Metters pls fi tell mi who is the owner of the little boy….The two of these big women on social media declaring them love for their boo on his birthday. See if you can evaluate and find out who is the rightful keeper of the young soliders… What a peice of carelessness INA the morning yah no sah y dem woman yah a play tag a war over Jim…..no sah sher and steph uno must do better…😁😁


29 thoughts on “WHO OWN JIM?

  1. It too early in the morning fi this wooooiiiii, suh di father suh di son, Jim father is a history maker, who know him father? Well if :toast you do, remember chip never fall from the block, Miss Mickeisha Excellent, and Nie Nie, come own uno man. Lol father Dave a laugh we a laugh, the boys them still nuh ina your leage , but them getting there, they are levels to this ting, these boys lead by example ( father) :cendol :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak happy birthday Jim

  2. Who is mickeisha excellent and nie nie this story yah hot like lava please enlighten us some more how old is Jim anybody know?

  3. Jim is old enough, plus him married, Miss Excellent live in Jersey,went to Jamaica,send for him from England, had ball of a time with him and and her tax return payed the price Lol, mis Nie Nie, claim seh him can’t leff her, cause a him her first man, but in real life he was nyaming out her madda stall, uno want more tea, mi have it in the kettle a warm. :peluk :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak suh the father, suh the son

  4. Laws god …what is this suh this boy never just live round a shereffer house wah day yah…what a wutlis people them….that one name steph run guh breed and seh Jim give har ring… Is same way she use to gwan ova p.money and briko so don’t mind had mek she guh dead now.

  5. You miss anonymous what tea you really got for Nie nie? You sure sound like one a the gal them Jim f**k when him go Jamaica lowe the gal name out a this How him nyam out her mother stall? Go get a 9-5 for a fact you don’t even have breakfast yet

  6. Jim still a bloodclaat live????
    FYI nie nie nuh memba Jim. Jim nah buzz again new life, new beginning and new chapter mi friend skip that page long f***g time and burn the book Jim a old clothes in a barrel she nah use him. So when u people a comment shit talk facts or go investigate properly and come again… look how long the girl move on with har nice clean man!! Jim can’t even walk in his shoes muchless in his foot print… dirty people must stop make other people business be theirs mi hate uno..no plate or bed nuh deh a fi uno yard fi spread???.. weh first man a go a that uno pick?? Kmft if nie nie did take from har madda stalk and give Jim a nuh nothing she help a person in need him did hungry so she feed the blooclaat needy… she don’t worry about the wicked because the wicked shall perish the bible say so all what Jim do women on a whole karma is a blooclaat bitch… mi friend nah use Jim

  7. No sah dis metty. People when unu a talk get unu facts together. Me friend Nini was one Gyal wey jim did love till him fool. If him ever hear she a talk to no other man him would a wah kill har. Me fiend decided to move the f** on because like every other man Neva know di use of a women until Dem gone. Look pon pussyclaat Jim to nu a try get fame. Any man wey f**k a women and sid down and chat them back with them friend anu good Mon. Jim me leave u to your baby mada fi put u out.

  8. Yow unu cum offa di dawg Mon. A who unu Mon. Correction please! Member me dawg can travel anytime anywhere and Inna him good job, so how dah part dey drop in bout har man caah walk Inna mi chargie shoe. Unu brite eeh. Gweh from yasso and watch the star play games like how you play chest. Me chargie no affi steal clothes fi look good. Big Mon thing Dow Jim. Behave you bbcl self b4 do Gyal Dem Obeah yo…..

  9. jim is a wicked boy nuh wah no body all him do a walk and suck and f**k down the place Fi the thieving clothes dem , boy married Fi come here and by 3 weeks him move out leave the wife no Sah him too bitter him nuh ramp Fi chat the Gyal dem come like a bitch move in with Tina and turn baby sitter lol Tina want him suck the pussy and him beat Har and the Gyal lock up him rass . Bwoy nah live no rass life big solider and a hitch up every Weh now steph she run go breed with Har old tired hole self think that could a hold him , Dutty Jim tek off a him father from what me a hear Engalnd Clean up KARMA soon visit yuh

  10. To di f**r Dem weh a talk the talk yeah! Me friend mekeisha Neva tek no tax money n spend pon him. Gyal a hard working pussyclaat Gyal web have up had good good money, she has no need to wait for tax money to spend and go a Jamaica. If any onw a unu want know her deeds inbox her she will tell unu she nu fraid. Bwoy go a jamiaca with him likkle chump change yes n as a women wey have it nuttin no wrong fi give a helping hand because at di end of di day a him n har a role wen Dem dey dun dey and a him mada yard she stay the ole time Dem dah dey. nuffa unu a yap off unuu mouth a fi pay fi f**k a Bwoy r Gyal. Tek a good look di Gyal n r kids Dem nu in need a nutin so stop worry bout had n she nah worry bout unu. Who gives one f**k, who him wah f**k, suck, r duck. She Sure don’t care. Me friend have had fare share with him, now on to the next…

  11. Anonymous can you travel ?? Him nuff affi thief it cause him Gyal dem a dweet you a man and you a come run Inna dis back the f**k up mon cause what you saying make nuh sense Dway

  12. So wait the last time me check Jim married to the monkey, breed the gorilla wey could be his mother, now him go a Jamaica go f**k off shaneika starlett and 6 other friends. Jim you too nasty Mon. How much a Dem you even f**k without condom. You need to do better why you nu gwaan enjoy your life with your old for women/baby mada. Nu u same one say you don’t want steph coz she ain’t your type and she too old but u know that before so why u go dey. All becoZ u a daawg like us nasty stinking fada wey f**k anything cum him way. From 14 years and up. Remember u have a daughter so stop talk shit about people daughter and play Dem fi fool.

  13. Anonymous man gweh whole a unuh need fi go sidung a muss the dutty one Romie write dis bout charge yu need fi go back a prison bout yu lick musu and Canille and walk free a shoulda me from other day hear you a tek Scotland by storm,Dow fi get deport now anybody know Sophia address and Jim learn to piss straight no sympathy fi Steph in dis

  14. Uno f**a uno, Dave and him boys them a run uno head red, uno get the f***k what uno deserve, sum a uno ole turbit know them from long time suh a weh uno did expect, f…k uno and duck uno wid uno pickney yes, and mi talk the gal them weh live a England, but some a uno weh know the role how it play from long time, suh the father suh di son, apple nuh fall far from the tree, and the whole uno mine them, both father and sons, suh nuh badda front, a suh the ting set from long time, and uno done know that, suh gwaan thief and mine mi chargie them fi real, cause a them leff uno, cause uno would thief till uno finger split up just fi mine them, yes miss Excellent is your tax dollars u spend fi real, and yes Nie Nie a u muma stall u use fi a little gal and did mine him, and never need it. Lol, nuh badda front and show off bout u leff long time, memba u caan tek a bus much less a plane, wooooiiiii, and I don’t want to mention the next bredda them weh a gi pure headache, belly ache and joint pain to the rest moscut them. Lol go mi bad bad chargie, a that the whole a uno fi get, abayyy :thumbup :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :nosara

  15. My fren mikeisha excellent nuh mine man, Jim buy her ticket fi go JA back in March them time she ain’t even do taxes yet. Jim have her up all over JA in a marvaley and more. Neva hid her, she know the deal and had her share of him cause she ain’t beat. Talk bout old she n Jim a same age range, who want to argue ova Jim not her she is stressful free and happy.

  16. Mekeisha u too dam lie, Jim nuh buy nuh ticket send fi you fi come a not a Jamaica, a you do that, get away, u f**k like dog puppy, your pussy ever deh pan display like sale rack clothes, and nuh the England gal them mi a chat bout so much like uno Maverly gal, Mickeisha u f**k live u have something a gi weh, no man one gal caan f**k suh a must 10, a how much puci u have so? A mussi 100, cause puci have 9 life like puss, the amount a booz war it guh through already, mi know it dead leff the rest a u baddi. :kr :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  17. Dirty anonymous you talking about can’t take plane must less bus shit house… johncrow you know what it’s like to go pan a iron bird big shit the time you sit down on nie nie and other people name go wash your dutty draws or go suck some pussy or dick and take good people name out your mouth. Come like jim f**k you in your mouth and knock out your teeth and injure your gum and left you why u a carry feelings go focus on your life.. cause nuff a uno weh a talk if the closet could a open and the world see your business u drop and dead.. so f**g what everybody go thru a phase one point in their life lowe the bloodclaat people them non a uno perfect..why dutty people always make other people business be theirs leave the people them cause I garantee if I could see who is behide this talking life sad no bomboclaat and hungry, clothesless don’t have a 9-5 probably uno likkle daughter or son a get f**k in a dem mouth and need help mi iggy mi nuh like people that love to sit down pan ppl name uno come nie nie pussy str88 and is har friend write this.

  18. This is old new Steph caught Jim at sher and Steph lick out all the glass windows in his car sher always taking ppl man she use to f**k jay jay both of them nasty best ting he did was stay with him ugly baby mum and stop being this wanna be hype boy it don’t fit u

  19. jim with the big cock unu mad cause him f**k u n duck u mi fren Mikeisha excellent AV a blass in Ja with Jim. Y unnu mad she knw bout the bby mother n she don’t give a f**k unnu need fi keep mi fren name out a unnu mouth …. Suck pussy anonymous tru u want a f**k off a Mikeisha excellent n u don’t get it u mad …. Pussy come fi f**k ✌️✌✌✌✌✌

  20. Why u trying to make Mikeisha relevant lol jim f**k Sher n duck her the min him baby mother fine out so wa him a nuh first are last man fi f*** a waste gal Sher run guh post pic a she a jim wey them hide n tek inna her yard the man nah duh da gal dey n unnu a talk bout the man baby mother ugly wicked ppl the gal nicer than all a them guh look pan the gal fb n she n her baby father spend him birthday Sher how u feel u fool u flap yuh self the man talk say a him baby mother him love n him nah left her fi nuh gal the case close as far as I can see steph own the man low the gal n her man she how much man yuh hide n f*** n never put them up yet yuh nuh shame n Mikeisha if jim f*** yuh a ja suh wa him back home with him family gal unnu tek f*** n move on

  21. U need to stfu Mikeisha knw the real deal about Jim n him bby mother so Wat if him go back 2 England 2 is bby mother …. Him want up Mikeisha excellent bad if u don’t knw Mikeisha don’t av no shame in her f*** game

  22. Hello unruly yuh really sound desperate and foolish yuh nah sell that Mikeisha thing dey a forin clothes yuh a look the moral of the story is the man choose him baby mother say she a him wife n him first lady his words not mines wey u n yuh Mikeisha did dey unnu see him on fb live pan on tall tall building unnu mek the ppl them live them life and FYI a sophia send sherffer the pic cause a f**k her phone it tek inna n sherffer u nuh fit the man cause u look like man yuh self yuh too brite I wonder how yuh feel now n u inna yuh self kmw say the man never want yuh all yuh try put it out there yuh shoulda put up say the gal ring yuh door bell n yuh come all what unnu dutty wicked ppl a talk say true unnu nuh like steph unnu a try done her one thing with that girl she nuh hide her man them n them nuh hide her the gal settle with her baby father unnu a talk bout she breed fi hold suh wa it work mi just a prayer the man n him woman stay together fi kill unnu sherffer look how much man u f**k n all now u cnt get a man fi yuh self guh tek back the clothes them from Dow wey yuh gi him fi set up u and jim horse face gal u have ur baby father wey married thato man nah duh u u cnt put him up a wa bout jim suh the man should a kick yuh inna yuh horse face but a good fi jim too cause how fi him c**cky stand up fi sherffer n mi nah lie steph nicer than both sherffer and that ugly gal Mikeisha she fi guh hide n guh findey some shame Inna fi her game cause if she kmw bout the baby mother that mean him want the baby mother chof mi tired now

  23. Why ppl nuh like see ppl happy all who a talk unnu have a relationship lowe the ppl them if the man have in baby mother that girl should tek the man n hide cause she was a side chick the whole England kmw the man nuh duh that girl all when them out in public inna group that man dnt guh near that girl it’s a shock to her a him did a sleep with har baby mother n baby father work pan unnu thing n mek the ugly gal gwey

  24. No man sherffa mi feel da lick dey what away Dow promise yuh the man n yuh flop lol no man come here Dow yuh talk how yuh hate steph a wa tru she a tge only gal wey nuh f**k yuh yuh talk bout the gal Pickney them n how jim nuh comfortable inna the yard cause the gal son bad n how the man lef steph n yuh talk how the man nuh kmw life n good clothes suh Sherrfa fi hold on cause she will get jim lol but it look like the man is nuh thing like u Dow what a hit n miss yuh say steph did a look yuh but yuh pass her on to jim Dow u nuh pass nuh thing so if the gal dud a look yuh u would a f**k Dow yuh carry jim stash fabIan romie n the barber man business a Rd suh yuh chat with yuh done out gal she chat back a Rd Dow u is a p**y towards the man them n the way yuh hate jim n jealous a man that’s y yuh want push him a sherffa cause yuh want him live sad like u n sophia yuh a walk n talk how stash a wall behind alkinline n hype bout show n nuh have nuh money yuh say fabain fi guh home n u nuh have stay steph a Dow push Sheffa pan jim n now she flop herself she n dutty kind fi start f**k them one another cause nuh man nuh want them 2 worst sister a England lol cuppa a tea anyone

  25. Met Juliette flawless say she have screen shot how she no want Dow how him no stop call her & come knock her door…she say she a go send it in to you …a ya so nice met

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