So met this ugly girl her wig don’t even stay good on her he’d. She can’t even put herself together. After her ex got a child with another girl she no stop stalk the girl. Go out her way try to call the girl from somebody else number when the girl forget about her. Tell Sophia Gayle to leave the lady alone


6 thoughts on “THE MAN IS GONE

  1. If this is a wig, it looks nice and neat on the woman head… Now for the message you are trying to get to this woman, why not tell her yourself unless this is the only means of communication you think that will reach to her… I’m sure if you gave the message to someone of a someone who may know the woman the message can go a lot quicker… People please use your time wisely, this is such a waste of time…Woman mess and tek others man on a daily nothing knew and interesting bout that anymore…

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