0 thoughts on “BAD PEOPLE ATL STYLE

  1. That is the best. I can’t stop smiling. From blog to .com, JMG fi life! The similarities are what make it so funny.

    1. Yes it is are herz :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
      From mi log on mi nuh stop laugh, no sah JMG is simply the best better than all the rest :kr

  2. yes a she dat always looking like a deer caught in bright headlights. the next one is lean boot heel jennifer scary friday and knock knee pigeon toe toya starch weh stiff nuh bumbo and can’t dance. at least the horse hair real. theirs isn’t :hammer

  3. Fi real it look like she fi true, I knew there was something familiar bout her. I’m still laughing! They really look like the horses and I aint even trying to throw no shade but dem really resemble.

    1. hell nuh hot like atlanta… atlanta hot ass mess!! if u coming to hell with me please bring some ice water

  4. This shit is hilarious,but off topic di streets a talk and a whea really go down a Stush and bugs yard all di Pitney dem mi hear say gone a foster care really thou how unno fi have dem kind a things deh round Pitney

  5. somebody please send in the story. and a picture of bugs. i hope bugs no knock off the people them wedding cake off stush big bald head. now drink on that u drunk skunk

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