Cat Uglyness-Optimized
Based on my last post the other day, this is Cat aka Observer! She ever ah cuss bout people ugly but look pon she. All di picture yuh put up wid di girl in gold she ah cuss bout like she is anyting fi look pon herself.

Bout people ah cocksucker! Who freaky like she, and di rest of dem inna di freak group she have. And tell Fresh P (your artist) fi stop walk and nyam down planet Earth. Never know a man weh love beg gyal nyamings suh yet. Stiff tongue bwoy.

She buy out her award fi Dancehall Industry, buy people pon her page dem. How much years she deh inna dancehall and suddenly she just ah get award? Wid all dem people pon she page weh mek she nuh win long time? We know why JUJU nuh talk to yuh, she find out yuh ah fraud and yuh wicked nuh bloodclaat. You old hypocrite yuh, and yes yuh talk bout people behind dem back and smile in front them so stop gwaan like yuh nuh do it wid ur status dem cah if mi throw mi corn yuh never haffi pick it up and deffend it if ah lie. HYPOCRITE BLOODCLAAT

0 thoughts on “THE NEVER ENDING STORY…

  1. Mawnin Met & Metters :salaman
    JMG Observer? No Met wouldn’t do up a fellow blogger like that. She have too much integrity.

  2. Listen sender stop waste mi time and go look a life,,, fi dis post n wasting mi time u addi damn ‘cocksucker’ kmft

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