1. Time for this discussion to end as we already know he was at one event and not the other. Baby mother you are dead wrong for trying to not allow the man to be apart of the child’s celebration. Ladies take heed the world is very round.

  2. @the original smh! not new round here! I wish I could like ur comment ten time, ur so rite. uuno can done now. smh

    1. Everybody in this situation is loosing. Mek me think about nichie instyle situation. How come we keep bringing kids into the world irresponsibly without a care as to who a guh parent them! It takes a village. Pitney need stability from the womb or them grow up and turn Wuklis like the one prince up a top and the fool ooman dem who a mine him.

  3. Prim dress look better by 100% and its not the same dress ppl just petty i just feel like ah d next baby madda ah do all this comparing it look bad

    1. I’m sure Kizzy probably made the dress everyone wears this type of style for their showers

  4. Ppl unno fi remember it wasn’t Krystal man Krystal tek him from Tina wey use to run expression till she a Krystal did ina ig n fb war

  5. Wicked from yesterday your feelings hurt wid this Prim thing and Im wondering cuz yuh claim not to know them but Fram yessiday yuh a Prim biggest cheerleader
    Nuh care whey yuh waan sey Prim thing Sad bad the baby Madda corner dark and prince a wobble a life Mumma let it go these are all consenting adults just like whey Original SMH sey these ppl choose fi bring Pickney inna di foolishness no man this a beat yuh bad Mumma but hush!!!!!!

    1. I said the samething yesterday about WICKED that she knows the Prim Girl personally and that is why she a run eeeen and a talk bout so what if she neva waan the wukless man at her shower. It no tek glasses to see what WICKED keeps typing. LMAO. And she stupid fi think she saying she don’t know them going to cover up for what she a stype. WICKED YOU IS WICKED.

  6. but kerry berry it sound like u a di next gal crystal biggest cheerleader, so u and wicked even then, rite? u sound hurt to, lol. I can’t.

    1. DWRLLLLL exactly thank yuh very much!
      mi nuh know none a dem dutty bungle yah lmao i just saw prim pic on my insta and me say what anice baby madda lmaooooo and den me see dis story pon jmg lol Im not gonna be a hater lmao wtf how am i a cheerleader by the looks of things none of the women are winners they are both LOSERSSSSSSSSS lol everybody situation look bad cuz dem nuh stop tek back d dutty man and a swap up juices like dem nuh have no sense and im sureeee he talks to other females tooo he cant keep himself quiet EVIDENTLY! I like PRIM’S dress shoot me lmaooooooooooooo im not bias and it just seems like its someone on crystal side doing all this bantoning all because prince didnt go tothe shower she feel good and ah banton prim …it simple jusst like how prim did a torment her some months aguh i guess this is her pay back .. im just following the story thats all
      kerry berry hold it down ma. :hotrit

  7. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. …
    Same damn dress
    Same damn wuklis man
    Same way de two a dem get him
    Same shit just a new day, oh phuck’n well
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  8. Anonymous go back and read good I can’t be crystal fren and sey har corner dark boo so you missed me with the bull shit
    But since yuh vex Tell Prim mi sey she fi buy a self worth bag and follow these steps below
    1.) pick up her ambition and put inna di bag
    2.) Tek her mi Pum Pum good attitude off a top shelf Put it inna di bag cuz Prince nah draw fi it
    3.) find some morals put that inna the bag.
    4.) find some values put inna di bag.
    When she reach a di yaad whey she a Kotch she fi sit dung Tek the things dem out a di bag and line them and figure out herself cause she lose she a nuh winner at All!!!!!!!!!

  9. @sick ppl. Correction, correction Ooohh Krystal did not take Prince from Tina. Tina put him out without clothes on his back and ship him off to her. She use to call Tina to, so what is the big deal. Also, Tina and Krystal never had an altercation because Tina a educated woman but she is also a sick head. Krystal know that as well. Met, Prince is just a non-progressive bwoy. So who really winning though, since we all know that Prince will continue fu…king everything that acts like a woman until the day he dies. No papers, no apartment, no morals, no sanity, no pride, ….a dis Prim and Kystal awar over. Like really, women get your acts together.

  10. Prim, john john and prince nasty!!!!! John John deh wid and still f**king the ‘big woman’ prince did live wid Tina wey use to deh a expressions him and her giving Kizzy Rass and prim now go deh wid prince it’s one big cycle a nastiness. So prim Tekking her in law man ooooooo not only so she also fighting matey war wid Tina her bro woman! Mek me sip me tea!!

  11. Princess prim all a your life you fighting over or for a man. You claim u don’t Tek Bronx man so how u end with one a the worse one? You hole need help the other one she if her corner dark because prince don’t want her, him need a place fi ret him head a night time. Your ladies get your act together and leave these garbage men alone…

  12. Gm met and metters :peluk me say if a :ngakak one more time me dead Kizzy John John did dey wid Tina . Now john john sister prim thief Tina man har in law me rasss what a story noice @ concer me loike u very much :malu :ngakak :malu :peluk Lipton Lipton tea tea anyone :ngakak :ngakak

  13. Prince say crystal in a bankruptcy right.. She a gwan like she rich n the amount a creditor a look fi her .. Landlord bring a court fi how much month rent .. Pleezeeee

  14. u know what I notice with a lot of u ppl on the pink wall, y’all going harder than a mother f**ker on some of these story then turn round and say “I don’t know the ppl them”. kerry berry u a one a dem, well I come up with on of two things boo boo, one u use to tek the man or like him or something that has to do wid him or two u see prim and hate har, maybe she know u maybe she don’t, and yuh happy now when yuh see she go up pon di wall suh yuh glad fi run in pon har, u going in very hard pon har fi somebody you say u don’t know, hmmmm. at the end of the day I’m sure these two babies is gonna be ok, if di man there for them yes or no.

  15. This is too much to swallow. From Crytal, Prim and Prince. Then comes John John, Kizzy and now Tina. This war very big. Too much common Denominator. Prince is really the Winner not the babymother Prim. May the Good Lord be with Them. All the best for the children in this love circle.

  16. The whole a unu a behave like unu jealous a de two woman dem and dem man. Leave people business alone. Unu a mussy Lesbian and want a threesome. A fe unu pussy Prince a use? Dem satisfy wid dem position, dem a complaint to unu. Cho man. Ease off a dem.

  17. Dwl u just up Ina d ppl dem biznizz,go clean out ur dutty hole n house n Lowe d ppl dem,a cristal prince choose now,crystal a more progressive girl dan prim,unno a war fi man unno kno how to keep n care for a man well crystal win dat race ok..unno fi go clean out unno house n maybe prince will stay

  18. Prince choose crystal cause him get free place fi love car fi drive eat free drink free she will tek man. Money and mind him thief down klassique and mind him do sell pussy fi buy him the most expensive clothes… Prim nahh do that cause prin a no fool crystal a man clown weh desperate a look love..

  19. Me me him say she promise him the papers that’s why him a stick around a little longer him no ramp fi chat her him say she nasty no bloodclath too house ever Dutty she need fi go clean up her Dutty house

  20. But wait me hear say crystal have a battered eye weh prince thump her in (black n blue) a try hide it with make up.. Crystal we no blind lol

  21. Prim sad nuh Rass me see har pon Instagram think she a decent somebody what a duty life you living an talk bout you a winner please change your name!! Loose offa you…..

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