Met this is the comman law wife (vivia porter) so called fren ,Him bring news to everybody a New York fi get tings wen him know dem a come , dis big batty man him glad wen the foreigner dem come so him can get to eat an drink . All the f**k him a f**k man him batty nah put him no where ina life and the worst part bout it a him set up the young gyal pon the woman man but true the gyal stop share the money, him guh fren the common law wife and all him did a look the b******at man weh ina the middle a this


4 thoughts on “THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE

  1. Yes dutty boy u wan f**k off the whole a the little boy them ina dalvey but anytime u try it we a kill off yu blooclaat stop carry news

  2. a wonder if it know seh de kardashian dem copyright them last name as a brand and why people lie call them self by other well known artist name no to bloodclaat

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