Good day Met,

We continue to be utterly disgusted with the sensationalism of some hurry come up bloggers.In looking at several headlines/exclusives,we see a pattern of desperation to be relevant. Asafa took a pic with Rihanna and all of a sudden dem dating. Well tell me something,if she turned down and never even fart pon Usain,wha she a do wid Safa?

Naturally if u were to read yesterday’s headlines u would conclude PM Holness was robbed.Well the actual story is based on FORMER PM Seaga abt a car break in years ago smh.The worst example of how sick these “bloggers” can be is highly dangerous and is really high treason‎.Met it is all over social media being passed around that the horrific and despicable shootings at the gay bar was done by a Jamaican gunman.

How insensitive and malicious could someone be to spread such lies and try mash up wi lil tourism product.This crosses the line way beyond freedom of speech.It is also wrong for so many ignorant ppl to be sharing and gloating that the killings of the gay ppl were/is retribution by the wrath of GOD. God nor a Jamaican didn’t sanction these killings and several straight passerbys were killed when the gunman went into the streets.Not too long ago 7 church goers were slain in church,did GOD sanction that too ignoramus??

As best and in so far as you can Met plz continue to be sociall‎y responsible in your blogging.Many persons feel this is what distinguished JMG from the rest of fly-by-night 2-bit hustlers charlatans,rabble-rousers sites.







  1. It annoying nuh fawt…there are so fake articles that are posted to facebook groups these days. Everyday dem say Kartel about fi get released. A bag a fawt

  2. One a di page dem weh always a post foolishness name latestbuzz876. Up to yesterday they posted an article saying the shooter of the recent mass shootings is Jamaican smdh

  3. yes you have some bloggers who post alot of fake articles, but for this one mentioned ……

    –TBS: Thieves Attempted To Rob The Prime Minister.–

    i personally see nothing wrong, although it might mislead the people who dont read it…. this is what i see in that post…..

    Throw Back Sundays (TBS).

    Do you remember when thieves attempted to rob Hon. Edward Seaga ? Today is Throw Back Sundays On Intense Jamaica, lets recap.

    The police are investigated a security breach at the private residence of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga.

    1. Why didn’t they put FORMER prime minister Seaga in the headlines? They didn’t becuase there intent was to clearly mislead the bloggers into thinking it was current. Surely u ought to see something wrong with that sir.

  4. Its a money tactic, i dont run a site so Im not too sure of the details. But I think the misleading headlines forces readers to access the site and read the story, which is what pays. Its a scam cuz when u actually read the story you see it has nothing to do with the heading.
    Very desparate to me, that u would actually make shit up about other people’s lives just to get paid. DreAlliance just tek tings offa Instagram it nuh know nuh more than wah u share and people comment. Bout dem a journalist kmt

  5. Food affi eat, a unnuh affi have sense. They are doing what’s called clickbait. There are numerous software online that offer some dividends per click, like $.02 or whatever per click, cause they have ads on the pages. It’s completely legal and is done worldwide. They sensationalize headlines to have u click and from u click, Bam! money to dem account. Can’t knock dem hussle, u jus affi be smart.

  6. If yuh get caught inna di intanet social media ting too much yuh get lost if yuh nuh know wah yah do

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