it were a first date, however, I don’t believe she was selling her body. If so she wouldn’t have been stranded at the Airport money wise. I also do not believe that the reasons given were adequate to put her out Without having a conversation and giving her time to relocate. Everyone has a tolerance level especially living single,but we must show compassion especially as a friend.

  21. The friend that’s going to come to my house and strip naked and let strange men know my address nuh bawn yet. Most importantly I have a girl child!!!! Why are you people behaving as if this was a tenant and landlord situation???

    One thing I know for sure, often times drugs and alcohol comes with promiscuous behaviour so for all we know she has those issues as well.

    I used to follow her but something about her made me unfollow. I think she is a nice person and a loving mother but she has two sons. They shouldn’t see this behaviour in any capacity so that should be concerning to her and her loved ones.

    All now I don’t see Met say this girl sells her body.

  22. All wah gwan she never call yuh name, second of all y’all aren’t friends she lastly yah fuck dung NY so why yah try judge or style lyric? You did see har a fuck? Aye gyal stop the fuckery and stop act like Anuh petty shit that fucking bitch

  23. Ok here’s my view on this….

    As a fellow Jamaican living in NY, I will say the tolerance level is low. It’s a culture ting. We work really hard where it’s cold 6+ months out of the year and in this case this young lady is single and have 2 jobs. So basically she’s very guarded. Based on the reaction to the tiktok post she likkle Frighten Friday too. Not sure how long she knows Lyric but the naked thing is no surprise. It sounds like she was mad passive but I would’ve communicated house rules from the jump especially to Lyric who ain’t passive but she understands English. Random tinder pop ups to her house is NOT cool. I don’t give a shit if it’s outside. Nuff random shit popping off in NY as it is. Even for pickup Lyric should have asked. Common courtesy…period. It’s summertime so meet them at the nearest public place like a mall, restaurant or movie theater. Whether she fucks or not is nobody’s business. Also would’ve given her time to find somewhere else to stay. Based on the short notice received in the first place you definitely knew she was in a bind. That was in poor taste.

    As for Lyric…I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs but it’s clear that she’s inconsistent with therapy. It was clear she really wanted to let loose for a second since she is kid free and far away from the surmounting issues (physically, emotionally, financially and mentally). She’s right though the hustle is different in NY it ain’t for everyone but hope you learned from this experience. This trip was poorly planned and please don’t do the buddy pass thing again. It looks like you wanted an experience similar to what you had in Arizona. Probably won’t get that here at all hun. Hospitality is quite different especially if the host has 2 jobs. You will get support here for classes and events though so next time just plan a master class, stay in a hotel get a venue and budget your ting right. Book your flight in advance so you can get a good rate. You can walk round naked as you born in your own hotel room or Airbnb.

  24. Then camille as a friend you could just tell her say meet her date down the street from your yard or some other location to meet whatever man she wants to meet. She is a big woman she can link up with whoever and I understand that strange man coming at your place can make you uncomfortable but that was a simple discussion you could have had to resolve that. How it reach so far to kick her out!!?? Yuh COLD 🥶 PERIOD you could have talked to her Lyric was never your so called friend to treat her like that

  25. I believe the girl. Tinder is not a “dating” app, it is a hook up app, meaning meet & fck, Lyric irk me spirit, I cannot stand people who are always the victims in situations. People like that are born liars.

  26. In a situation like this I would never put out my friend or acquaintance. Worse mi know she not gonna be there for long, me a try ride it out or if I really cant take it anymore I’m going to talk about it. I suspect that these two arent actually friends, but they know each other. Now Lyric, you need to have something about you. Even if you dont like clothes would it kill you to cover up yourself in someone’s home? The girl ask you to put on clothes why are you stripping naked in the kitchen? Is that where your suitcase is kept? You have to go in the room to get clothes so gwaan go strip in the bedroom nuh? Yes, you loud and vulgar and I get that it is your personality but you cant town it down when u inna people place? Mi watch a video when u in an uber and the way how u a gwaan I honestly felt embarrassed for you. Your behave seems erratic and you really need to chill out inna the ppl dem place. I would have checked in with someone about having friends/ dates picking me up at their home before doing it. We are living in serious times and u have some real weirdos out there. serial killers do exist. U might go out with one weh a plan fi stalk u but a the fren him end up a target cause u gone. The girl live alone and I can understand her concern. Lyric you need to do better.

  27. MET, mi nah like, I like you and I don’t know you. I’ve been coming to this blog for, YEARS!!!!!! I get you have your opinion, everyone have a different perspective on this situation, which is granted. What is baffling me, is the names your calling people that have their opinions on this situation, just like you. Just because you spoke to the “friend” personally, it doesn’t mean what she did was right in others eyes. So calling people “fools”, “idiots”, etc…is uncalled for. I would think you would take this situation, to form a positive discussion about Lyric and other women’s mental health, that’s going through a similar situation. I’m more shocked at your responses to some of your viewers. Still like you❤️

    1. If she never use the two devices and try what she try she wouldnt get that..These people from instagram are a way different breed..U haffi style dem u haffi bark at them because they dont know better…as soon as i responded she neva comment again..they are too disgusting

    2. Some time dem come ina mi dm and mi haffi a list out all 20 badword and den dem start cry victim and a talk bout dem neva know mi seh tuff after dem done tell me what and who to suck..Whey she a come use two phone and a go tell lie bout me edit post and a seh lyric sell har body for ..nuh tell dem lie deh man

  28. I personally think Lyric as a grown woman or any grown woman staying with someone else should respect their home. If I stay with you I am pulling out the old lady nighties. I will get dressed in the confines of the space that has been provided for me to do so. Also if I go out I will leave at reasonable times and come back at reasonable times. Miss Camille on the other hand should not care who she goes out with as long as they aren’t entering her home or she is not being asked to meet them.

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