Dis A Marsha f**k out daughter wat name smooch_duh on IG her mother was f**king Cawsie Eva bless a miami fl Now her f**k out Daughter a f**k him now and dem a f***k low key long time Every Club she at every nite a watch him hard her madda must feel a way bout it and cawsie gal wat him live wit did even now about it she is a big fat dammm bi**h…di gal all a Nymphomaniac party Wat she and cawsie keep a help her fix up the place the nite a di party..Marsha Daughter have her baby fada and him all catah cawsie a f***k her and him leave her…Marsha u daughter should never f**k u EX MAN that f**k up CAWSIE OUT EVA BLESS CREW..

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    1. The only thing mi mek out is dat di man name Cawsie Eva bless did deh wid Marsha, and now him deh wid har f%#¥out dawta weh name Smooch. Smooch baby fawda ketch Cawsie Eva bless ah f#%£ har and ah das why him lef har. :malu2 Di Friday nuh good again……

  1. A long time now the daughter a f**k cawssie but it was on the low key…. but she get mad wit him wen him go to BRT WEEKEND wit him woman wat him live wit the big fat brown gal.. Marsha now out all her kidz dem dis lite gal it the bad one but she take to far wen u start f**k u mada EX man..

  2. Cawsie again? How much man inna Eva bless crew? I guess only Cawsie and Rayon a de famous big cocky ones it look like the rest nuh have no use. Big up yuself Cawsie.

  3. Ah mean just like some women f*uck for a living some men have to as well or dem caan eat, buy shoes and cloths to pose off at all the next party or secure a residence….Eva bless is just that crew and they proudly accept their position in the dancehall community so it just is what it is

  4. F**k a boy were wen ever gal him Royan talk to him eat out dem pussy and a beg gal fi lick out dem hole dem need to good to the doctor

  5. All dem in the crew name no stop call on pussy and batty licking Di gal dem a talk how rayon walk wit him wipe cream 70% dancehall gal him and Cassie now stop eat out rayon need fi tell Marsha but the video wit him and opar do were him all a eat out are batty hole and suck her pussy wat she bin a show people be 4 she went to jail .she if Royan dis her she going to put the video out

  6. Ok well just like some women f*uck for money in life some men do the same cause that’s the only way they can eat,buy shoes and clothes for the next party and secure a proper residence… Eva bless crew has proudly claimed that title within the dancehall community of miami…it just is what it is SOLD to the highest bidder no age, looks or body shape discrimination to dem ting

  7. Eva Bless famous to rass. Them always in mix up. Come on there’s no chill bottom for them niggas. Cawsie bring him woman a BRT and left her by her self to go f**k other woman. SMFH. NO RASS CHILL….Listen is not just Cawsie and Rayon a eat out gal. I heard that Jason wicked on the eat out thing. Him leave his girl home a go BRT go f**k and eat go gal. Them don’t have no class or shame. Don’t forget about Mob, him not better.. don’t know if him a eat pussy. But him sure know how to use the woman them. All of EvaBless man then disgusting. Have them woman at home and a go out ever night to f**k some nasty bruk gal. The Gal them love these nasty ass EvaBless nigga who f**k and Suck every and any body. MOB, RAYON, JASON and Cawsie a str8 DOG SHIT. Would never f**k with them if they the last men on earth, them too out there man. Take a break

  8. NOT AGAIN…. Damn Rayon and Cawsie , yall give evabless nigga a back rep niggas. Not that they have nay good rep anyway, but damn. Another group please. Every other week yall make it to groupie net. yall need to skip a month or two. Two weeks ago it was MOB and Jason… yall give me life…lolllll Keep your dick in your pants stopping messing with these bitch that like to bring yall down. Don’t go around and stick your penis in everything that have a pu**y. Yall not worry how this make your girl look on the street/public. Come on now. But them again the girls that mess with yall aint no better.

  9. OH my God….. But Why. Eva-bless guys are always in Drama. Well since everyone on here know a thing or two about Eva-bless. Let me put my two cent in. Mob, Rayon, Cawsie and Jason all the damn same. Girls why do you mess with these nigga. I see Trish and Cawsie all the time I feel sorry for her. I saw her at BRT by her self with the club hoppers(no life group) Mel, Dia (Mob woman)smh and Whitegirl (juxxy baby mother) Cawsie didn’t even hang out with her. how she feel when she see and read things like this. Not to mention Rayon shit Marsha and him was at BRT the whole time, I guess she wifey..lmao.(the entertainers of north Miami) I guess that’s why Marsha not leaving him ( cause he know how to use his tongue. Lord lets not talk about Mob… dying here. He is a mess all to himself. He had all three of his woman them at BRT. Why do those female mess with him when, he don’t have shit to offer, but a f**k in his car. He tries to talk to one of my friends and after some serious research , he is a user. He been with this one girl for while now I think, I her saw with him at BRT and she don’t have a clue, (I heard he f**k everything) and I mean everything. The funny part his he still mess with that light skin girl. I saw them at colors together, he even left with her. lol damn. I feel sorry for all theses stupid female. He a waste of time that think he is the shit… broke as hell. Get your life together Mob not even female wants you.. pick one or just remind a Eva-bless whore like Cawsie, Jason and Rayon. Jason he’s the next one he stay f**king around on his baby mother the one him live with. How she make him go to BRT by himself. smh. he was there whoring freely :mewek I don’t even see her out, but that’s good at least she won’t look stupid like Cawsie woman and Mob woman( the dark one) lol I had to be specific since he have so many. :cd :cd :cd I really don’t kniw so much hype surround these nigga when they aint shit. All they go around do his cheat on the female that they claim is their girls. The funny thing is the females they F**K and Suck ugly as hell. Like really yall don’t feel sorry for yall woman….FEMALE STOP F**KING WITH THESE NO LIFE NASTY ASS NIGGA THAT WILL NEVER BE SHIT IN LIFE. Then they won’t make it to pink wall. Cawsie my nigga the mother and the daughter, they both ugly as f**K. whyyyyyyy :cystg :cystg

  10. Danmmmmmmmmm. you putting these nigga on Blast, Mob still with the black girl (her IG name kaay_Cee) she had pictures up of them, but not anymore more. So you saying him still a f**K with her and Stitch bay mother (dia_dolls).lol…. but if you look on the girl name Cara page she have a picture up of them and Dia too so who the f**k he with??? answer please. Mob STOP It please don’t make people put you in mix up like how they do Jason, Rayon and Cawsie.
    Is it all three damn. Mob look is deceiving, thought you was a good guy. smh.

  11. Mi friend call mi from New York and tell mi to check this out… The foreva in a mix up crew make it again….deaddddd. Lmao.Y’all don’t care how people look at y’all when they see this…especially females. Damn give pink wall a brake man…. Cassie, Mob, Jason and Rayon will never change. Seem like them luv the mix up. Stop f**king this lame ass female that keeping telling people what y’all do to them in the bed too… Uno woman stupid as f**k. No man mi live with or talking to can make me look or feel stupid. Mi would left him long time

  12. Lord… I miss this. Again the famous 4some on pink wall… Smh. Listen as long as Rayon, Cawsie, Mob and Jason keep… Cheating on their females with other females… Y’all gonna forever be on here. People like the f**kery. And y’all keep feeding them…Give the road and the woman chasing a break

  13. larddddddd… Evabless…mi would never f**k with uno for luv or money. Y’all too nasty. No respect for the woman y’all with. Damn. Y’all out there eating out ass…stranger. Not uno woman. Then go home a kiss pan them like its noting. Y’all can’t be trying to f**k and suck off the whole a north Miami. Mi see Mob, Cawsie,and Jason with them woman in a club… And y’all still go f**k other gal in the same club. Uno a the real DSC (dog shit crew). Stop folla Rayon him nu have no life. Him a johncrow. Mi lose affa u Cawsie look pon Trish compare to the mother and daughter… Smh. Then must a give u money. Jason and Mob…smh y’all two a mess. Mi here bout uno

  14. Uno too badmind. I personally know Smooch n mi kno seh she nah f**k Cawsie. She definitely wouldn’t f**k someone her mother is or was f**king. Come on now ah suh uno love the f**kery? Smh. N how can the girl be mad at the man taking his woman to BRT when she was there herself working n having fun with her friends dem. The person who wrote that failed to mention that tho. Anybody that follows her can tell you that. N her baby father caught them f**king? Where do you ppl get this shit from? Her baby father is no where in her life n she has always been a single mother to her sweet likkle boy so how can someone who she hasnt been with from before her baby was born leave her? Hmm good question to ask yourself. Just bc the girl promoted the man party doesnt mean she n him deh. The likkle girl knew di man for years. Him watch her grow. Smooch n her mother may not have a good ups relationship but its good enough fi she n she wouldnt do that. That girl is focused on work, school, her promoting group, the dide that actually IS in her life n her cute ass son. She may smile with ppl but jus like her mother she nuh badda with di drama n stay to few ppl. Ppl just love mixup n try find anyting especially when dem nuh like one of di ppl. Yall say yall tired of hearing about Evabless crew but yall on here faithfully as it seem n instead of passing over any story that say Evabless you guys read it n faithfully comment. You mad or nah? Which one cause it seem like all of uno ah hol up grudge or sumtin pon di ppl dem. Get over it n just be happy it’s not you.

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