The spiritual law of association
Many folks have little to no idea that it was and will continue to be the connections with others that
they encountered throughout the course of their lives that would clearly explain how they ended up where they’re at presently.
Think about it for a minute. Prior to meeting certain folks in your past life or even the person you’re currently with now, did you notice a change in your attitude, your emotions etc? Why don’t you make a comparison as to what your life was like prior to meeting that person and now what is your life like after having met them. Do you see the difference? I am sure you have notice some changes on your end as a result of the connection.
You see my friend,there is so much more to a person than just their physical existence. There are so much things that you can not see that are by far more real and influencing than what you do see. Unfortunately, it is these invisible forces that are attach to these folks and even yourself that are influencing the course of your union, be it friendship, marriage, business etc.
For example, if a person has a curse of backwardness on their life then your relationship with that person exposes you to that curse. Let us look at spiritual law to not only prove but highlight this very important over looked spiritual point. Scripture says, “A person that associates himself with wise men shall become wise and he that become a companion of fools will not only become foolish but shall be destroyed, Proverbs 13:20. In other words the victim was not place in a class room and taught how to be wise or foolish. Instead it was the spiritual invisible connection with its influencing agents that is causing this,
Therefore, demonic forces that are attached to a person, be it a spirit of poverty, a spirit of backwardness, a spirit of anti-progress etc are the invisible forces influencing the human spirit of the other party to conform to its will. So it’s just a matter of time before the traits, behavior and patterns of the curse person begin to manifest in the person that was never this way prior to meeting this curse person.
Think about a person that you know that never used profanity before. However, after they connect with a particular person it is almost as if they can not stop using profanity. I am attempting to reveal to you that things such as the above example are not happening because it could happen or the person just changed. Well, I will agree with you they have changed but the reality is it was a calculated changed influenced by the enemy. Unknowing to the victim, it was Satan that caused this connection to devalue, halt and re-route the destiny of this person.
Trust me when I say to you that the source behind every connection in your life will either be from God or from Satan. The whole idea behind this is to manifest the will of God in your life or the will of Satan.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 2:18 AM


  1. Good Read! something I have being preaching all my life, who so ever you associate your self with you will become those Humans.

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