0 thoughts on “THE NEW GIRL IN TOWN

  1. lets not push it now, she’s cute…. beautiful is a damn long stress….. but good she’s “all natural” did he know ishmale was fake before?

    1. Thank u eyelid while I will give her a thumbs up she is Not prettier than Ishawna and mi no know bout the real cause that damn awful pointy top weave lock on har head top is so obvious that she’s wearing a weave so…………… Or she is a cone head ? Kmt the one Matterhorn nuff that’s y Bounty haffi shell him dung so

  2. Tawkchuet
    Not to mention dat damn unibrow cho! Just pissed me off 😡 , who draw on dat?
    Correction: Ishawna….. don’t know where I get “ishmale”

  3. She is a lil cutie pie, and Foota has beautiful teeth and a great smile…Ishawna is a pretty girl as well, but there is no competition when it comes to natural beauty…wishing them all the best in luck and love

  4. Seen her before and in all honesty she’s not cuter than Ishmale lol@Chuet u want a beating lol, unibrow needs to go though. Dutty Matterhorn nuff like

  5. Same knife wah jook sheep will jook goat. Hope shi trable wid har tub a vaseline and know how fi bob and weave.
    Suh Matterhorn couldn’t hangle Bounty him gawn eena man and ooman tory. Man tap meck to rass, is a bunch a maama man teck up di place.

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